Character Images

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Character Images

These are just random illustrations I found which I think would fit the characters in Three Lifetimes quite well. If you do have other suggestions, please feel free to comment :3 I do not own these pictures, credit goes to the illustrators.

Juju, daughter of Heaven and Netherworld

Jin Lei, God of War

Seiran, Juju’s Soul Beast


The Jade Emperor, Ruler of Heaven


Jin and Juju in school uniform


Arc 2: Gary and Kina


Arc 3: Alenaire and Luce



Arc 3: Zephyr

Arc 3: Alasdair

Arc 3: Alaric


Arc 3: Seiran, the old Queen Dowager’s chamberlain

Arc 3: Crowned King Callel

Property of ©; outside of it, it is stolen.


The Lei Family

Juju in her wedding gown


Seiran with Juju’s son


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I like the images 🙂 I enjoy posting pictures of my characters, too.

I Want More Potatoes

White/silver hair always looks beautiful in drawings O.O


I will always be sad for seiren, he may have actually in my personal opinion, be the better happy ending for Juju. He loves her to the point where he is willing to let her have her happiness at the expense of his own, I feel like Juju really missed out on a good catch.


Aww.. its finally ends. I loved it too much… I cant help but tears… did u write another story? I wished to read more from you.