Invincible Level Up Chapter 1: Miserable Otaku

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Invincible Level Up Chapter 1: Miserable Otaku

Qin Tian woke up to find that the world around him had changed.

Notably his bed. His previous bed had been a Simmons bed that he had used for seven years. Although it might have been a little worn out, it was still comfortable; soft and elastic; occasionally producing a ‘yi ya yi ya’ sound when he did some exercises* with a random girl… but now… he felt cold and stiff as he lay uncomfortably on top of the bed.

The most puzzling thing was the surrounding air which was unbearable. The stench resembled a smelly pigsty; even his dog’s kennel smelled much better compared to here.

When he was ready to get up to investigate the place he was sleeping in, he felt immense pain in various parts of his body; so painful that he cursed, “****, what’s going on?”

Suddenly, he realized something was very strange. Whenever it was bedtime, he would always strip naked and snuggle into his bed, but currently, his clothes were still on! Looking at the color and quality of these clothes, he felt something amiss. “What’s with this clothing? It looks so ancient… and what’s with this situation?”

While he was lying in bed pondering, a sound was heard from next door. “Heng! Heng! Heng!”

“What is that sound?”

“Is that… a sound of a pig?”

“Could it be that my neighbor is a pig?”

“That can’t be right. My neighbor is a female butcher who goes to work late at night and returns home at dawn…”

Qin Tian, as if struck by lightning, lay motionlessly in bed while observing the unsophisticated roof-tiled ceiling, and was dumbfounded.

Even if he was beaten to death, he would never believe his current situation.

He was a major otaku, spending every day immersed in games, novels, anime, and manga. Regarding the transmigration plot in some novels, he never believed it knowing full well that it was fictitious. If transmigration was possible, he would have been the first to attempt because it could change his life.

He hated his mundane life, but he had to face reality and earn his living every day by leveling up his online character. Just yesterday, he ran into a wild BOSS while leveling. At that time, he felt that it was strange, as he was very familiar with the game he was playing and a BOSS would never spawn in the area outside the city. Without much thought, he immediately commenced battle.

A shocking thing happened. The BOSS unexpectedly started to talk and it said,” Don’t hit me. Don’t hit me, please… I have something to say…”
“You have something to tell me? Go tell your mom. If I don’t kill you, where else would I get my gears?”

At that time, he did not feel like something was amiss so he did not think twice and ruthlessly slashed the BOSS to death.
Blood scattered on the floor.


“You’ll regret this…” The BOSS looked at Qin Tian with eyes full of resentment which made him tremble with fear.

The BOSS gave no items nor experience. Qin Tian felt extremely disappointed.

Just as he was about to leave, the BOSS’s corpse disappeared and in its place was a mysterious scroll inscribed with an ancient vein-like pattern resembling a seal.

Qin Tian carelessly opened the scroll. His computer screen subsequently flared and he then became unconscious.

Qin Tian struggled to sit up as he looked at the simple and crude room he was in. There was a shabby table left in the room and on the corner of the table, there was a dark green liquid. The liquid gave off an odor and without a doubt, Qin Tian knew it was a mixture of pig urine with excrement. Qin Tian couldn’t help but repeatedly curse, “****, is this a place where people can live?”

Just when he finished cursing, he heard a sound coming from next door ‘Guang dang’.

“Young Master, are you awake?”

“Yeah!” Qin Tian said with a loud and clear voice, indicating an inconceivable excitement.

Qin Tian then unconsciously replied again with a frown on his face, “Young Master? What kind of young master am I? How could a young master be living in this kind of place?”

Transmigrating only to have become a young master who lived in a pigpen, Qin Tian was in a foul mood.

What was bad?

His life experience was bad; his health was bad; the chamberlain was bad; his mood was bad; his brain was bad, being a muddle head for fifteen years, a total failure; no girlfriend. If those were not problems, then what was?

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” heavy footsteps were heard coming from next door.

“Fatty is coming.”

Qin Tian’s anger subsided as he listened to the sound of the footsteps. He knew who was coming; his chamberlain who has been with him for a decade, a fatty who weighed 151kg — Meng Lei.

These years, who was really serving whom? The chamberlain was gaining more weight whereas he himself was losing more weight as the years passed.

However, Meng Lei was a man of conscience. When he was abandoned by the clan, Meng Lei could have not followed him, but he still took the initiative to request serving under him. This much made Qin Tian felt really touched.

“Young Master, you finally woke up. You scared me when you didn’t wake up.”

Although Meng Lei had a fat body, the fatty still had a robust physique. Qin Tian could not help but wonder what he ate to grow two meters in height with thick and solid limbs which gave off this vigorous appearance that brought out an image of a tough guy.

Tall and burly with a majestic physique, Meng Lei possessed only a little strength; with the strength of merely a third ranked Warrior in this cultivation world, he was considered useless.. Though certainly he was still much better compared to Qin Tian.

Currently, Qin Tian’s body cultivation up until now was merely that of a first ranked Warrior; even worse than a seven-year-old child.
With little to no strength, no wonder he was in such a difficult situation. He was bullied badly because weak people can be bullied easily, even as he grew older. This was all because he was weak.

“Oh God, why did you make me possess this kind of useless body? Might as well let me go back to my otaku body.” Qin complained from within his heart.

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No parents, no master, and no patron; The Qin clan had raised him for fifteen years, an act considered as extreme benevolence. Now, he was as weak as an ant, resigned to his fate as a small retainer in Furong Restaurant.

