Fighting God Chapter 34: Tragedy

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Fighting God Chapter 34: Tragedy

“N-Nomil…w-why?” Shylie asked in surprise as pain coursed through her body.

Nomil had bit her…no…the correct term was ATE! Nomil took a huge bite off of her and was greedily chewing her flesh with relish. The giant bite wound appeared on Shylie diagonally from the right side of her neck to the middle of her chest. Blood welled up from her wound and dyed her body green.

The Sharpfang looked at the feeble Toxic Razortail trembling in front of him and sneered, “Haha, you really thought I was that weak bastard?”

Understanding finally appeared in Shylie’s mind as her eyes widened in shock and anger, “Y-you!”

“That’s right! I’m the one and only…Novile – Nomil’s twin brother.”

Tears and blood welled up as Shylie shook in pain and grief, her mind numb with confusion and shock. So…so where’s Nomil? Did something happened to him? W-why is Novile staring at her like that? That smirk looked so familiar…that gaze…that….

“I must say…those times I played with you were the most fun I’ve had in a long time. I’ve always had a taste for arthropods…both physically and sexually.” Novile smiled as he licked his lips. “Would this be considered rape? Nah…shouldn’t be. After all…hehe…you enjoyed it too haha! You were crying out for more that it was so funny I almost blew my cover haha!”

Shylie stared towards the distance, her eyes vacant…her mind racing. She muttered to herself, “T-then…all those times….”


Nomil’s Flashback….


“Where did you go?” Nomil’s father Narkal growled. “Did you went to see that bitch again!”

“Father…please. She is the love of my life. Ple-!” Nomil tried to explain but he was sent flying by his enraged father.

“You disappoint me greatly! No son of mine would fall in love with food! No son of mine will beg like a weakling! From now on, you are not my son!”

“Father! Give me a chance! I’ve convinced her to help us! She will help us kill the Matriarch of the Toxic Razortails!”

“Oh? Is that true? Haha! Well done! You have shown me your usefulness at last.”

“R-really? Then, will you accept Shylie? Will you accept our marr-?!” Nomil asked hopefully but he was cut off as a hand thrust out from his chest. “T-this?!”

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“But now your usefulness has been used up…am I right Fahter?” A voice asked playfully from behind Nomil.

“That’s correct…haha, as expected of my son. Novile, you understand me.” Narkal chuckled.

As Nomil’s last breath left his body, he slid off of Novile’s arm and collapsed onto the ground…a pool of red crept out and enveloped the corpse. Novile licked his bloody hand and cackled. Then, he looked at his father. “Should I take care of the female Razortail?”

“Yes. Get as much information as you can from her.”

“Hehe…do you mind if I play with her for a while?”

“Hmph! This is your only bad habit that I disapprove of. Fine, do what you want…but I want results.” Narkal snorted. He knew from the beginning of Novile’s disgusting habits and his violent and cruel nature. But, because Novile was his pride, Narkal chose to ignore these habits.




As Aldred and the rest arrived at the scene, Novile kicked the dying Shylie sending her skidding to their feet. Novile sneered at the group and signaled to the warriors behind him.

“Get ready to slaughter these bastards!” Novile ordered as the Fiery Boarheads and the Sharpfangs raised their weapons.

“You dare?!” The Matriarch roared as she arrived at the scene. Her tremendous power flowed out and pressured her enemies back.

“Kuh….” Although Novile was considered a genius within the Four Families, he was only considered as such in the younger generations. He was still many ranks below the more powerful older generations like the Matriarch of the Toxic Razortails that stood before him. Thinking that it’s best to leave, Novile ordered a retreat. His allies gratefully complied and they hastily left the scene.

The Matriarch took one look at the dying Toxic Razortail and frowned. Though she was a traitor…she was still family. It left a bad aftertaste in her mouth to see one of her own killed so brutally. But there was nothing she could do and, in order to keep appearances, she could not take the side of this traitor. She gave one last glance at the Shylie before turning around and headed back to the den. One by one, the rest of the Razortails left as well. Elder Croa was the last to leave. She looked at her dying daughter and their eyes met. Shylie could see the disdain in her mother’s eyes…that cold appearance…she knew that she had been abandoned. No love…no family…no future…oh how sad her life was. Shylie looked at the humans who stood before her. They did not leave unlike everyone else. This gave Shylie a sense of warmth.

Shylie looked at them and said, “M-my baby…please t-take care of m-my b-baby.”

“Shhhhh. Don’t talk, you’ll be alright. Don’t waste your energy talking. We’ll take care of you and your baby.” Julia tried to comfort her but to no success. The pain that Shylie was feeling only served to further confirm for her…that she was going to die soon.

Shylie looked at Aldred and Julia once more before muttering. “I’m sorry….”

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Her limbs went limp…her breath dissipated…her eyes closed and lacked any movement…Shylie…daughter of Elder Croa…a cheerful and kind Razortail who loved to sing…had died.

Julia started weeping as she cradled the corpse. Though their time of interaction was short, Julia still considered Shylie a friend. Julia looked at Aldred…her eyes begging for vengeance. Aldred nodded his head…he will kill those Sharpfangs and Fiery Boarheads someday. Aldred suddenly remembered something…the child! He reached down and felt Shylie’s womb…the child…it’s…it’s dead. There was no life force. What a sad day for these two unfortunate beings.


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