Fighting God Chapter 9: Sold

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Fighting God Chapter 9: Sold

The guards led or dragged Aldred and the other special affinities to the backstage of the auction room. Chains coupled with the neck collars that prevent wearers from channeling their elements disallowed the slaves from any attempts to escape. As the slaves await their impending fate, the host was out in the front introducing to the customers about them…the wares.

“…And next up we have a special group of slaves. These slaves’ unique characteristic is their affinities. We have all kinds of rare or unique affinities. Let me introduce to you the first batch.” The host introduced as he motioned to a guard, “Bring them in.”

The guard nodded before going backstage. He walked up to a couple of slaves, unchained them, and dragged them to the front. When the customers saw the slaves, there were some roars of excitement. The host lined up the slaves and presented them to the audience.

“Now as you can see, these slaves are all very healthy. There are no diseases and no injuries to worry about.” The host pointed out as he stripped the slaves and showed their bodies to the audience.

There were many leers as the audience – both men and women – gazed at the bodies. As the host continued on about the health of the slaves, a person from the audience hollered, “Go on with the auction dammit!”

“Haha, it seems we have an impatient customer. Very well, let us begin. First up, this woman, age 21, is a Water and Earth Dual-Affinity. Let’s have the starting bid at 300 gold.”

Murmurs erupted in the audience. 300 gold for a person is pretty expensive…however, for a Dual-Affinity, the price seems reasonable. Bids began and the price increased. There were even a few fights occurring between customers…both with their money and with their fists. Finally, the bidding stopped and the female slave was sold to a masked old man for 850 gold. The host brought out another slave – male and a Fire and Earth Dual Affinity. Bidding price increased after a few bouts from the customers and the slave was finally sold for 780 gold. This process continued until all the slaves from the first batch were sold. The guards brought out more slaves and the bidding continued. Finally, most of the slaves were sold, with the exception of a few who didn’t catch anyone’s attention.

“Now that the appetizers are finished, let’s move on to the main dish. This here is a slave of only 12 years old with an unique ability that rivals all the other affinities – an Unholy, Holy, and Poison Triple-Affinity. There’s nothing much to mention about the Poison Affinity, but you all should know the immense incompatibility between Unholy and Holy affinities. Not to mention, this is an “one in a hundred million” Triple-Affinity.”

Loud noises of excitement erupted throughout the auction room. A Triple-Affinity! And to have Unholy and Holy…that is a must-have…an incredibly rare and unique slave that can be comparable with a legendary highgod level artifact or treasure.

“Let’s start the bidding price at 2000 gold!” The host responded.

“5000 gold!” The masked old man who bought the female Dual-Affinity previously called out. He wanted to increase the starting price tremendously in an attempt to force others to reconsider bidding for the slave.

However, the masked old man was not successful as another shout sounded out, “5500 gold!”

“Hmph! Young man, you dare to compete with me? 6000!”

The young man who tried to compete with the masked old man immediately retorted, “10,000 gold!”

“YOU!” The old man pointed. “Do you know who I am?”

“Hmph! Aren’t you just the Medicine Freak? Do you know who my master is?”

Gasps burst out from the surrounding audience. Medicine Freak! He is a powerful and influential character of Zestonia. Medicine Freak Hersol was known to be an eccentric. He loved to experiment on humans with his new medicinal creations regardless of whether there were negative or positive aftereffects. Not to mention, there were many rumors that he liked to use humans as medicinal ingredients.

“Hmph! Who can your master be that a child still wet behind his ears won’t even give me face?”

“Haha, wash your ears clean and listen! My master is Wiltin Kraspuus!”

Even more gasps sounded out…even some from the Medicine Freak. Wiltin Kraspuus?! That…that’s the Demonic Venom – a renowned killer who specializes in torture and poison! Since when did the Demonic Venom start taking disciples!

“I-impossible! That crazy bastard treats other humans as shit! How can he possibly have disciples! YOU! You lie!” Medicine Freak denied vehemently as he lunged towards the young man. “How dare you lie to me, DIE!”

The young man humphed at the charging old man and waved his hand out. To the surrounding people, all they could see was a simple wave of the hand, however, the Medicine Freak immediately jumped backwards as if frightened. He staggered a bit before spitting out a mouthful of black blood.

