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Here at Fantasy-Books, also known as JFB, we are looking for Translation groups to come join us!

  1. Generating more views by joining authors and other translator groups
  2. Any donations for your translations are yours and only yours. Don’t worry about having to share a percentage for joining us.
  3.  You receive many features here @ the JFB.

List of Top features

We can Custom Design almost everything.

High Access

  • Established group leaders have higher access to site functionality


  • Not much of a programmer? We provide an interactive display with accompanying shortcodes to easily show content in various ways and styles.

Live comment system

  • No more pesky refreshing to see new comments being laid out. Now you can see the newest comment as they are made.
  • You can integrate your comments by social media, google, facebook, and more!

Personalized logo/header

  • I know, I know, you are worried about branding. Well, even though this will be hosted at JFB, but we can also put your brand up above signifying your group! This will help maintain your brand as viewers will look up and notice who exactly translated these novels of yours.

Custom Buttons/ Progress Bars

  • We do provide customized buttons and progress bars. You will be able to edit it to your own liking, and if you require help, we will do it for you!

Unique Sidebars (twitter/discord)

  • The sidebars of your group pages can actually be different from the main site! You can customize it to your own liking. Want to add your twitter feed? Or even discord (light or dark view) to your page? We can do that >.< !!

Custom Menu

  • Have a particular navigation scheme? Well, that can be arranged. And with our style, you can add images to your menu, tables, tabs, widgets, and many other features to make your group interactive.

Unique Sliders

  • As you can see, you can create your own unique sliders to promote your material and focus on the audiences you are striving for.


  • Do you have subscriber specific content, such as content (texts/messages/images/video) you want only to be visible to those that are logged into the site and commenting/liking your stuff while being among content that is visible to non readers all in one page? Well, we can do that as well 😉

One Page Navigation

  • One Page Navigation is also possible on the site. Go here and test it out on an active page.

Upload all your old content on the site!

  • Feeling nostalgic? Don’t want to miss the comments of your die hard fans? Well, we can just transfer your entire site’s post/comment data really easy!

Site Wide Features

Fast Speed

  • You can check our site on GTMetrix or Any Speed check site. Our Page load speeds are fast and relatively above average amongst competitors. And since the index is high, the better we we are on search engines like Google and Bing.

Easy Login/Connect

  • Login to the site with a click of a button using your Google+ or WordPress accounts. Even Login with Steam and Instagram are coming soon!

Protection & Privacy

  • The entire site has an issued SSL certificate and is privacy locked. The connection to this site is private. Your privacy is our prerogative.


Terms and conditions as well as Privacy Policies have already been generated and applied to the site. All your content solely belongs to you.


We won’t add features that significantly slows down the site. If we can’t find an alternative, we have to say, ‘No’.

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