Fighting God Chapter 32: Her Past

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Fighting God Chapter 32: Her Past

Elder Croa was a loyalist who hated humans and any form of human-demonic beast interactions as well as any demonic beast that she considers inferior to the Four Families. She was also a strong contender against the current Matriarch. She was a dark green scorpion with brown spots. In her Human Form, she looked like a middle-aged tall woman with dark green hair that showed slight hints of gray. She had a stern face and she rarely smiles. Her poison-type specialty lied in hallucinations. Elder Croa fought for the position of Matriarch years ago against the current Matriarch…but she suffered a crushing defeat that she blamed the cause on the people under the current Matriarch’s wing. From that moment on, Elder Croa despised the Matriarch and tried to find ways to secretly overthrow her.

Elder Croa had four daughters and one son. Given her personality, it’s a wonder how someone could fall in love with her. There were even rumors about how Elder Croa forced her recently deceased husband to marry her. There were even rumors about how her deceased husband had something to do with her…but those are just rumors. Anyways, Elder Croa adored her four children…her daughters – Stella, Gretta, and Mallie – and her son – Jarl. But wait…didn’t she have four daughters? That’s right…there was her youngest daughter…Shylie. Elder Croa gave her best to the four children that she loved…however, there was nothing to give to Shylie. What was the reason for this apparent unfair treatment? It was due to Shylie’s personality…Shylie, unlike her mother and her siblings, had a cheerful disposition – she sang, she laughed, she enjoyed interacting with other species. She was friendly to many other demonic beasts including families not part of the Four Families. This difference that Shylie displayed resulted in utter despise from her mother and her siblings.

Shylie worked hard everyday and tried to get the approval of her mother and her siblings…but most of the times she failed. With no love inside her home, Shylie constantly ventured outwards. One day, while playing and singing in the small pond within the forest, Shylie met someone…a Sharpfang. Initially, Shylie was horrified and ran away immediately…but when she realized the Sharpfang did not pursue after her, she stopped running. Curious, Shylie stealthily approached the Sharpfang and hid herself in the bushes. This Sharpfang was…different. He was smaller…scrawnier…and seemed overall weaker than all the other Sharpfangs. It seemed he was lost in thought and did not notice Shylie earlier. What came out of this Sharpfang’s mouth next surprised Shylie…the Sharpfang…he started singing. This was truly something that Sharpfangs don’t do…or at least so she was told.

As her curiosity grew, Shylie was attracted to the singing and subconsciously revealed herself. She walked out of the bushes and the two species finally met. They stared at each other in awkward silence as they sized each other up. Both of them did not know what to do…should they run…should they attack?

Finally, Shylie broke the silence and said. “You sang well. I didn’t know Sharpfangs could sing.”

“T-thanks. Unfortunately, I’m the only Sharpfang that likes singing…it’s something my family disapproves of.” The Sharpfang replied.

“Tell me about it.” Shylie said as she rolled her eyes, “My family is the same. The treat me badly because I’m not a diehard loyalist.”

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“Haha…same here…my name is Nomil. What’s yours?”


“Shylie? That’s a pretty name.”

The two continued talking about themselves and about trivial things. They found out that they both hate the violent natures of their respective families. Shylie told Nomil that she was the youngest of five children and Nomil told Shylie that he had a twin brother who looked exactly like him. The only difference between them was that his brother swears a lot and has a taste for arthropods. They found out that they shared interests like singing and moon-gazing. By the end of the day, they became friends.

The two continued to meet and their friendship continued to grow…until finally…a forbidden flower blossomed between them…the flower of love. They had fallen in love with each other. This love was forbidden and they could not let their families know about this relationship. However, as if punishment for this illicit relationship, the Heavens did not let their secret love go unnoticed…Nomil’s father found out. He was curious as to why Nomil keeps leaving the dwelling so early in the morning and coming home so late. It’s clear to him that Nomil was not doing anything productive like hunting for food. When he saw the interactions between Nomil and Shylie, he was enraged.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing you bastard!” Nomil’s father shouted as he smacked Nomil at the back of his head.

“F-father! What are you doing here?” Nomil exclaimed in panic and fear. His father had found out of their secret relationship…would his father kill Shylie?

“What am I doing here? I was curious as to why you kept spending more time outside…and look what I found! You…you bastard…fucking a Razortail! Abomination!”

“Father! Please forgive me! I-I love Shylie.”

“YOU!! I’ll kill this bitch!”

“NO! If you kill her, you might as well kill me too!”

“This bastard! Fine! You’re coming home with me! You will not see this Razortail ever again!” Nomil’s father growled as he dragged the reluctant Nomil away, leaving a stunned and shivering Shylie alone in the forests.

“Don’t worry Shylie, I’ll convince father.” Nomil cried out as he tried to reassure Shylie while he gets dragged away.

“Convince shit you bastard!” Nomil’s father roared as he smashed Nomil unconscious. “I’m going to lock you up for the rest of your life!”

Is this the end of their relationship? Shylie did not want it to end. As the days go by and still no sign of Nomil, Shylie became quiet…listless. She had thoughts of suicide. The stress that has built up throughout her life after the incident caused Shylie to enter depression. Finally…after unable to continue on with this life, she decided to commit suicide. She walked to the place she and Nomil first met and decided to kill herself there. Just as she was about to hang herself, Nomil rushed out and hugged her. They stood there hugging and crying for a while before Shylie asked how he was able to come out and see her. Did he escape from captivity? Would his father get angry? Nomil comforted Shylie, telling her not to worry and stating that he was able to convince his father.

“H-how?” Shylie whispered in disbelief.

“Though my father had shown you his angry side previously…he isn’t really a close-minded man like you made him out to be. He agreed to our interaction as long as you help us out with a few things.”

“Y-you mean like a traitor?! I can’t do that!”

“Please Shylie…for me. You don’t have to betray your family…just help us do away the current Matriarch.”

“No…I can’t!”

“Didn’t you say that your family has always been in conflict with the current Matriarch? If you do away with the Matriarch…then won’t that benefit both you and your family?”


“Just think about it. Once the Matriarch is killed, your mother will be the next best candidate to be Matriarch. When she finds out it was all due to your help…she will treat you better. Who knows…maybe she will be more lenient with you and even accept our relationship like how my father did.”

That reasoning…though flawed…sounded very rational to Shylie given her stressed mental state from waiting and worrying for Nomil all those days. She tried to wrap her head around what she had just heard….it made sense. If she could get the approval of her mother and her siblings…then her life would be set. In the back of her mind, she felt a slight tug of her intuition that something was wrong with the reasoning…but she dismissed it off. With a nod…Shylie agreed.

“That’s great. Shylie…I love you.”

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“I love you too.”

The two stared at each other deeply before slowly kissing…they collapsed in heat at this clearing where they had first met…rustling echoed throughout the night.


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