Fighting God Chapter 4: New Friend

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Fighting God Chapter 4: New Friend

“Come on Al, let’s go check out some of the schools.” Mel said as he dragged Aldred and his sister towards the recruiting area located at the City center.

The city was bustling with people – especially recruiters from the many schools that set their tables at the City center. There were all kinds of schools. There were specialized schools owned by individual temples like the School of Igniss that only accepts Fire-Affinities or the School of Teryan that only accepts Earth-Affinities. There were private schools funded primarily by the king like Welkin Academy who provides opportunities to graduates to join the royal court or the royal armies. And then there were schools founded and formed by famous sects like Silver Moon Institute founded by the number one sect – Silver Moon Sect who get first pick of graduates. And finally, there were the public schools founded by famous retired mages like the Sacred Heart Academy – that any novice can attend – with the soul purpose of teaching new mages and researching new magic. Although there were more public schools than private schools, the quality of the public schools vary from 1st rank to 5th rank and even some No ranks. Conversely, private schools tend to have higher quality – being no lower than 3rd rank.

As the children wandered around in the midst of the recruiters, many school representatives shouted out and advertised their schools.

“You there! In the blue frilly dress, I see you have the personality of a calm river. You must be Water-Affinity right? How about joining the School of Triton? We specialize in raising Water Mages and we can bring out your potential to the fullest.” A recruiter shouted out as she dragged the timid young girl towards their recruiting table.

Of course, just because one has the affinity doesn’t mean he or she will be accepted to any school. There is another factor that is considered…his or her talent.

“What?! You’re only a Novice 2nd Stage? Weak! Get out, we don’t want you anymore.” That same recruiter of the School of Triton growled as she pushed the sniveling girl away.

Aldred saw this exchange and felt outraged. After all, he was raised by his mother to be a kind person. Forgetting his initial determination to avert the attention of others, he walked up to the sobbing young girl and tried to comfort her. Naturally, he had no experience in comforting girls both in his past life and in his present life…so things felt awkward as he talked to the girl.

“Don’t cry. Um, here use this.” Aldred said as he handed her his handkerchief, “I’m sure you’ll be able to find a good school.”

“T-thanks.” The young girl sniffed as she accepted the handkerchief.

“Uh…my name is Aldred Blackehearth, what’s yours?”

“Tanya Moonscreek.”

“What’s this? You like her or something?” A voice shouted from behind, drawing a few gazes.

Damn, I forgot about this blabbermouth! Aldred cursed in his mind.

“Uh…no….” Aldred tried to deny while looking towards Tanya for backup only to find her blushing and head bowed.

“Moonscreek? I think I’ve heard of that name before.” Dora chimed, “Could you be related to the famous rising star Tamalin Moonscreek?”

“Y-yes…Tammy is my older sister.” Tanya replied.

“Wow, that’s amazing! Can I get her autograph?”

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“Anyways…why don’t you join us? We can search for a school together.” Aldred interjected.

“O-okay.” Tanya nodded as she handed the handkerchief back to Aldred. Aldred, however, didn’t know what to do with a dirty handkerchief used by someone else so he strategically told her that she could keep it. And so the four children set off to find a school. While they walked around the City center, a male recruiter suddenly approached Mel.

“Hey! I see that you’re a Novice 4th Stage, want to attend Owlhaven Academy? We’re a 3rd rank public school.”

“No, sorry, I’ve already decided on a school with my sister.” Mel refused as he and the others walked away.

“Oh really? What school did you have your sights on?” Aldred curiously asked.

“We were thinking of attending a public school, especially Creekspire School of Magic Arts. They’re a 3rd rank school that accepts novices of all stages. What about you? Have you decided on where to pick?” Dora asked him and Tanya.

“You said Creekspire accepts novices of all stages?” Tanya asked hopefully.

“Yea…why you want to apply?”


“That’s great, what about you Al?”

“I don’t know…would they accept a No-Affinity like me?”

“Oh…I forgot about that….” Dora mumbled.

“Aldred is a No-Affinity?” Tanya asked in shock.

“Yea. There won’t be any problems would there?” Mel responded.

“No…I’m not one to judge….”


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“Enough of that.” Aldred replied as he broke up the awkward silence, “Let’s go look for the Creekspire School’s recruiting table. Who knows, maybe they’ll accept me.”

“Ok.” Tanya and the twins echoed.

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