Fighting God Chapter 18: First Kill

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Fighting God Chapter 18: First Kill

“What happened?!” Ralph shouted as he peered at Aldred. The young boy suddenly burst forth an immense amount of power and killing intent. A thin layer of some unknown gas-like substance enveloped around the young boy. What could this be? It’s clearly not mana…is this a new magic? No, the boy is a No-Affinity. It’s impossible for him to use magic…so then, what is this?

Aldred stared at his hands…at the Qi that enveloped his hands as well as the rest of his body. He had finally reached Core Condensing. With this new boost in power, he can finally use the Fist of the Elusive Mole in its complete form. Now why could he not previously? Because, the Fist of the Elusive Mole not only allows one to fight like a mole, but also to move like a mole…meaning submerging underground. With his core condensed and formed, he can now envelope Qi around his body like a Qi Armor of sort. Though it is not a complete or true Qi Armor, it can still allow him to move underground without worry of suffocation or harm.

Aldred looked up at his enemies and snarled, “You bastards are dead meat.”

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“Haha. All bark, no bite…just like the bitch you are.” Ralph laughed evilly.

“Fucker!” Aldred roared as he charged towards Ralph once again. Ralph laughed once more before jumping backwards. He crouched and placed his hand on the ground. Activating Earth Wall, he blocked the incoming attack.

Aldred sneered as he tore through the thick Earth Wall like paper. The wall did not slow down his charge at all. Ralph fired a few shots of Earth Needles at Aldred – the same Earth Needle that killed Vicky. Aldred dodged the needles and dove into the ground. While underneath the earth, Aldred tunneled through the ground expertly and quickly with his powerful hands. Above the surface, Ralph panicked as he gaped at how the young boy, he had underestimated, disappeared into the ground. What sort of ability was this? Did the young boy realize that he couldn’t defeat him and decided to escape instead? No…that can’t be the case. This guy had such killing intent…it must be that he was hiding beneath the earth, waiting for a chance to strike. Ralph looked around trying to figure where his opponent will emerge from next.

Suddenly, Aldred emerged silently from the ground behind Ralph and slashed his hand at Ralph. Ralph caught sight of Aldred at the corner of his eye and dove forward in an attempt to avoid the incoming attack. However, he realized too late and four lacerations appeared on his back. Although the wounds weren’t deep, but it still hurt a lot. Ralph grunted and turned around…only to see Aldred diving into the ground again.

While this was occurring, Caroline finally stabilized herself and stopped the spread of the poison in her face. However, her face had distorted into an ugly visage and she looked more like a demon now. She scanned the room and saw the battle between Ralph and Aldred. She was stunned at how the young boy was able to force Ralph on the defense. Caroline rushed towards Ralph to help but she was stopped by a murderous aura that suffocated her. She turned around and saw Skaal…in his giant beast form.

“Bitch! Where do you thing you’re looking at? I’m your opponent!” Skaal growled.

“Hmph! You’re only a Tier 6. You think you can defeat me?”

“We’ll see.” Skaal smiled. When Caroline saw that smile, she shivered…. Does he have something up his sleeve?

Caroline readied herself. She activated an Earth Wall to cover herself from Skaal’s view. Skaal jumped over the wall but was met with a Water Blast. The Water Blast smashed into Skaal’s body, sending him flying backwards. However, water-type attacks weren’t as effective towards earth-type creatures so other than having the wind knocked out of him, Skaal wasn’t hurt from the attack. Skaal scrambled back to his feet, but his smile was still on his face.

Caroline narrowed her eyes when she saw the smile. “What are you smiling at? You can’t even harm me. Prepare to die.”

Caroline rushed forward, raised her hand, and threw a couple of Water Balls mixed with Earth Needles at Skaal. Skaal skillfully dodged the attacks. Some of the attacks hit but Skaal gritted his teeth and powered through the attacks, his smile never faltering. At this time, Caroline was feeling irked. Why was this damned beast still smiling? What…! Caroline stumbled suddenly. She stopped moving and grimaced. Why does she feel weak all of a sudden? Her vision blurred and focused and blurred again.

“This…p-poison?! Impossible! I should at least have some resistance to your poison!” Caroline panicked.

“Haha, not all of them. The poison I showed you back then wasn’t even 40% of my total prowess. What you just experienced was my poisonous gas. Odorless, tasteless, slow-acting but extremely potent…you won’t know what hit you until it’s too late. Now you know who is stronger. Go die bitch!” Skaal roared as he rushed towards Caroline. Caroline could not do anything as she was powerless and paralyzed. Skaal quickly approached the woman and pierced her abdomen with his stinger. He pumped in a full dose of his poison at full power. Stepping back, he watched the changes that occurred soon after.

Caroline, though paralyzed, was still conscious. She could feel everything that occurred including the pain of the stab and the feeling as the poison coursed through her veins. Suddenly, she felt her skin burn as if she was lit on fire. Her skin started itching as if thousands of ants were scurrying about on her. Her body began to change colors. It changed from red to yellow to green to blue to white and finally to black. Caroline could feel her body start to expand. She could even see her stomach bulge at an incredible pace. The last thing she saw was her eyelids expanding and covering her eyes. Pain started shooting forward in her body. She tried to scream in agony but her throat swelled up and forced down any sounds that tried to escape. Caroline’s body continued to expand until…*CRACK!* * SNAP!* * CRACK!!* *POP!!* *BOOM!!!*

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She exploded. Guts, blood, and pieces of flesh flew everywhere. Even Ralph’s back was splashed with some of her blood and flesh. Ralph turned around and saw the horrendous sight. He grimaced but this was not the time to worry about a dead person. With Caroline gone, now it was only him versus Aldred and the Toxic Razortail. Skaal rushed towards Aldred and stood beside him. Aldred looked at Skaal and then looked at the mess he had caused. He gave the Razortail a nod of approval and then continued to observe Ralph. All that’s left was the Meister 1st Stage. Unless there was a miracle, it would be near impossible to defeat this enemy…even with the both of them. Skaal charged towards Ralph, his claws raised. Aldred dove into the ground and tunneled towards the enemy. Ralph looked at the incoming attacks and prepared himself.

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