Fighting God Chapter 27: Rare Affinities

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Fighting God Chapter 27: Rare Affinities

After Aldred and the girl, whose name was Julia Kreole, buried all the dead children, Aldred led the girl to his inn. When Lila saw the two, she gave them a questioning look.

“Why Aldred, who’s this?” Lila scolded while looking at the raggedy young girl. “Don’t tell me you found her in the slums? Aren’t you a little too young to be doing those immoral things?!”

“Ah! You’re mistaken, this is my cousin Julia. She’s dressed like this because she ran away from home. She didn’t like studying if you know what I mean?” Aldred lied.

“Haha! I know. There are always some wealthy family’s son or daughter running away from home because they were too bored of their restricted life.” Lila agreed as she looked at Julia’s attire once more. “Come little one, I’m sure you don’t want to stay in that outfit right? I might have something that will fit you. Aldred, go on to your room.”

Lila led Julia to the staff room as Aldred walked to his room. After entering in his room, he pulled out Skaal and placed him on the table.

What should we do with Julia? Aldred asked.

Drop her off somewhere. Skaal shrugged.

We can’t leave her here or people will get suspicious. Plus, I don’t know if she has any living relatives.

True, if people found out about her Quadruple-Affinity status, she will be in a lot of danger.

We could always bring her along.

Haha! You sure know how to joke!

I wasn’t….

Julia won’t be accepted by demonic beasts. In fact, even you will have a hard time where we’re going. It’s best for her safety and ours that she does not tag along.



“Who is it?” Aldred asked when he heard the knock. Skaal scrambled back into his right pants pocket.

“It’s Julia.”

Aldred got up from his chair and opened the door. A rather cute girl stood before him. She was wearing a red dress that further accentuated her red hair and black shoes.

“H-how do I look?” Julia asked, her head bowed and a tinge of red crept along her cheeks.

“Ok, I guess.” Aldred nonchalantly shrugged.

When Julia heard the answer, she felt a bit disappointed…this wasn’t what Lila said. Didn’t she say that all men liked pretty women? How come Aldred wasn’t affected? Was she ugly…or…? Julia was about to think something forbidden when Aldred tapped her shoulder. She looked up in surprise.

“You alright Julia? I called your name a couple of times. Did you not hear?” Aldred questioned worriedly.

Seeing Aldred worry over her, Julia smiled. “Ah nothing, I was just thinking of something. So, what did you need?”

“I was asking you about what you want to do from here on out. Do you have any relatives I can send you to?”

“No…they all died. Can’t I just go with you?”

“You can’t. I’m going to a dangerous place.”

“I’ve become strong. I can handle myself. I won’t let you down.”

“No. I’m going to the Demon Forests.”

“Demon Forests! W-why?!” Julia gasped in surprise.

“My brother has family there.” Aldred answered as he pulled out Skaal and showed him to her.

“A demonic beast!…Y-your brother?”

“Haha, I know that look. No, I’m not a demonic beast. We are sworn brothers. We are going to the place where my brother…Skaal’s family is currently residing. Even though we are sworn brothers, the chances of me being accepted is low…not to mention an outsider like you.”

“I-I’ll manage. You don’t have to worry about me. Please, let me follow you. I-I won’t survive out here by myself with all these strangers.”

“But you know Lila, you can stay with her.”

“We only just met. She’s still a stranger to me.”

“Haha, then by that logic, you and I are strangers too.”

“T-that…that’s different.”

“How about this. I’ve heard that Quadruple-Affinities have higher perception and can breakthrough their stages quicker than others. If you can break through past the Novice Stages by the end of this week, then I’ll consider taking you along. For now, I’ll go get you a Ritual Crystal and see what type of affinities you have.”

Are you really going to consider taking her along if she breaks past the Novice Stages? Skaal asked.

I should give her a chance. If she does break through, that means she is determined and won’t become a burden to us in the future. If not, then she lacks the motivation and will affect us if we bring her along. She’s a smart girl. She knows this too.

Fine, we’ll do as you say.

Aldred left the inn and headed towards a temple. He told a priest who was on-duty that he wanted to buy an one-time use Ritual Crystal. Because people rarely buy one-time use Ritual Crystal, the priest asked what he needed the crystal for and Aldred told him that his parents had asked him to buy it for his little brother. Now the Ritual Crystals that he used during his assessment years ago was a permanent crystal and those types of crystals were not for sale. However, the one he was able to buy was an one-time use and temples sell them for 1 gold each. Taking out 100 silvers, Aldred paid for the Ritual Crystal. After buying the crystal, he quickly left the vicinity. Unfortunately, he did not see the priest leaving his post and entering the inner temple with an excited look on his face.


“Head Priest Zol! You were right! There was someone who came to buy an one-time use Ritual Crystal.” The priest exclaimed as he rushed into the Head Priest’s quarters.

“Really? What did the person look like?” Zol Lightbring, an aging man with white beard and a bald head, inquired.

“A boy, missing an arm, black hair, silver eyes…about nine years old.”

“Hmm…could he by the legendary Quadruple-Affinity? Can’t be…he’s too old.”

“The boy said the Ritual crystal was for his younger brother.”

“That must be it! The younger brother is the one we’re looking for. Tell the Subjugators! Our targets are two boys, one missing an arm with black hair and silver eyes, while the other is a younger boy probably with the same hair and eye color.”

“Yes Head Priest.”


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Aldred entered his room and saw Julia sleeping on the bed. He shook her awake and handed her the Ritual Crystal.

“Here, drop a blood into this crystal and see what colors you get.”

Julia nodded her head as she rubbed her eyes groggily. Dropping a drop of blood onto the crystal, she anxiously waited. Many colors appeared and soon, one by one, the colors disappeared.

What affinities do you think she will get? Aldred asked Skaal.

Probably the typical ones – fire, water, earth, and air…. Oh what’s this! Skaal replied but suddenly did a double-take at the results.

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

Initially Skaal had imagined that fire, water, earth, and air would be the four affinities that Julia will obtain…however, contrary to expectations, the four colors disappeared. The four that remained were light green, dark green, purple, and white.

“Light green, dark green, purple, white…what do they represent?” Aldred asked.

“Light green – Plant Affinity, dark green – Poison Affinity, purple – Lightning Affinity, and white – Holy Affinity. All four affinities are rare. To all compile in one person…this girl’s future will be bountiful and endless.” Skaal muttered in response.


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