Immortal Pilgrimage Chapter 3: Weird Dream

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A deafening shout filled every corner of the city.

Outside the city moat, banners fluttered in the wind, and troops rushed forth along with the heavy rumbling sounds by the horses’ hooves. Far away, there still seemed to be countless troops which were rapidly heading towards the huge city’s moat.

At this moment, the city was like a small boat in the wind and rain, with a possibility of being destroyed at any time.

Up in the sky, there were around 10 powerful cultivators fighting. Among them, at the core was a middle-aged man who was wielding a sword and was soloing 5 old men dressed in different colors.


Followed by the fierce and violent sword fight with the core, there were instantly many terrifying energy fluctuations one after the other that spread to all directions. At this time, the sky was filled with sword lights and sword qi. The collision of the sword lights caused surges of turbulence, changing the color of the sky and the ground!

Though the middle-aged man was fighting against 5, as the fight progressed, he was finally at a disadvantage. It was at that split second that one of the 5 old men seized the opportunity of the crack in the middle-aged man’s defensive light barrier, and the long sword in his hand instantly thrust towards the middle-aged man’s chest.

This sword was completely unavoidable.

Upon seeing this scene, two mournful screams suddenly sounded from above the city wall.


It was from a youth and a beautifully dressed pretty wife. Their complexion was bleak and effusing out from within their eyes were an endless despair and madness.

“Qing Xue, bring Yu’er away! Bring him into that place and use that secret technique…” The middle-aged man seemed to have already known that that sword was unavoidable so he abruptly turned his head and shouted to the beautifully dressed wife.

In a flash, that sword was already before the middle-aged man’s chest.


“No! Don’t! Don’t!”

Su Yu abruptly opened his eyes and then rose to sit up on his bed as he gasped for breath.

“It’s this dream again! Why am I familiar with the scene?”

“What kind of past experience did this body’s owner have? Why was he buried in the God Burial Desert? Why do I always have that dream? What’s the relationship between the middle-aged man in the dream and the body’s owner?”

These were the questions Su Yu would ponder over ever since he had exited the God Burial Desert. Till now, although he asked himself these questions every time that dream ended, he did not think too much about it because he knew that overthinking it was useless because the current him was simply unable to think of an answer.

From then, it had been close to half a month since he had come out of the God Burial Desert. He remembered the moment he walked out of the God Burial Desert, he was half-dead, but fortunately, he had succeeded in walking out.

Su Yu shook his head then got out of the bed. He then walked to the table and leaned his head forward. Through the water in the wooden basin, he saw the face of a youth. The face of the youth that was reflected on the surface of the water was naturally the current Su Yu’s.

“Were the scenes in the dreams your past memories?” Su Yu looked at the unfamiliar face reflected on the water surface and absent-mindedly murmured.

Correct, he had transmigrated. Even if he didn’t want to believe it and was unwilling to admit it, the facts before him were like this.

In his past life, due to a traffic accident that occurred during his childhood, his parents left him at an early age. Afterward, he started to live by himself. When he graduated from a university, he entered an archaeology institute. Who knew that during an archaeology expedition, he would unexpectedly transmigrate to this kind of world and that his soul had attached itself to a stranger’s body.

Unfortunately, he only inherited the body of the original owner and not together with the original owner’s memories.

Hence he did not know the status of the original owner.

However, through the dream, he was very grateful to the original owner as he would very naturally have a touched feeling as if the youth in his dream was he himself! Hence he was able to once again feel the paternal and maternal love.

Su Yu shook his head again and forcefully pushed his doubts and questions aside.

He began to ponder how he was going to survive in this world.

Through his previous meeting at the God Burial Desert with Ye Jian Xing, who had used the spiritual technique to forcefully impart information into his brain, he knew that the continent he was currently in was called Endless Continent.

Endless Continent, limitless and boundless. On the Continent where the imperial stood, the imperial is supreme!

On this continent, there were 5 regions which were known as Northern Profound Region, Southern Profound Region, Eastern Profound Region, Western Profound Region, and the Central Province. These 5 big regions were ruled by the 5 big imperials, namely Northern Yan, Southern Chu, Eastern Yun, Western Qin, and Central Yuan.

These 5 big imperials governed around 100 large and small dynasties. The deceased Ye Jian Xing was from the Da Xia Dynasty, and it was affiliated with the Southern Chu Imperial in the Southern Region.

In the Endless Continent, the path to be a cultivator was the norm as the strong were respected!

Cultivators were able to guide the spiritual qi in the heaven and earth into their bodies to continue tempering and refining themselves. Those cultivators who were able to cultivate to the profound level were able to cause mountains to collapse and great rivers to run dry. Those who cultivate further would be able to comprehend the laws of heaven and earth. They would be able to fly a hundred thousand li in a flash, and their fights would cause the heaven and earth to change.

That being the case, Endless Continent had billions upon billions of people who might possess the aptitude to be a cultivator, but those people were extremely few that they numbered one in a million. Therefore, in this continent, cultivators were an existence to be respected by mortals.

Of course, these things had not the slightest bit of relation with the current Su Yu because he was simply unable to determine whether he had the aptitude to cultivate.

Thus when he thought up to this point, Su Yu had a headache.

He recalled that at the God Burial Desert that Ye Jian Xing had already entrusted his little sister to him, wanting him to find her and take care of her. However, with the current him, don’t mention finding Ye Jian Xing’s little sister, Ye Wan Qing, but rather, what was he going to do after finding her? Did he even have the power to?

Shaking his head, Su Yu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

However, to him, he owed Ye Jian Xing a favor.