Even with this kind of condition, he was still bullied every day with his whole body injured. Just yesterday, the Qin clan’s ‘Small Bully’ Qin Kun had beaten him ‘till he lost consciousness because his table was not clean enough, providing the chance for Qin Tian to transmigrate.

Meng Lei stood by the bedside. Seeing him not speak while standing still resembled a fool who looked distracted.

Meng Lei muttered, “Did you become stupid after the beating?”

“You’re the one that is stupid!”

Qin Tian was in an extremely bad mood. There was no use in complaining to God. He still had to face his own reality and think of a way to make his thin and weak body survive in this world where the strong reigned.

This was indeed very troublesome, but he had no option but to face the problem.

By recalling the brain’s memory, he found out that this body’s owner was also called Qin Tian and was Qin clan concubine’s son.
(TL: Qin clan is the third largest clan in Qinghe City)

With the death of his parents, he had no value within the clan. Furthermore, he suffered a strange disease which led to the Dantian inside his body to become damaged. Unable to condense Qigong and neglected by the clan, he was thus driven out of the clan last month.

The rough experiences throughout his life contributed to his cowardice and inferiority which led to him turn the other cheek when bullied.

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However, Qin Tian could not help but admire his perseverance. With his Dantian damaged, which felt similar to a death penalty as he could never practice Qigong in his lifetime, he had never stopped practicing for the past five years; every night, he would go behind a mountain to cultivate painstakingly but no matter how hard he tried, he was unable to breakthrough to reach second-ranked Warrior.

His tragic life concluded but Qin Tian’s had just started. In the end, he had to think of a way to become strong or a little better-off compared to others.

“Oh God… in any case, I am still a transmigrated person so the least you could do was give me some kind of advantage.”

Thinking hard for a while, Qin Tian still could not find a shortcut to becoming rich; he was just an ordinary Otaku who had no knowledge of doing business.

If this were an online game, Qin Tian estimated that he would soon be able to enjoy a better life.

Qin Tian had a gamer mindset; killing monsters, leveling up, doing missions, a natural born genius.

However, this world did not even know what a computer is, let alone online games.

“Yo! You awake?”

Furong Restaurant’s manager, Zhang Dafu, stepped into the room only to see Qin Tian sitting at the side of the bed which gave him a little shock. He thought in his mind, “Beaten so badly yet still alive… this bastard’s life is indeed strong.”

“Yup!” Qin Tian lifted his head and threw a glance at Zhang Dafu.

“What are you still doing here if you’re awake? Hurry up and ****ing go to work! Still have the cheek to say you’re awake.” Zhang Dafu roared, causing saliva to splatter on Qin Tian’s face.

Zhang Dafu was Qin clan’s outer sect disciple, and because he couldn’t improve his cultivation any further, he was placed in charge of Qin clan’s business which was to manage Furong Restaurant’s business.

Qin Tian watched Zhang Dafu and felt puzzled; he shouted so loudly yet his throat was not damaged?

“Manager, my young master just woke up and his body is still not in a good condition. If there is a job that must be done, let me do it in his stead.” Meng Lei spoke in a simple and honest way while looking at Zhang Dafu without the slightest of fear.

Zhang Dafu observed Qin Tian and said coldly, “You are still a young master? How could Qin clan have someone so useless? I say you should be thrown into the Kunlun Mountain range and be fed to the demon beasts to save our clan’s face.”

Kunlun Mountain Range was one of the ten most dangerous place in Tianyuan continent. Ravaged with demon beasts, an ordinary person would simply not dare to go near it; even experts were afraid to venture deep inside. There were rumors that deep inside Kunlun Mountain Range, there existed demon beasts with abilities so great that they could even turn into human form.

The mountain range was located roughly 40km north of Qinghe City. The Qin clan’s ancestors opened up a trail to enter the mountain range which turned into the only road for countless of adventurers. It was mostly due to this trail that the Qin clan was able to gain strength and reputation to develop into the third largest clan in Qinghe city.

Kunlun Mountain Range was a dangerous place, but it also contained valuable treasures, rare spiritual grass, demon beast nucleus… treasures that martial cultivators yearned for even in dreams. Thus, these treasures attracted countless adventures, however, many entered but only a few managed to make it out alive.

Qin Tian, a first ranked Warrior, if thrown into the Kunlun Mountain range, would most certainly never return.

“Manager, you…” Meng Lei’s complexion slightly changed; flustered and exasperated. All these years and only he understood Qin Tian the best. He was delighted to follow him despite the hardship that followed; he had no regrets.

“Did I say something wrong? I provided you with food and clothing. Now that you’ve recovered, you had better start working. Otherwise, just get the hell out of Furong Restaurant. Qin clan will never support those who are useless.”

Zhang Dafu repeated the word ‘useless’ many times; he hated Qin Tian from the very day he came into the restaurant as trouble always followed him. Because of him, this month’s business lacked a lot, and when he saw Qin Tian’s cowardly appearance, his heart was in fury.

“Fine! I’ll get to work.”

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

Qin Tian stood up with great difficulty and attempted to walk out of the room.

“Look at you, so useless! You’re really a ****ing shame to Qin clan! Really, I do not know why you are still alive.”

Zhang Dafu spoke ruthlessly and spat out a thick sputum before leaving.

Meng Lei’s blood boiled as he watched Zhang Dafu from the side with his fist clenched.


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