Fighting God Chapter 16: Poisoned

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Fighting God Chapter 16: Poisoned

“Skaal, the way you look now is too conspicuous. Is there a way to change your form?” Aldred said as they approach near the entrance of the cave.

“Hmm, you’re right. Me walking around in this gigantic form will certainly attract a lot of unwanted attention…especially if we’re trying to kill someone.” Skaal mused. “I know just the form.”

Skaal suddenly glowed a bit before shrinking considerably into a 5 cm long small scorpion. Skaal scurried up Aldred’s leg and hid in his right pants pocket. Aldred looked at the scorpion with surprise.

“How did you do that?” Aldred asked. How can such a giant creature become such a small creature? Where did all the mass go? If it was condensing, then the small scorpion would weigh as much as a giant scorpion but he felt as light as a feather. So what happened?

“Haha. This is actually a secret amongst us demonic beasts. We have always shown you humans our giant forms. However, after reaching a certain age or a certain strength, we can change into other forms. There are actually seven forms a demonic beast can change into. They are Small Beast Form, Giant Beast Form, Demonbeast Form, Godbeast Form, Human Form, Spirit Form, and the extremely rare Weapon Form.”

“Weapon Form?”

“Yes, if a demonic beast and another being shared an everlasting strong bond between each other, the demonic beast can become a weapon to be used by the other being. It’s a form of trust…to put one’s life in the hands of others so to speak.”

“So…what forms do you have?”

“So far, I can only transform into Small beast Form, Giant beast Form, and Demonbeast Form.”

“I see. Anyways, once we get there, what should our course of action be?”

“Naturally, we kill them.”

“I know that, but how? I’m only a Warrior 2nd Stage, but Caroline is a Grand Magus 4th Stage and Ralph is a Meister 1st Stage. What stage are you at?”

“Kuuu…I’m at peak Adolescent Tier 6….”

“See, both of us together won’t be even considered as a threat to them.”

“Hmm…if you can make them consume my poison, then even if they are Meister 2nd Stage, they would be paralyzed and defenseless for a few minutes…plenty of time to finish them off.”

“Okay, we’ll attack during dinner. I heard Caroline will be visiting us during that time. She will definitely stay for dinner.”

The two hurried home just in time. Caroline was already there. She stood next to Ralph and helped him apply some finishing touches to the food. Then, Caroline and Ralph brought the dishes to the dining table.

“Dinner time! Kids, come and eat!” Caroline shouted. The children came rushing towards the table, each child sparkled with excitement and happiness.

“Mmm, smells good! Did you help too Big Sis Caroline?” Tommy asked as he stared at the food and wiped some drool from his mouth.

“Yes! I personally made some of the dishes. Be sure to try them out.”

“Okay!” The children replied.

“Hmm, where’s Aldred…oh, there you are. Come, sit down and try my roast beef.”

“Okay.” Aldred replied as he walked past the table. He reached towards the teapot and poured two cups of tea. With a sleight of hand, he also managed to slip a few drops of Skaal’s poison into the cups. Then, he brought the cups over and sat them down next to Caroline and Ralph. “Here, you’ve worked hard. Have some tea.”

“My, how thoughtful of you Aldred. Come, sit down and eat the food while it’s hot.” Caroline smiled as she sat Aldred down. Aldred looked at the roast beef across the table and reached for his fork, his nose tingled at the wonderful scent. The other kids were already devouring the delicious food.

As Aldred reached for a slice of roast beef, he glanced at Ralph and Caroline. “You guys aren’t eating?”

“Don’t worry, there’s more. We just like watching you eat.” Ralph replied as he pointed to the closed pots and pans on the stove.

“Okay, well drink the tea while it’s still hot.” Aldred said as he took a bite of the juicy slab of roasted meat. While Aldred was chewing on his piece of roast beef, he kept glancing at Caroline and Ralph. Caroline’s charming smile seemed…off…almost eerie-like. Aldred kept glancing at the tea as well. Ralph already downed his cup but why hasn’t Caroline touched it? Does she suspect something?

Suddenly, Will started groaning as he reached for his stomach. Then, Vicky and Tommy groaned as well. Kally’s face paled as she immediately fainted. Afterwards, Will, Vicky, and Tommy also fainted. Aldred looked around the table in surprise and panic.

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“W-what happened? Why did they fain-?” Aldred began but he too felt a sharp pain twisting around in his stomach. Groaning, Aldred started sweating…this feeling…poison?! Aldred glared at Caroline who was still smiling as he collapsed from his chair. As Aldred fell into unconsciousness, the smile imprinted in his mind…that eerie…creepy smile….

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….so why would the mc eat something if he suspected it was poisoned?