Invincible Level Up Chapter 5: SSS …… Super Quest

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Invincible Level Up Chapter 5: SSS ….. Super Quest

TL Note: We’ve changed Poly Spirit realm to Spirit Gathering realm.

A clear river of water surged towards the endless horizon with great momentum, like a huge dragon was entrenched in the river.

The river that flowed out of Kunlun Mountain was very important. It stretched thousands of miles and was filled with mighty waves and great tides. Qinghe City took its name from the river that flowed nearby.

The sky was slowly brightening as morning dawned.

From afar, the river was like a black dragon, rooted in the earth with a majestic atmosphere.

Qin Tian hastily walked towards where he heard the sound of water hitting the shore.

The moon hung low in the sky and dim moonlight shone down on the earth. A cool breeze rustled the reeds, adding to the wonderful ambiance.

The scenery was amazing, but Qin Tian wasn’t in an admiring mood; he had to wash the dirty blood off his body. He had to hurry back lest he get scolded by Zhang Dafu.

He increased his pace.

Reaching the shore, he took off his clothes, revealing a weak and thin body.

When a gentle breeze blew by, Qin Tian felt a chill; although it was summer, the breeze was still a little cold. However, it didn’t really bother him as he prepared to jump into the river to clean himself up properly.

Just as he was about to jump into the river, a body floated up near the shore where he and the river plants were, like a big fish stranded on land. The golden clothes on the body glowed under the moonlight.

<< fantasy-books Property >>

“Did someone drown?”

Qin Tian quickly jumped into the river and brought the man ashore.

“He isn’t breathing… is he already dead?”

Qin Tian placed his finger under the man’s nose for a moment.

The body was covered in bruises and the chest was charred black, as if struck by lightning… it was very frightening.

The clothes on the body were made of silk and were extremely gorgeous; he must have been a rich man. Qin Tian’s gaze landed on the bulging part in the clothes and revealed a sinister smile. “A gentleman has his means of attaining his monetary aspiration. This lowly man, however, loves money and shall shove his hand in.”

He did not care about the dead. These past years of being poor were one’s greatest nightmare. The idea of it being a sign of bad luck to pillage a dead man was already pushed into the back of his mind.

Just as Qin Tian is about to pull out a small box from the dead man’s clothes, the man’s hand moved. He grabbed Qin Tian’s right hand and both his eyes opened. He glared at Qin Tian and shouted, “Thief! Murderer!”

“Playing dead, ah?!”

The dead man, who had suddenly moved, scared the living daylights out of Qin Tian.

Qin Tian, in a state of panic, didn’t care much and kicked the man’s neck and heard a ‘kacha’ sound, like bones breaking.

“Let’s see if you are still not dead.” Qin Tian grumbled.

Who knew the man would open his mouth again, “Young man, to have met you before I become a spirit shows that we have affinity with each other…”

“You’re not dead yet?” Qin Tian was shocked. The man reached out and tightly grabbed Qin Tian’s right hand. Just as Qin Tian was about to give the man another kick, the man responded, “Do not panic for I am already dead.”

“You can still speak even when you’re dead? Are you taking me to be a fool?”

At that moment, Qin Tian kicked the man again, thinking, “Isn’t this called committing evil at the sight of money?”

The brocade box was embroidered beautifully with gold, and the carvings were very unusual. The box alone should fetch a few silvers, much less the items inside.

The only law of gaming was to survive. Seeing that the man was almost dead, adding an extra one or two kicks should not really matter…

Even if someone were to report to an official, would they even know that it was him who did it?

However, the strange thing was that even after the heavy kick, the man did not stop talking, as if he was not in pain.

“You who’re only a low-level cultivator, you won’t be able to deal much damage to me. If not for my destroyed foundation, I would have made your soul fly away with a thought.”

Qin Tian was startled and didn’t dare kick again after seeing that the man didn’t seem to be lying. Just like that, Qin Tian’s tone changed and he said respectfully, “Senior, this junior has done some disrespectful things to you due to panic and has offended you. May senior forgive this junior.”

“Enough…enough… I do not have much time left, so let me go straight to the point. Are you willing to have me as your master?”

“Have you as my master?” Qin Tian was stunned but laughed in his heart, ‘Kneel to a dead man to have him as my master? What can a dead man offer me?’

“The benefits are numerous. As long as you take me as your master, the supreme books and the countless spirit Dan that I’ve acquired shall all be yours.”

