Fighting God Prologue: The Deal

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Fighting God Prologue: The Deal


A man in his early thirties was stuck lying on a bed and coughing heavily. When, he removed the handkerchief from his mouth, a glob of black-red blood stained the cloth. The Heavens were unfair…the man trained all his life to become the best fighting expert in the seven continents…however, disease struck him unaware. Now, at the late stages of his terminal illness, the man was filled with regret. He hasn’t achieved his goal of number one fighter…he hasn’t fallen in love…he hasn’t produced a heir to continue his family name…there were too many things that he still wanted to do.

Will I, Feng WangLang, really die just like this? Unfulfilled and filled with regrets? The man thought.

“No…no…NO! YOU HEAR ME! I WANT TO LIVE!” Feng WangLang screamed at the Heavens.

Suddenly, blood started filling his throat causing him to spray out a mouthful. With a exhale, the man collapsed back onto his bed…his eyes slowly close…his movements diminished gradually until finally, he died.


“…p…. …up…. ake up…. Wake up…. WAKE UP!” A voice roared in Feng WangLang’s ears.

With a start, Feng WangLang jerked awake. He stared around groggily, “Am…am I in Hell? Is this Judgment Hall?”

“No, this is not Judgement Hall.”

Feng WangLang turned towards the sound of the voice and sees an old bearded man with strong broad shoulders and a muscular built. The old man looked to be about 80 years of age and wore a brown-yellow colored full-bodied leather armor. Feng WangLang looked around his surroundings and found that he was still in his room. He turned around and almost jumped in surprise. There, lying on his bed, was…him…how is this possible?

“It’s because you are a spirit now.” The old man replied as if knowing what he was thinking, “What you see there is your physical body.”

“W-who are you?”

“Haha, all these years of learning my cultivation technique and you still don’t know who I am?”

“You…you’re the Earth God – Tu BoShen!”

“That’s me.”

“It’s an honor to meet you. Are you taking me to Hell?”

“No. I finally found a good candidate, I can’t lose you to the Reincarnation Cycle.” Tu BoShen replied.

“What do you mean?” Feng WangLang asked.

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“I’ve talked with King Judge and pulled some strings. Finally, I was granted ownership over your soul. Tell me…do you want another chance in life?”

“You mean…as a human?!” Feng WangLang asked in shock. Now when a person is judged in Judgment Hall, his or her life’s experiences determines what he or she is reincarnated into. Only those with a fulfilled life with a plethora of good deeds and actions will have a chance to reincarnate as a human. With the experiences of Feng WangLang, he would at best be reincarnated as a rodent.

“Yes, not only will you be reincarnated as a human, but you will also keep your memories.”

“Really? Why are you doing this for me?”

“Haha, naturally you aren’t doing this for free. There’s a few conditions.”


“Yes. The world you will reincarnate to is Zestonia of the Magic Realm. It is a world where magic dominates. There are warriors but no one has ever reached past power equal to the Core Condensing 3rd Stage of this world. Maybe there you will be able to start a new life with new abilities. Of course, it will depend on the gods of those world.”

“A place where warriors are weaker than Core Condensing? That’s too weak!”

“Don’t judge them based on their warriors. I have said before, the world has mages whose power rival the peak warriors of this realm. Don’t be cocky, you might regret it.”

“Is that so…interesting. What about the conditions you mentioned?”

“You’ll know when you get there. Okay…it’s time to leave. Come.” Tu BoShen gestured for Feng WangLang and took him to a portal. After Feng WangLang jumped in, Tu BoShen sighed and closed the portal, “Hopefully you can pull through even with the handicap….”


Tu BoShen’s Flashback….


“What do you mean by that?!” Tu BoShen asked.

“Hey! We’re already kind enough to let your precious successor reincarnate to our world and now you want him to keep his memories?” A woman retorted. This woman was the Fire Highgoddess of Zestonia – Igniss.

“Please…I’ll agree to any conditions.”

“No means no! We-!”

“Wait! We can make an exception…but I want to make it interesting.” A man interjected. This man was the Water Highgod – Triton.

“What do you mean?” Tu BoShen questioned, his eyes squint with caution. Triton was known to make unexpected and unreasonable conditions.

“No affinity to any of the elements…basically, he cannot do magic.” Triton replied.

“Ooohhh…that’s a good idea!” Igniss clapped as the other highgods all agree with amusement.

“That’s too much! He won’t survive.” Tu BoShen rejected.

“If he can’t survive with this handicap, then, you should just look for another successor. The conditions are set. Take it or leave it.” Triton argued.

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“This…fine.” Tu BoShen sighed. He did not like this but he believes that his successor will succeed through any obstacles.

“Haha, then we have a deal.”

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