God’s Island Chapter 8: The Scroll

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Makron had fallen backwards. The wall closed up in front of him, leaving him utter darkness. There were no fire crystals and no arrays that procured light. Just utter darkness. That surprised Makron.

The secret halls were made by The First Master and when he made them, he placed those fire crystals there. Although in theory, anyone could make a fire crystal, there were none with that ability and power within the nearby cities under King Orno’s rule, that could make them track motion.

In fact, only those from powerful families or at the very center of the empire would have people with such an ability.

So was this chamber made after The First Master? Makron didn’t believe that The First Master would forgo creating a light source. That was not a mistake a powerful being would make, but then again, who was Makron to scrutinize the thoughts, actions, and faults of someone who possibly reached the immortal realm?

Makron reached within his cloak. Empty. “Dammit.” Makron cursed. Since he woke up naked, he never had a chance to change into his own clothes. So all his gadgets and tools weren’t on him. Makron thought for a bit; then sat down and closed his eyes. He sat that way for a few hours.

He regulated his breathing and calmed his mind. In that moment, he tried to resonate with the world, he tried to feel for the essence in the earth and draw it into him to generate spiritual energy. This idea was a risky one. If the upper functionaries felt any fluctuations in earthly essence nearby, they would be busting down the wall at any moment, but Makron was going to take the risk as he waited a few hours in hopes that no one was close enough to sense him. He obviously could not wait in an unknown and dark room for eternity, so  Makron drew in more and more essence of the earth.

Essence of the earth could not be seen by the naked eye. Only if someone condensed the essence into spiritual energy and spread it through their nervous system would they be able to perceive the energy through sight.

Makron took a few hours drawing in the essence of the earth, where he condensed it within his core to liquefy the essence, dubbed spiritual energy, from the core and spread it out. He circulated it throughout his body, and not just his nervous system, in order to heighten all his senses.

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Makron opened his eyes. The world was no longer dark.

The stone floor and walls were like a uniform cloud, dark grey in color. Scrawled on the surface of the floor and walls were gold symbols that twisted and turned, intersecting with each other. An energy seemed to exude from the symbols as they pulsed underneath Makron’s sight. An array! Makron shuddered. Could The First Master have dabbled in arrays as well? There was no historical record that even hinted that the first master could create such a large and powerful array. It was so powerful, that glancing at the center of the array several meters away made him dizzy.

The scenery was just too shocking. Furthermore, the room was not a room, but a giant hall! Just how did such a large room get hidden in the mansion? No matter how secret this was, it practically impossible to hide. And yet, it was hidden. That thought was daunting at the depths of the power that created the room.

What was even more shocking was not the size of the hall nor the symbols, but the sections that were still dark. Even with Makron’s sight filled with spiritual energy, there were areas of the giant hall that he couldn’t see, like sections on walls, entryways, and doors. This darkness was not set, it grew as Makron’s spiritual energy dwindled from use.

The amount I can see is based on how much spiritual energy I have. Dammit! Even when I’m lucky to find such a hidden room I’m held back by lack of ability.

Makron walked deeper into the hall. He looked for a torch or some free crystals that he could use to light the room, but he soon saw a particular symbol on the wall. Glancing all around, he found that same symbol was on the other walls as well. It was a bit advanced, but Makron recognized a part of that symbol from some simple arrays that organizations and nobles used. The symbol was a skull. The skull was made of various characters that Makron had no ability or background to even try to comprehend.

But what he did know from his years and years of living near the court was that the skull could be modified based on the trigger. It was mostly used as a trap. If anyone caused the skull symbol to trigger it, it would unleash a caustic spiritual attack, rendering the trigger person dead. The modification could be seen in the right eye of the skull, and as Makron saw, the ones around the room had a flame.

Makron’s face paled. He obviously understand what the trigger was and that was light! If he had free-hand fire crystals or a torch, those symbols would have activated and based on his amount of power, he would have been dead.

This realization made Makron sigh with relief that he was so lucky, but even more so, it made him more wary of the place. If there were anymore of these restrictions, and he triggered some other kind of mechanism, then it would be over for him. So basically, being limited to perceiving the hall using spiritual energy was required in roaming this hall.

As Makron’s meager spiritual energy reserve began to dwindle, and his need to sit down and collect more increased, he saw something at the far end of the hall. It was a simple scroll. Makron did not want to sit down and spend another few hours to condense more essence only for it to last for another few minutes. He wanted to find a way out. And after he resolved the problems that the chancellor had forced him into, maybe then he would return to fully grasp the secrets of the hall.

But at the moment, Makron had no idea how to get out. But there was a scroll… Maybe it could tell me how to operate the room?

Makron carefully walked across. He had to step on a few array symbols, but that was unavoidable. He had already stepped on a few when he fell in the hall. But Makron made sure to not step in areas that were obscure or even black to him. That just meant those parts of the array held a way greater power than he could comprehend or deserved to look at. The laws of heaven might kill him for not knowing his place.

After Markon crossed the hall, he walked up a few stone steps, reaching the scroll. The scroll seemed to float in mid air, but was steady. It was as still as if it were laying on a table. There were also more symbols. They pulsed underneath the scroll. The symbols twirled slowly in mid air.

Makron gulped. Would I activate anything if I took the scroll? Again, Makron had barely any knowledge of arrays or their symbol counterparts. But as his spiritual energy reserve dwindled, he lost his hesitation and took the scroll.

Makron jumped back, and ran to the other side of the hall. He stopped, panting. He looked around, but nothing had happened. Makron grinned. All mine! He opened the scroll.

What Makron did not realize was that in total darkness, even with the use of spiritual energy, he should not have noticed that the scroll was actually a scroll. It was like when he saw the walls and the floor. There were probably many things in the room, but they were only perceived as a cloudy object of a particular color.

But in Makron’s eyes, the scroll looked like it would on a bright sunny day outside.
As soon as Makron opened the scroll, his thoughts raced. Why am I so stupid? And realization dawned on him. In half a second, the scroll lit with an outstanding light.

The skull symbols activated.

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