Before Qin Tian could answer, the voice system sounded, “Accept Cang Tianji’s request to become his disciple. +1000 experience, +100 Qigong, +10 survival.”

‘Isn’t the reward a bit too generous? I only have to accept him as my master. Should it really be so lavish? Really… I can’t say no to his request.’

Eyeing the rewards that could be received from the quest, Qin Tian immediately knelt. “Master, please accept your disciple’s kowtow.”


As expected from a dying man, Cang Tianji’s face was devoid of any expression. But from the words that came out of his mouth, it wasn’t hard to tell that he was very excited.

“Successfully became a disciple. +1000 experience, +100 Qigong, +10 survival”

‘This quest really is too simple, and the reward is also generous. Really cool!’

“You are my 1089th disciple. In the future, the revitalization of Tianji sect will fall onto your shoulders…”

“I’ll help you revitalize your Tianji-whatever sect in the future. So can we now talk about the benefits I’ll be getting?”

Qin Tian chuckled as he looked at Chang Tianji and muttered, “What Tianji sect? I’m sure there are lots of treasures.”

“Being greedy is good…being greedy is good…You are greedy and have the heart of one who’s not willing to be inferior to others. Your mindset suits my intention. Tianji sect’s treasures are numerous, but only when you take the position of sovereign shall all the treasures be yours.”

“Do you take me as a fool? Although I may not be sure of how powerful your Tianji sect is, the fact that you have 1088 other disciples is enough to irk me, and you still want me to take the position of sovereign?”

“As long as you practice the ‘Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture’ and breakthrough to the Universe Realm, members of the Tianji sect will no longer be able to be your opponents anymore. Only then should you take out your sovereign emblem; I believe no one will not be convinced by then. When you sit as sovereign, I also hope that you will be able to help me with a few things.”

“Tell me.” Qin Tian unexpectedly became excited. A quest had popped up in his mind, and the rank of the quest dumbfounded him.

He had played online games for seven years and had done numerous quest of different ratings. But never had he come across a SSS level. It was a super quest!

Note: Quests above S-Rank are the extreme.

In general, the highest quest level was SSS and one might only come across it once in a thousand years. The chance of finding a SSS level quest in an online game is close to 0%.

Yet he was actually able to come across a SSS super quest. This type of quest was one he had never seen before, and one could only imagine how rich the rewards would be.

Qin Tian dared not think about it anymore as he was afraid that his heart could not take the excitement.

In his mind, he immediately chose ‘Accept’.

At that moment, one could faintly hear the great hatred in Cang Tianji’s tone. “Kill Long Xiaotian and wipe out the Thousand Demons sect! Long Xiaotian is a traitor to the Tianji sect. He colluded with the Thousand Demons sect to steal my ‘Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture’. As long as you complete both of my terms, everything in Tianji sect shall belong to you. Also, if you still have some conscience left, use the Supreme Godly ability to resurrect me and I’ll tell you a very big secret.”

There was a lot of information to remember and Qin Tian was confused after hearing it. How could such a quest be so complex? This seemed like a plot for revenge.

For the ‘Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture’, Long Xiaotian colluded with the Thousand Demons sect to set a trap for Cang Tianji. Who would have thought that he was able to escape and meet Qin Tian, and entrust everything to him.

The SSS super quest was to avenge Cang Tianji and annihilate the Thousand Demons Sect.

Even if Qin Tian wanted to help him get his revenge, he did not have the ability to do so. Even the previous sovereign (the ‘dead’ man) was unable to win against them. With his rank-three Warrior cultivation, how long would he need before reaching the Universe Realm?

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

Some people spent their whole lives stuck in the Warrior Realm and could not break through. In the Tianyuan continent, only a few people were able to breakthrough to the Universe Realm, and they cultivated for at least hundreds of years and up to thousands to reach that rank. Qin Tian was very aware of his current situation and he wasn’t sure if he’d live long enough to cultivate to the Universe Realm.

However, Qin Tian didn’t care much.

He would never do something that is not beneficial to him; right in front of him were some immediate benefits. So why not?


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“Just like that, Qin Tian’s tone changes and he says respectfully”

Changes – changed
Says – said

Seriously there are ton of that mistakes in this chapter. Why are you sometimes using past tense and sometimes not? That really makes the story unreadable and crappy. Change those asap please..