Fighting God Chapter 17: Anger

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Fighting God Chapter 17: Anger


Aldred’s eyes fluttered open as he jerked awake. He stared groggily at the dimly-lit room. Where was he? A horrible stench of preservation and blood tickled his nose. This place…could it be…the basement? He tried to move but realized that he was tied to a chair. The bindings weren’t particularly strong but now wasn’t the time to rip away the ropes. He needed to make sure of his situation.

“I see you’re awake.” A charming voice exclaimed.

Aldred turned his head towards the sound of the voice and blurrily saw a figure. As both his mind and his eyes cleared, he saw Caroline and Ralph standing before him. “H-how?”

“How what? How I wasn’t poisoned by your tea? Or how we found out about your plans?” Ralph sneered.

Seeing Aldred’s silence, Caroline smiled, “What you don’t know is that Ralph isn’t just an Earth Mage…he is a Dual-Affinity with Earth and Poison Affinity. So, that weak poison you slipped in our tea had no effect on Ralph. Even I would have no problem since I’ve developed some resistance to it as well.”

“Damn it!” Aldred gritted. “Then, how did you find out about my plans?”

“We didn’t.” Ralph replied. “But, we figured something was wrong when you spent an entire day by the river washing clothes that should only need at most an hour to do.”

“That’s right. And so, I urged Ralph to check out on you.” Caroline continued. “When he arrived, lo and behold…you weren’t there.”

“So I pieced the information together and guessed that you were at the cave. I headed towards the cave and what do I see? Your footprints.” Ralph replied.

“Shit.” Aldred muttered. He should have covered his tracks, but he was too agitated about what he would find while in the cave. “Where’s the others? What did you do to them?”

“Haha…why don’t you take a look yourself?” Ralph chuckled as he turned Aldred around.

The sight before Aldred was…traumatizing…unsightly…devastating. If Aldred did not have past experiences of massacres and tortures, he would have been unable to stomach the sight. Bodies were naked and hung on meat hooks…all children…all dried up…all preserved. Each body had large puncture wounds at the arms and legs. Each body was drained of blood. Most of the bodies had their stomach slashed and organs removed. There were three bodies that seemed to still be dripping some blood, their organs intact. Upon closer inspection…they were the bodies of Will, Tommy, and Kally. Tear stains streaked their faces…their last moments must have been in disbelief and shock. Aldred screamed in anger as he clenched his fists until they bled. He wanted to tear away from his bonds and lunge at the two devils but he knew he was not their opponent. Charging recklessly was just throwing his life away.

“Why did you do this to them?”

“For health and beauty of course. How else can I be this young?” Caroline replied as if it was common  knowledge.

“For health and beauty? Can’t be…the blood?!”

“Yes! There are many safe and harmless ways to maintain my beauty and voluptuous body but those take too long to be effective. However, one quick and easy way was to wash my body with the blood of young children. The closer to a teenager, the more effective and potent the effects of the blood.”

“Then, why must you desecrate the bodies by removing their organs!?”

“Don’t you know? Organ powder made from children works wonders on your health…especially when fighting against aging. Hahaha!”

“Why are they preserved? Why couldn’t you just bury them once you were done? Couldn’t you at least do that?”

“Why should I? Besides…human flesh makes good fertilizer…. Why else do you think the vegetables were grown so big and rich in flavor?”

“You demon!” Aldred cried out as his stomach flipped and he vomit all over the ground. He spat out the remains of the vomit from his mouth before glaring at Caroline. “Where’s Vicky?”

“Right here.” Ralph replied as he revealed a chair behind him. There sat Vicky. She was barely conscious and her body was paralyzed by Skaal’s poison. Four large needles connected to tubes that all converge to a large barrel were pierced into her arms and legs. Tears and snot streaked her face. Although she was paralyzed, but her eyes still moved and she could see what was going on. Her ears could still hear so she had heard everything that was said.

“Vicky! Vicky! Can you hear me? Don’t die Vicky!” Aldred shouted as he saw the sorry state. This was the only friend he had left from the ten children he first met. He must save her. Suddenly, something stirred within his pants pocket. It was Skaal. Skaal whispered softly to Aldred. He told him to try and get Ralph and Caroline to turn their backs to him even if it’s just a few seconds.