“Death’s Hand! You really are Demonic Venom’s disciple!” Medicine Freak proclaimed as another mouthful of blood spewed from his mouth. He reached into his pockets and pulled out a pill. Consuming it, his paled features quickly regained its color. “Luckily, you are only an apprentice otherwise….”

“Hmph! Anyone else wants to bid against me?!” The young man arrogantly ignored the old man as he turned his gaze towards the others.

Seeing that no one else was going to increase the bid, the host sighed…although 10,000 gold was a lot, it was still lower than what he had expected for a main dish. Nevertheless, situations like these where the masked bidders would reveal their identities in order to prevent the price from raising were common practice in any auction. The host swept his eyes across the entirety of the room once more.

“The current bid is at 10,000 gold. Anyone higher? Going once…going twice…sold!” The host pronounced. The young man smiled curtly and grabbed the Triple-Affinity slave. He dragged his purchased slave and prepared to leave the auction.

“This young sir will not stay for the rest of the auction?” The host asked when he saw the young man attempt to leave.

“No, I’ve got what I came for, there shouldn’t be anything else that’s interesting.” The young man replied as he left the building.

Once he left, a sneer voiced out, “Hmph! Probably didn’t bring enough money.”

The owner of the voice was, of course, the discontent Medicine Freak. He was feeling extreme dissatisfaction having the Triple-Affinity taken away from under his eyes. Now that a competitor had left, Medicine Freak felt slightly elated and refreshed as if a burden had been lifted from his shoulders. He looked towards the host and shouted, “Now that the main dish is over, if I know you…and I do, you would always prepare a dessert that’s equally astonishing as the main dish. Bring it out.”

“Haha, you’re right.” The host chuckled as he motioned to a guard. “Bring him out.”

Led by the guard, Aldred stepped out onto the stage. He looked around and saw a number of masked or hooded people in the seats below the stage. Voices were heard in the crowd as the customers tried to determine what was so special about the young boy standing on the stage. The host walked up beside Aldred…his next words shocked everyone in the crowd.

“This here is a slave not even 6 years of age and is rivaled to the Triple-Affinity in terms of uniqueness.” The host replied.

“What is he? A Triple-Affinity? A rare affinity?” The crowd asked.

“He is none of those… he is an infamous…No-Affinity!”

“WHAT?!” Medicine Freak as well as a few others stood up in utter disbelief.

“Now a No-Affinity, although rare, cannot be considered much as a treasure. However, as a collectible, I’m sure there is someone in this crowd who is interested. So, as per tradition, I let you guys start the bidding price.”

“50 gold.” Someone in the crowd replied half-heartedly.

“Anyone else?” The host replied, a clear sign of discontent in his eyes…50 gold is way too little that there’s practically no profit.

“Haha, it’s interesting. I’ll call 100 gold.” Another person replied.

“110 gold.” The price kept increasing by small increments until finally it reached 391 gold. Minutes passed but nobody bothered to answer.

“Anyone else want to bid? It is after all a No-Affinity….no? Fine, 391 gold going once…391 gold going twice…SOL-!”

“500 gold!”

“5-500 gold? T-truly?” The host stammered in amazement when he heard the interruption. He looked at the source and sees a beautiful woman who had just removed her hood. Although she had a mask on to cover her upper face, people could still see her sunrise-golden hair…her jade-like complexion unblemished and untarnished by the sun…and her rosy full lips that carried a sweet scent of honey. She had a well-endowed body and a dainty figure. She moved like a well-mannered noblewoman.

The host looked at the woman and knew who she was. His well-trained eyes allowed him to see and recognize anyone no matter how much they tried to disguise themselves. To see through a simple mask was nothing to the host. The woman who brought up the price of the No-Affinity to 500 gold was Saintess Caroline Moonkist. Now why a Saintess would appear in the City of Sinners, no one knows for sure, however, the host reasoned that it was to try to save a poor soul from impending doom. He glanced at Aldred and thought, Though the elements have forsaken him, it seems Lady Luck has not.

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“500 gold it is…anyone else?” The host asked as he looked around the crowd. However, the crowd was staring intently at the beauty and did not pay attention to the auction. “Going once…going twice…SOLD!”

Aldred looked at the Saintess who bought him. She peered at him with a calm smile and reassuring eyes. The Saintess held out her hand and beckoned him towards her. Aldred walked up towards her and took her hand. A flash of something indescribable crossed the Saintess’s eyes momentarily before disappearing. However, Aldred caught it. Gazing at the woman’s face once more, Aldred shivered….

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