Life and Times of Mitch and Akki Chapter 6: The Pastor’s Daughter

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He bent down, his lips a soft brush against her cheek, kissing it lightly—and still that touch sent shivers through her spine, shivers that made her whole body tremble. “Wait.” She breathed. She tried to tried to stop herself from melting into him, to catch herself, to steady her mind;but he did not wait; he did not stop, his lips brushing down the side and to her neck. It tickled, and she giggle in kind.


Reaching around her, vying for the silver knob, he turned, pulling the door just a smidge- a crack illuminating a part of the dark closet they stood in. But the girl did not care. She didn’t pay attention to his actions, only drawing his face up in her palms and kissing him deeply.

Akki’s heart fluttered. This is the one. She is the one. So innocent. So pure. So lovely.


And he broke from her kiss. He looked into her eyes. He wanted to stare into them, the reason as to why he opened the door. He traced the line of her cheekbone with his hand, and began to say,. “Mar-” when he was interrupted.


“-Zilla! Come out, Zilla. I need to introduce you to the Evils. Apparently they would like to help fund our mission!” Said a voice. The tone sounded happy, and as Akki took a  glance through the cracked door, he saw the pastor walking with a hop to his step.


“And at the same time, when the girl had reached up and was going to pull Akki further into her embrace, her body froze. And a single word passed her lips… “Sh*t”



Mitch(narrator): trouble.


Akki (narrator): If you’re going to eat and smack your lips, then don’t narrate…



“Emily.” The Pie-faced man said. “He’s with me.”


A few customers had looked up, but their untrained eyes couldn’t see what Mitch could see. The two guards who had been itching up behind him turned and quietly slipped back, melding into the environment with the rest of the customers. For all anyone knew, they were just two people who got up to get something, and changed their minds at the last second. Their actions so smooth so practiced, no one would have noticed that one of them had completely changed directions as he now nonchalantly went to the utensil counter

Mitch followed the man with the Pie-faced man, slipping into a small room, and closing the door behind himself.


“I need to speak to him.” Mitch said. His voice was bland, and his words direct. He had completely lost his mood. The woman out there no longer looked so pretty. For all he knew, she was more dangerous than those two guards! Mitch had a feeling he could take the two men on, but that girl? With his back forced to her by combat? Mitch shivered.


“I’m sorry about that Sir. We have had to hire new people. They don’t know much of anything. I’m sure the master will tell you about it. Give me one second.”


The Pie-faced man grew quiet. His dark, soulless socket of a pair of eyes seemed eerie as they stared into nothing.


Suddenly, a fire flickered within. It was dim, dancing about for a while before growing intense over the passing minute.


“Hmmm? I was wondering who it was that called me. So It’s Mitch, huh? What is it this time?”A deep, resounding voice came from the pie. It was audibly different from the voice earlier.


“What is it always? Information. Where is she?”


“I keep telling you I don’t know… Maybe if you did as I asked, I would be able to be of some service.”

“And I keep telling you, I’m trying!” Mitch roared, slamming his fist in the table. He was tired, and sick. Sick and tired. “Why did you have to upset such a damn bloody ghost. How can I find him?”


“I don’t know that either. Why don’t you take a breather. Eat some Pie?” And the Pie-faced man got up and summoned an attendant. Minutes later, a nice cool pie was laying in front of Mitch.


Mitch sneered, not touching it. “Who are those people at the front? They’re not trained in your everyday affairs, and that woman…


And as if knowing where Mitch was going with, the Pie-faced man sighed. “We had to get rid of a lot of good people. In fact, I had to get rid of them all over the course of the month. I had been finding that my intelligence network was compromised, and I didn’t know where.The new people are not fully trained yet.


“Only you would go to such extreme measures. You probably already knew where the leak or damage was coming from, and put that as an excuse, removing everyone.”


The pie-faced man shrugged. “Better safe than sorry, I always say. For all I know it was ‘him’ that was behind this. And knowing ‘him’, everything is but an illusion to ensnare me in a trap. Remove the structure, the environment, the smoke screen, and you can just sidestep the trap to begin with. No troubling yourself in disarming anything. Now, eat!”




“So when are you going to get rid of that insufferable costume?” Mitch asked. He was busy licking the last bit of Rum and Raisin Ice Cream Pie off his fork when he took a sidewise glance at the man with the pie for a head.


