Fighting God Chapter 5: Accepted to a 3rd Rank School

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Fighting God Chapter 5: Accepted to a 3rd Rank School

“That must be Creekspire School’s recruiting table.” Mel pointed.

Aldred and the others looked in the direction and see a table where a crowd of children were enthusiastically listening to the male recruiter tell stories of achievements that the students of Creekspire had done in the past. The current story being told was about a senior saving a village from a demonic beast raid. The story was very interesting and it drew the attention of Aldred and his group.

“…and so Senior Brother Bryant killed the demonic beast and saved the village from certain destruction.” The male recruiter finished with a flourish. The wide-eyed children clapped in awe and interest, “So any questions?”

“Oh, me! Me! Me! Me!” A number of excited children raised their hands hoping to be picked.

The recruiter looked around and then chose a hand. “You, state your name and your question.”

“Ah…my name is Terence Klemanot.” The boy replied, he had a set of short, curly purple hair and big owl-rimmed glasses. “I want to know about the strongest demonic beast ever defeated by a student of Creekspire School.”

“Ah, that’s depends on what you mean by strongest. In the history of Creekspire, we had killed many powerful demonic beasts. The strongest…well, there were two.”

“Two? Were they both at the same tier?”

“Nope, one was at King Tier 10 and the other was at Adult Tier 7.”

“Tier 7? How could a Tier 7 be as strong as a Tier 10?”

“It’ll depend on the type of demonic beast. For instance, the Tier 10 demonic beast we fought was Star Frost Ape but the Tier 7 demonic beast we encountered was a Desert Wyvern.”

“Oh…I heard Desert Wyverns are super fast and had a special attribute that allows them to tunnel into the ground.”

“Yes, not to mention it was dark. So we had as hard of a time with it as we did with the Star Frost Ape.”
“I see.”

“Okay, who’s next?”

“Me! Me! Me!” More hands were raised as the crowd of children hopped around excitedly, hoping to be picked. Another kid was picked and she asked about the strongest magic skill offered by the school.

At this time, Aldred was pondering about the existence of demonic beasts. Though he had lived in the countryside, there weren’t any news of demonic beast sightings or attacks on villages. This was thanks to the famous Mage team, a hundred years ago, who had drove all the demonic beasts back to the Demon Forests that surrounded the kingdom hundreds of kilometers away. In addition, he had heard of his father’s exploits and how he was able to kill an Adolescent Tier 4 beast before. He had also heard about how difficult it was for his father to kill the demonic beast because of its intelligence. Aldred thought of a question and decided to ask the recruiter.

“…and that is why this skill is the strongest our Creekspire could offer. Okay, last question.”

“Here! Here! Over here!” Aldred immediately jumped into action, hopping high into the air and waving both his hands.

“Haha, you over there then. What do you want to ask?”

“I was wondering if it was possible to tame or befriend a demonic beast?”

When Aldred spoke out that question, everyone started laughing. Aldred looked around in confusion, did he ask a stupid question? That’s strange, he knew that in his past life there were people who had befriended beasts that would fight alongside them. Couldn’t this be possible here as well? Why does it seem like it’s an unnatural occurrence?

“Haha, it is impossible to befriend demonic beasts as they are very aggressive by nature.”

“What about taming?”

“There are no records of successful taming. People have tried but demonic beasts are known to be prideful and stubborn. They would rather die than to become a servant.”

“How about finding an egg and hatching one?”

“That’s a good question, however, though we tried, there was no success. The parents would rather smash their eggs than have them be used by us. I’ve even personally witness this happening when a Fire Skylark dropped its eggs off a cliff to prevent a senior sister from acquiring one.”

“I see.”

“Okay. It’s getting late, how about considering our school? Anyone want to join?”

Many of the crowd lined up to apply. Aldred and his friends also lined up. One by one everyone who was lined up was accepted. When Aldred and Tanya saw this, their eyes lit up with anticipation and delight. Maybe they would have a chance. Finally, it was Aldred and his friends’ turn. The first person of the group to step up was Tanya.

“Hmm…Tanya Moonscreek…Water-Affinity…Novice 2nd Stage is it?” The male recruiter mused as he looked at Tanya’s identification card.

“Yes…t-that won’t be a p-problem r-right?” Tanya stammered nervously.