That time at the God Burial Desert, if it wasn’t because of Ye Jian Xing’s timely help, he might have already been strangled to death by that Old Ancestor Yin Mo. Also, that time when the Dead Spirits Tempest descended, he did not forget about him and brought him along.

Hence from sentiment and reason, he owed Ye Jian Xing a favor.

Since his benefactor had trusted him, Su Yu would naturally put in his utmost effort to accomplish it.

“If I am still living in this world and I am able to cultivate, then once I have enough power, I will definitely find your little sister and take good care of her in your place! This…is my vow!” Su Yu felt the ring and the jade ornament that were in his arms as his face showed his resolution.

The ring and the jade ornaments were the things Ye Jian Xing had given him, and he had to rely on these two things to find Ye Jian Xing’s little sister.

However, currently, he was still far from having the power to complete his promise to Ye Jian Xing.


It was at this moment when Su Yu was still in the middle of pondering that the door in the room opened with a creaking sound.

“Xiao Big Brother, you are awake? Yue’er’s got good news to tell you!”

(Xiao Big Brother [小哥哥]: it’s a calling in a more intimate way)

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The person who had come in was a girl who was not more than 15 years old.

Her melon-shaped face, glowing beautiful skin, bright eyes, and white teeth made her extremely beautiful. Although the clothes she was wearing were covered with big and small patches, they were not able to block the scent of youthfulness that was overflowing from her entire body.

At that moment, the girl cheerfully ran to Su Yu’s side and happily said.

When Su Yu saw the girl push the door open and enter the room, he smiled warmly.

Half a month ago, for the sake of coming out of that damn God Burial Desert, he felt like he had already exhausted half of his lifespan. He didn’t know how long he had walked in the God Burial Desert, but still, he felt half-dead.

The girl that was before Su Yu was the one who rescued him when he had fainted at the roadside after he left the desert. The girl was called Yue’er.

He was currently recuperating in a little village that was also the nearest to the God Burial Desert——Little Leaf Village.

Little Leaf Village was separated from the God Burial Desert by at most a hundred li. Normally, at the periphery of the God Burial Desert, there wouldn’t be anyone residing there, but this was the exact opposite. At the edge of the God Burial Desert, there were many ordinary citizens that came from nearby dynasties to live in order to escape the chaos of war.

The reason was that though the death qi within the God Burial Desert was extremely terrifying, it would not spread out of the desert in the slightest. Additionally, it was also because the God Burial Desert was the most terrifying and mysterious place in Endless Continent. Forget those average people, even some cultivators would not be willing to approach it. Though the God Burial Desert was terrifying, places outside of its periphery had become the ordinary folks’ shelter from war.

“Oh? What good news would cause our Yue’er to be this happy? Quick, tell me!” Looking at his life’s savior, from the bottom of his heart, he somewhat liked this young lady. Of course, this sort of like wasn’t the same as the one between guy and girl. After all, although Su Yu currently looked to be around 15-16, his soul was already 25-26 years old. Towards Yue’er, this type of cute little lolita, it was naturally difficult for him to have other thoughts on.

“Hā hā, my dad had just come back. Today when he was hunting in the mountains, he had hunted a big pheasant. Later I will have my mum stew that big pheasant so that Big Brother can nourish your body!” Yue’er happily said.

Hearing that, Su Yu felt a warm feeling flood his heart.

This girl, let’s not talk about saving him, she also treated him very well. One must know that there wasn’t any relation between him and her. Yue’er’s family was very poor, but even so, Yue’er’s family still set aside some good food for him and they were quite willing to eat food that was slightly worse than his. It must also be known that due to Su Yu’s appearance in the family, they still split half of their rations with him ah.

Currently, Su Yu still didn’t have power, and he was also unable to repay Yue’er’s family. He could only remember Yue’er and her family’s kindness in his heart, and once he had the power to do something, he would fully repay Yue’er and her family’s kindness.

“Thank you, Yue’er!” Su Yu gently said as he walked forward and rubbed Yue’er’s hair .

Currently, even though Su Yu was only 16-year-old, his height was already no different from an adult. Hence when he stood before Yue’er, he could easily and effortlessly rub Yue’er’s hair.

To Su Yu, this was just a casual move. However, from Yue’er’s point of view, it caused her cheeks to blush red. She somewhat bashfully took a glance at Su Yu’s rather attractive facial features, clear and shining eyes that were giving off a soft glow.

“It’s nothing. Xiao Big Brother, you don’t have to say these words. Quickly, come follow me to see the big pheasant that my dad caught!” After saying, she went to pull Su Yu’s hand to leave.

Seeing this, Su Yu laughed and followed behind.

When they came into the courtyard, they saw a big guy exerting strength and energy to cut the firewood.

When the big guy saw Su Yu come out, he grinned, revealing his two rows of white teeth.

“Hey, little fellow, you awake already? Is your body better now? This morning I caught a pheasant in the mountain. Later Yue’er’s mother will stew it to help nourish your body!” The big guy chuckled while talking to Su Yu.

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Su Yu felt grateful and nodded his head when he heard the big guy’s words. “Many thanks, uncle. These few days, sorry for the trouble. Uncle, come take a break first, allow me to chop the firewood. My body is more or less recovered, let me do something ah.”

“How can I allow that. With your small body, how can you swing this big axe ah! It’s better if you prioritize the recovery.” The big guy waved his hand and chuckled.

However, just when Su Yu wanted to continue insisting, the door of the courtyard was kicked open from the outside.

“I say, Old Man Ji! You family owes our family lord taxes, when are you going to pay? If you aren’t going to pay, I’ll catch your family’s daughter to repay your debt with labor ah!” From outside the door came a provocative voice.

When he heard that voice, an unconcealed chill leaked from Su Yu’s eyes.

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