“Just a few more minutes and her blood will be drained completely.” Caroline said as she approached Vicky and lifted her face to check up on her. They’re both in front of Aldred…it’s now or never.

“What’s that brown and green scorpion over there?” Aldred spoke as he looked at the wall past the two devils.

“What?” Ralph exclaimed as he turned towards the direction Aldred was looking at.

“Impossible, did the demonic beast escape?!” Caroline proclaimed as she turned towards the direction as well.

But nothing was to be seen. Realizing that they were tricked, they turned around in anger, only to be met with Aldred who had torn off the ropes and lunged at their backs. As Aldred rushed towards Ralph, he threw Skaal towards Caroline. Since Ralph was immune to Skaal’s poison, then the obvious attack arrangement would be for him to attack Ralph while Skaal aimed at Caroline. Though there was a significant difference in ranks, Aldred had hoped that the surprise attack would make up for it.

As Skaal was thrown towards Caroline, his stinger was readied as venom dripped from the end. Caroline’s back was still turned towards him. It was just as he was very close to Caroline’s head when she turned around. With a stab, the stinger pierced into the demoness’s face. The success was short as he felt the wind knocked out of him. He flew across the room and came to a skidding, painful halt. Caroline screamed in agony and fury as she grabbed her face. It was swollen black with poison and spread all across her right side of her face. Lacerations appeared on the skin causing her to look very ugly. The paralysis affected her movements a bit as she collapsed to the ground.

While that occurred, Aldred was dealing with Ralph. His hand formed into a claw and aimed at Ralph’s back. Sensing something wrong, Ralph immediately turned around. Seeing Aldred lunging towards him arms raised, Ralph immediately cast Earth Armor and raised his guards. A thick layer of earth enveloped Ralph’s arms as the attack connected. Even though Ralph had his defenses up, he was still blown away by the attack. His Earth Armor crumbled and his arms bled as five holes appeared. Surprised showed on his face…he did not know that Aldred could bring about so much piercing power. He crashed into a wall and crumbled to the ground.

Aldred looked at the fallen and unmoving figure. He assumed that Ralph was unconscious. Turning towards Caroline, he saw that the demoness was still clutching her face. She seems to be preoccupied with her wound. Aldred quickly ran to Vicky’s side. There was no more time to lose. Any longer and Vicky would die. Aldred removed the needles and bound the wounds.

“Vicky, are you alright? Stay awake! I’ll get you out of here soon. Stay awake Vicky! Vicky!” Aldred cried out.

Vicky opened her eyes, her breathing faint and labored. “A-alderd…it s-seems I w-won’t b-be able t-to be y-your w-wife any-anymore….”

“Vicky, what are you saying? You won’t die. We’ll survive this. When we leave this place, I’ll take care of you. We will grow up together and grow old together. Stay with me Vicky! Vicky!”

“I’m t-tired…want t-to sleep…s-so tired.”

“Don’t sleep Vicky! Keep talking! Stay awake Vicky! Don’t fall asleep!”

“O-okay Aldred. I’ll tr-.”

Vicky began to reply…but her eyes suddenly widened. A faint but clear thud was heard. A needle made of earth protruded from below her ribs…it had pierced her kidney and liver. Blood trickled out of her mouth and her eyes dulled. She stared at Aldred and tried to say something, but there was too much blood in her mouth. Then, her eyes rolled and she exhaled…a long, long exhale.

“V-vicky? Vicky? Vicky?! VICKY!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!” Aldred screamed in sorrow and grief. Vicky had breathed her last. Aldred trembled in grief as his mind went blank.

“Caroline! Stop fretting. This kid is strong. His blood is guaranteed to have immense benefits. Help me take him down.” Ralph replied as he scrambled back up.

“Help yourself! Bastard, can’t you see me in pain! Aarrghh! My face!” Caroline screamed hysterically.

“Hmph! Useless. That bitch is dead kid, it’s your turn now.”

“…vicky…” Aldred mumbled.

“Hmm? What did you say?”

“I SAID HER NAME IS VICKY YOU BASTARD!!!” Aldred screamed as his anger reached its peak. His killing intent unleashed itself and his aura burst outwards.

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*BOOM!* *BOOM!!* *BOOM!!!*

Three booms sounded out, surprising Ralph. In his anger, Aldred had broken through into the Core Condensing 1st Stage.

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