The male recruiter looked at her and smiled, “No problem. Here, take this badge. It’s proof that you are now a student of Creekspire School of Magic Arts. Congratulations.”

“Thank you! Thank you so very much!” Tanya exclaimed as she burst into tears.

“Woah! Don’t cry.”

“Sorry…I’m just too happy.”

“Haha, okay, go to that group over there where all the other accepted students are. Next!”

Mel walked up to the table and projected. “Hi, I’m Nimel Dragonsfire, but you can call me Mel. What’s your name?”

“Haha, you sure are energetic. My name is Shawn Blastmoor, you can call me Senior Brother Blastmoor.”

“Nice to meet you Senior Brother Blastmoor.”

“That’s good, hmm, let me see…Fire Affinity…haha as expected…Novice 4th Stage? Wow, you’re talented too. Here’s your badge. Welcome to the school.”


“Okay, take care. You know where to go from here right? Okay, next!”

Dora walked up and introduced herself as well as her affinity and stage. As predicted, she was accepted as well. Finally, it was Aldred’s turn.

“Hello, let me see your identification card.” The male recruiter smiled towards Aldred. When he saw Aldred’s status, his smiled disappeared. He muttered, “No-Affinity….”

“Is something the matter?” Aldred asked hoping it’s not what he was thinking.

“Uh…I…I’m sorry. We can’t accept you.” Shawn Blastmoor apologized as he explained his decision. “As you know, our school is a school of magic…with your No-Affinity status, you won’t be able to learn anything and you won’t be able to pass the class. Even if you were accepted, if you couldn’t pass the first grade after three tries, you would be expelled…even though the first grade is the easiest to pass as long as you have magic…which you don’t. You understand right?”

Aldred felt dejected but he understood. His status as a No-Affinity makes it hard for him in this world of magic. “I understand senior Blastmoor.”

“Sorry.” Shawn Blastmoor apologized again. Aldred left the table and met up with his friends.

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“Why you look so down? You didn’t get in?” Mel asked.

“Yea.” Aldred replied.

“That’s not good. What will you do now? How about we leave as well and join you to find a school that will accept all of us?”

“No! You should stay. I don’t want to affect your future with my problem. I’ll keep looking.”

“But-!” Mel tried to argue but when he saw the look on Aldred’s face, he resignedly agreed. “Okay.”

“I guess this is goodbye.”

“No worries. Go find a school and then we can meet in 5 years during the interschool tournament.” Dora assured. Tanya nodded as well.

“Okay…I’ll try. See you in 5 years. If I don’t find a school, you can bet I’ll be in the audience cheering you guys on.”

“Okay. We’ll wait for you.” Tanya said.

“Bye.” Aldred waved as he turned to leave.

“Bye. Take care.” His friends waved back.

Aldred left his friends and ventured around, looking for a school. It was getting dark and most of the schools have recruited their limit and left. There were mostly No ranks left and some ranked schools as well. As he walked around, he suddenly caught sight of a sign.

Accepting all Stages, Affinities don’t Matter

Aldred approached the table and saw the name of the school: Nightingale Institute of Combat Magic. Combat magic eh? Maybe I have a chance there. He walked up to the recruiter and asked, “Can I apply? I want to learn combat.”

“Sure.” The male recruiter shrugged. He looked to be in his late twenties and wore all black with pale skin and black hair.

“Do you want to look at my identification card?” Aldred asked as he showed the recruiter his card.

“Whatever. The sign says it all, but we can look at it if you want. Don’t want people to say we aren’t legitimate if I didn’t check your card. Hmm, No-Affinity eh? I see why you want to learn combat instead of combat magic.”

“Is it not possible to just learn just combat?”

“It’s possible. We’re aren’t a 3rd rank combat magic school if we don’t have a good number of combat skills to teach. Go join those kids over there while I clean up.”

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“Don’t I get a badge or something that identifies me as a student?”

“Ah…yea, I forgot to bring them. No worries, you’ll get one once we arrive.”

“Okay.” Aldred nodded, not suspecting anything as he was happy to be accepted…especially to a 3rd ranked school. He walked up to the group of children and nodded a greeting towards them.

Once the recruiter cleaned up, he led the group out of the city and headed north of Sola City.

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