HoGW Valentine Special: Poems for Rebecca

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Author’s Notes:

I got caught up in the holiday spirit and wrote some love poems. The first time I’ve done so in a long while so I thought it would nice to post them for you guys to read as well. There are three poems. The first will be posted here but the other two will be on patreon. Don’t worry! They will be public and thus, free for all to access and read but only for 24 hours after which they’ll become patron only.

This will be just like our Christmas special. Only, this time when you read the poems please try and like the post as well. It helps a lot in getting my profile displayed on the site. Last time, we got hundreds of views and only a single like. Show some love people, it’s Val’s Day!

Updates will resume on Thursday and our Schedule will be Thursdays and Saturdays from now on. Look forward to it!

Without further ado, read the first of Poems for Rebecca. The link to the others is below.

Poems for Rebecca on Patreon.


When I first loved you (Alter)

You asked me once

When I first loved you.

That you might trace and recount

The beginning of our love story

When I couldn’t answer

You were torn and disappointed

Confused as to what that meant

And you asked again

When I first loved you.



I do not know.

It crept up on me.

It snuck into me.

It stuck with me.

I cannot say when it happened.

When I first loved you.

I can tell you however

When I first knew.


It was when I found

That I lived for your smile.

When I caught myself

Searching for it.

That little quirk of your lips

That made me feel accomplished

That made all my ramblings

Suddenly become worth it.


It was when you held me close,

Comforting me, soothing me,

With your words and your warmth

When I sensed

That I could come to you

And lay my burdens aside

“We do it together”, you said

And I stared in disbelief

At how right you were for me.


It was every time we fought

Over issues small and large

And I was left alone, angry and afraid

When I experienced

The cold of loneliness

And was angry with myself, afraid

That I had brought on our end

And then strove my hardest

To prevent any such fate


Each of these moments

Each of these acts

Led me to my epiphany

That indeed, I truly loved you

But above all of these

There was the day

That I realised

Just who I had beside me

And resolved to keep you.


It was that day

That I discovered

I could not have a life without you.

I had no dreams you weren’t in

That I would rather not imagine

That there was no “us”,

No “we”, no “this”, no you

For there’s nothing without you

Certainly, there’s no me without you


That was probably it.

No. It was undoubtedly then

That the heavens brightened

And I first knew

That a resolve was formed

To never let you go

To remain with you for eternity

That was the day

When I first loved you

Poems for Rebecca on Patreon.


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