Immortal Pilgrimage Chapter 4: Caught up in Madness

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Owner’s Note* I made some slight changes that doesn’t affect the storyline, with the intent to deter from the generic novel/cliche often available and make the scene appear a bit more clear. It’s nothing major, just a few lines here and there. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to read.

Wherever there are people, there is social order or class. When a place had classes, then the existence of oppression was natural and inevitable. To Su Yu, born from another world, this point when put in any place was, unfortunately, the same.

An example could be found in this small little Little Leaf Village—a place where ordinary citizens—of various societal ranks who had escaped from the Dynasty’s chaotic war existed.


The Ji Family’s main gate and entrance was instantly kicked open and following that, 4 to 5 men swiftly entered one after the other.

The one in lead was a big guy in green clothing and his face had a sinister scar.

The big guy first looked at Yue’er, who was hiding behind Su Yu, with a wicked smile before he casted a glance at Su Yu. He sneered and said, “Oh! I say, Old Man Ji, where did you find this pretty boy? Are you raising him now? So you got enough rations to take care of someone else but don’t have the money to pay your taxes to my family lord?”

The lord whom the big guy in the green clothing was referring to was the Little Leaf Village Head, Liu Yuan. Little Leaf Village had a thousand people, and almost all of them were helplessly under his thumb. Liu Yuan had a son named Liu Yan Bin. About 5 years ago, he was taken in as an inner disciple by one of the influential Heavenly Sect, which was a thousand li from the God Burial Desert. Hence, like the old saying goes, ‘to ride on somebody else’s success’, Liu Yan Bin’s existence allowed Liu Yuan to act tyrannically in the Little Leaf Village. Who told him to have such a good son ah!

The big guy in green clothing was that same Liu Yuan’s servant, Liu Bing.

Upon hearing Liu Bing’s words, Su Yu’s fists clenched, but it wasn’t as if he could do anything about it.

“No, no! Brother Liu, it isn’t like this. This young man was rescued by Yue’er when she had gone out to cut pigweeds. And how can we have extra rations? These few days, this young man’s meals were from our leftovers, that’s all.” After explaining, Ji Da Chun, Yue’er’s father, quickly headed into the house and shouted, “Wife, why are you still not coming out? Didn’t you see Brother Liu had come? Hurry out and help pour a cup of water for Brother Liu to drink!”

Coming back, Ji Da Chun quickly moved the stool that was in the courtyard in front of Lui Bing before using his sleeves to wipe the stool with his utmost effort. Afterwards, he smiled apologetically to Liu Bing and said, “Brother Liu, please have a sit.”

Just after Ji Da Chun had finished saying that, a woman with a pale complexion came out of the house. Though the woman’s complexion was somewhat pale, she was still very pretty and her body moved rather gracefully. This woman naturally was Yue’er’s mother, Hu Rou.

When Liu Bing saw Hu Rou, a hint of lust could be seen by the way he stared, and one could not but see him gulp. Once his butt landed on the stool, he said to Ji Da Chun, “I say Old Man Ji, what kind of dogshit luck do you have? To be able to marry such a beautiful wife and also give birth to such a beautiful daughter!”

Ji Da Chun responded with an apologetic smile and said, “No, no, she is merely an ugly woman, how can she enter Brother Liu’s eyes?”

Hu Rou was putting her utmost effort to conceal her disgust as she poured a cup of diluted tea and passed it to Liu Bing.

However, who would have thought that Liu Bing would really be driven to action by his urge? As he took the tea in one hand, he grabbed onto Hu Rou’s arm with the other and asked, “I say, Madam Hu, you won’t have the slightest bit of prospects if you follow Boss Liu, so why not come follow me?”

“You!” Seeing Liu Bing being presumptuous, anger immediately surfaced in her eyes.

“Brother Liu, what are you doing now! Immediately release my wife’s hand!” Ji Da Chun was her husband. Even though previously he was exercising forbearance, but Liu Bing had passed his bottom line, and he got up.

However, the unexpected thing was that before he could even reach for his wife, he was ruthlessly kicked to the ground by Liu Bing’s guard.


“Da Chun!”

Yue’er immediately ran over. Hu Rou also wanted to go over, but she was helpless as she was held back!

