God’s Island Chapter 4: The Chancellor’s Face

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A servant walked into a small entrance imbedded into one of the four major bronzed doors. He went in and quickly came out, the chancellor following closely behind. The chancellor’s gold and white robe swayed as he walked and his long white hair fluttered behind. He said nothing as he neared the center of the atrium. When he got close, he glared at the cloaked figure. Everyone was glaring at the cloaked figure.

The washed out color of his cloak, and his toes poking out underneath said that he was of a lower class. But he was on the platform! A platform that could only move by fifth level servants, the king, top officials of the emperor and of course the emperor himself. So no one said anything. They all seemed to wait for the chancellor to make a decision.

The chancellor smiled. He clasped his hands in the formal salute, greeting the cloaked man. He did not wish to accidentally insult someone of importance, though a part of him was sure that was not the case. Everyone of power, attending or not, had been accounted for.

“I was not expecting you…” The chancellor said, in an almost indifferent tone. He was in an awkward position. If he were to gloriously greet an individual as he had done with all the important guests, but the cloaked figure ended up being a peasant, it would create chaos in court. Some would wonder why a peasant had such a good relationship with the chancellor, a seed to a potentially caustic rumor. The others would think the chancellor was just covering for his lack of security of the royal home. But if he was anything but courteous to an apparently exotic, but powerful individual, it could cost him. So, the chancellor chose to be ambiguous. His statement allowed a way for the hooded man to introduce himself. Once he knew who the man was, he would know how to proceed.

But the hooded man did nothing. He was as motionless as he had been when the chancellor first came into the room. Did he not get the hint? The chancellor frowned. Can’t be… an assassin? Though the chancellor thought that was impossible, he did not dare go any closer. It was not impossible for those from more powerful clans and families to have a way to hide from the senses of Arrodine.

It was best to be cautious.


Makron was startled. He was not expecting the usually empty atrium to be so packed. He knew there was supposed to be a party, but that was supposed to be in five days. Wasn’t it? Could it be that I was asleep for that long? As thoughts and suspicions kept running through his mind, a calm and smooth voice snapped him from it.

The chancellor had appeared. The man looked more stunning than he had before. Makron’s heart trembled. He hated the man. And he knew the man hated him back, possibly with a more disgusting fervor. If he were to remove his hood, it would be bad. It was only after a moment did Makron realize that the chancellor had said something to him. He was too stunned to recall what the man had said..

So, if he could not go further and get out through the front door, he would go back!

“UP!” His voice resonated through the silent hall. The platform as silently and smoothly as it had moved down before, began to rise.


The whole crowd was waiting to find out who this cloaked figure was. After experiencing a few dozen parties, they tend to be the same. But the sudden and unwarranted appearance had been something different, something new. Furthermore, from the way the servants, maids, and even some of the hosts, it was not a planned event. That piqued the guests’ interest. But as they waited and waited- to see something interesting, surprisingly this guy decided to go back?! Even after one of the host, himself, inquired on who he was? How shameless! Furthermore, it was the chancellor, the second, and behind the king’s back, some would say the first, most powerful man in the city of Arrodine. How could that cloaked figure just act like that?


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Seconds went by, then moments. Talking sprung up from the crowd. At first it was light, then it grew loud til it was like an uproar. The boisterous noise were drowned though compared to the roaring fury within the chancellor’s mind. How could he not figure out who that was? The only thing was, how did he get out of the room? Especially, how did he do it unnoticed? The chancellor had placed his personal guards at the door. None of Arroidine’s Seal Soldiers were there. Even if they were, they wouldn’t move by his command. They only moved if the castle itself was in danger or the First Master. But Arrodine didn’t have a master since First Master disappeared. That left the Seal Soldiers under no orders, so the chancellor had to use his own.

So how could Makron leave so easily? Were his guards compromised? Did he have traitors within his faction? Impossible. He was the powerful and ever seeing chancellor, but then there was still Makron. Just how did he do it? Well it did not matter. The chancellor just needed to find Makron, and root out the answers from him. Even if he couldn’t, to be safe he had to dispose of the guards he posted.

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He gave out some orders, and a few of his personal servants left to carry them out. Makron, I will see you dead!

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