HoGW Announcement: An Uncertain Fate

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HoGW: An Uncertain Fate

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while. I’m sorry for dropping off so suddenly but I have some stuff to deal with. It will be clear for those of you who frequent the HoGW discord channel what this announcement is about. For the others, I’ll make it quick.

The truth is that last semester’s results came in and I got a poor grade in one of them. It wasn’t bad, technically, but it was a grade I had never gotten before and it set my parents off. Unfortunately, HoGW came under fire because of this. Apparently, I might be letting my hobby distract me and take time away from my studies. Currently, I am in my final semester and I can’t afford to get another grade like that. This is time to finish hard and strong and all that jazz. For a while it seemed I might have to put HoGW on hiatus until I was done with school.

Honestly, I understand where they are coming from and I pray you do too. This is my final undergraduate year and I pick now to start getting poor grades. I was alarmed too. Despite this, HoGW has become important to me. Becoming a recognised and published author is my dream and HoGW is the first serious step I have taken in that direction. As such, I tried to get my parents to understand that.

It took a bit of whining and convincing but HoGW is safe… for now!

Nevertheless, it will only be continued under certain conditions. The ones related to the series, I will label below.

  1. Weekly updates are to be reduced from our current three to two.
  2. All HoGW related matters are to be undertaken only on days where I have no school affairs. This restricts us to weekends and days without lectures and tutorials.
  3. HoGW and all related matters is to be put on hiatus in weeks when test and the like are to be conducted.

Note: HoGW as well as all terms and conditions regarding its status and continuity will be revised depending on the results I receive in this semester’s Interim Assessments.

That is everything. You guys better pray I blow the IA scores out of the water. Very easy, right? No pressure. Yeah…no pressure. Frankly, I am willing to put the work in and I will! I love to write and as a student I need to get good grades. I have no issues with doing both. All I need is your support.

I’ll do my best and push myself however hard I need to but it will greatly help if I knew you backed me up on this.

In making this decision regarding HoGW, in fact, regarding my writing, I’ve taken the plunge and there’s no going back. If I’m doing this, it’s no longer just a hobby. I’ve got to push the envelope and it would be nice to have you guys on board with that.

I’ve never been one to admit I need others but I will admit it now. I’m going to need all of you!

Given condition two, the only days we can have our updates are Monday, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Start now, leave a comment below on when we should begin and know, we’ll be taking HoGW to its limits.

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