The two dark sockets that seemed for eyes when the man first came out were still glowing with an intense green light.


They were in the man’s office in the back, away from prying eyes. And Mitch was now feeling at easy to ask some questions.


“When i’m able to get out of this jail cell!” The Pie-faced man grumbled. “You ask me that every time you stop at one of my shops. Even if it disturbs the flow of the conversation, you just have to put it in there. Even if you were about to die, or the place was burning down, you would mention it. If you’re so interested in the showing of my real self, why don’t you use that tiny needle of yours and get me out.”


“Burning down? Me? Sticking around? Do you not know me?”


“Yo did it three months ago.”


“That spread as far as a single plate wide. You’re just scared of fire.”

“And you’re not?”

“Stop messing around. Just dig harder on the information that I need.”


“Then find ‘him’.”


Mitch’s eyes narrowed, and then a puff of air billowed out as he sighed. “I’m trying. But finding ‘him’ is harder than it looks… Did you get any information on your side that could help?”


“I have a few pieces here and there. First, I’ve heard dark rumors circulating in the north. Considering the vast whispers, ‘he’s’ surely to get himself involved”


“What’s in on?”


“Apparently a new cult has resurfaced, and they’re doing some strange things to people.”


“Oh? What kind of strange things?” Mitch leaned forward. He had put his fork down, and his eyes were now beaming. Gossip. Just gotta love it. Mitch didn’t like spreading it, but that didn’t mean he didn’t like to listen.


The Pie-faced man leaned forward in reply, saying “I don’t know”


Mitch nearly choked. “What do you mean you don’t know? Why tell me something, getting me all excited when you don’t know? You said ‘dark rumors’.. I would figure that meant you knew what those ‘dark rumors’ were.


“I am only telling them as I hear them. I heard that there were dark rumors about the north. Not anything specific” The Pieman shrugged his shoulders. “But I’ll tell you this since it’s nearby, and it may affect you..”


“Affect me?” Mitch raised an eyebrow.


“Yes… It’s about the evils..”


Mitch’s face stiffened, his eyebrow locked in place.


“Apparently, they’re in town.”


“What?!” Mitch stood up. His face was turned red, and his heart jumped. He lunged over the desk, and grabbed the Pie-faced man at the neck. “Why don’t you tell me these things ahead of time.. We’ve been here for over an hour already lounging.” He roared, shaking the guy by the collar.


But in that moment, the green glow in the sockets of the pie dimmed to nothing.


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“Sir…Sir please. Please stop choking me!” The Pie-faced man squealed, the person that accompanied the green flame gone. He tapped Mitch’s hands, and tried his best to pry them off.


Mitch finally let go, stepping back. He took a deep breath and straightened his clothes.


The damn guy ran away.


Questionable Pies was a chain store. The owner, whom for some reason was in a prison in which he did not know where, and couldn’t get out. He had asked many to vy for his escape, Mitch being one of them. And in return, He’ll help me get what I need. Help me find her. The only thing was, the man who captured that insufferable pie chain owner was powerful and mysterious. It was good that the person in prison could use a bit of his vast consciousness and impart implant it to the various pie costumes he built beforehand that an employee would wear during the day. That way, when it was needed, he could be summoned, possess that employee, and speak to those on the outside. Using that, the man behind the pie used many people to chase and find where he was imprisoned and get him out.


Mitch looked at the Pie-faced man he nearly choked out. He was now just a regular store manager. Not that insufferable guy anymore. And clearly, he wouldn’t know what had just conspired. Mitch wouldn’t want him to know.


“You had an ugly face. Thought choking you would set you right” Mitch finally said. “I was wrong. Now, good day.” And Mitch walked off, leaving the store manager there in a daze.




Mitch stepped out of the store. He stretched and scratched. He was feeling lazy at the moment. Where’s Akki, anyway? Its been over an hour. I can’t leave without you.




The ground shuddered, and the sky went dark.


“Ah.” Mitch yelped as he lunged toward the left, crashing in the dirt road.


Falling from the air was a giant bronze door. It crashed and bent.




And Mitch looked up. Please don’t let it be as I think it is.


Running towards him, his hands and feet pumping fast as he jumped down a few stone steps, a thick red mane bristling as he moved, was a man dressed in lightweight leather armor.


And at his back… was hundreds of black dressed in black attire and white caps.

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.




Mitch’s mouth twitched… Akki.


Author’s note: Made it just in time.


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