Liu Bing stood up and sneered as he pulled Hu Rou closer, “I say, Ji Da Chun, I’m also not happy with you. The reason I came here was to take your daughter away to be a part of our Lord’s Harem, and his 99th concubine. As for your wife, I, Liu Bing, will accept and have her! You don’t have the money to pay the land’s tax, right? So shan’t we resolve it in the form of labor?”

It was at this moment that a slightly young voice sounded through the room.

“Remove your hand.”

The sentence only had three words, but anyone would be able to hear the underlying wrath contained in them.

At this moment, everyone turned to look at where the voice had come from.

Su Yu…

Su Yu was calmly looking at Liu Bing.

Though his current expression was of calm, one could see that his fist had already clenched tightly, his body seeming to exude a slither of baleful qi.


Other than anger, Su Yu was burning hot!

He could feel the inexhaustible blaze burning from his chest. Faintly, it felt like something was going to break out of his body and come out.

Was it that cauldron?

Su Yu suddenly had doubts.

Liu Bing who was currently sitting on the other side felt that inexplicable baleful qi and he shivered. However, he recovered very quickly. Without further consideration, Liu Bing burst into laughter, as if he had just heard the best joke in the world.

“Did you all hear that? What did this little fellow say?” He laughed even harder.

“What, what! Today, I suddenly got hearing problems, I also didn’t hear clearly…” his followers laughed as they replied.

When Ji Da Chun, Hu Rou and Yue’er saw Su Yu suddenly speak up, they could not help but be filled with worry.

“What was it, eh? Pretty boy, I didn’t catch what you just said, can you repeat it for me?” Liu Bing goaded.

Hearing that, Su Yu exerted more strength into his already tightly clenched fists. And at taht a strangely enchanting blood red light flashed across his eyes.

“I said…remove your filthy hand from Aunty Rou!” Su Yu’s seethed, his eyes beginning to turn red.

“Remove my-? I’m sorry, my hand just won’t let go, how about…you come and help me do it?” Liu Bing voice went cold.

“Hā hā!” Seeing Liu Bing taunting the boy, the audience burst into laughter.


It was at this very moment when Su Yu was already on the verge of exploding that his body suddenly erupted with a baleful qi that could even reach the skies. The blaze in his chest seemed to be burning even more fiercely, and he could feel that at this moment, his body seemed like it was being filled with an infinite power.


Two streaks of strangely enchanting light flashed across in his eyes.


Su Yu stomped his foot and in the next second, his body already launched forward at great speed.

As he moved, Su Yu punched out.

When he transmigrated into this world, he didn’t know how to cultivate or what cultivation even was. However, before he came from his world, he was a black belt in taekwondo. And although he had switched bodies, he still remembered how to fight.

Upon seeing the overflowing baleful qi that had suddenly erupted out of Su Yu’s body and having seen the strange, enchanting red light that flashed through Su Yu’s eyes previously, shock and alarm could clearly be seen in Liu Bing’s eyes.

However, he again had a second thought. The youth before him was just a pretty boy who didn’t even look as if he had the strength to truss a chicken, so what was it to truly be afraid of? Could it be that even with so many people at his side, he could not match that of this child?

When he thought of this, he felt vexed. “Little fellow, since you want to be sent to your death, Lao Zi doesn’t mind sending you off on your journey!”

And with that, he pushed Hu Rou to the side, and punched out.


A dull, colliding sound rang out.

“Kāchā!” came the sound of bones fracturing.

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Following after, a long anguished wailing was heard.

After the two fists collided, Liu Bing was like a cannonball as he was mercilessly shot back. When Su Yu heard Liu Bing’s anguished wailing, he gave an enchanting smile which contained traces of devilishness.


Seeing this sudden and unexpected scene, not only Yue’er and Ji Da Chun but all the servants from the Liu Family had a shocked expression on their faces.

However, the servants recovered very quickly, and following that, one after the other, those expressions turned vicious, and all of them rushed at Su Yu.

Su Yu’s devilish smile became even more profound as he saw this.


He threw another punch, and it smashed right into a servant’s body.

“Pū!” That servant instantly spat out blood.

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Su Yu started to be able to smell the stench of blood in the air, and the ball of fire in his chest began to burn even more vigorously. His blood boiled, and his vision had already become blood red. Currently, he felt that his body had an endless amount of power.

Boom boom boom!

Servant after servant were thrown back.

The baleful qi became more and more intense, and the smell of blood became stronger and stronger.

The strong smell of blood caused Su Yu to become extremely excited.

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I guess the more he kills, the stronger the cauldron.
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