Life and Times of Mitch and Akki Chapter 7: You better be ready!

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Mitch bounced up and bolted. He ran down the street to the guild’s open garage. There, men were working, hammering away, and building various supplies for transportation.


“Old man! Where’s my carriage?” Mitch roared as he ran in. He had no time for pleasantries. He could hear Akki and the men gaining quickly. Damn him. Can’t he run around a block or something and give me time! Mitch’s eyes darted across the garage, but did not find his carriage.


“Old man!” He roared again.


“Pipe down!” A deep voice rumbled across the half-open space. Even with the clanging and moving of metal echoing about, his voice seemed to sift through it.


Mitch glanced a bit to the right. Walking forward was a big, burly man. Pink lines crossed and crisscrossed all across his thick, well-tanned arms.


“What is this? What’s the matter?”


“I need my carriage!”




“The one I gave to you guys just a few hours ago!”


The burly man rubbed his chin with his meaty fingers. “I did not collect a carriage today. Who among us did you actually give it to?”


Mitch’s jaw dropped. “Does it matter? I have it here for parking. Not for fixing up. It shouldn’t have even been moved. I paid!”


The burly man grunted. “Parking?! Look around. Do we look like a parking lot?” He sneered and fanned Mitch off “Get out.”


Mitch cursed, quickly looking around. I don’t have time for this.


“There! It was him I gave it to!” Mitch pointed out. He was aiming at the young man wiping down one of the high-end carriages that would be bought to a rich merchant.


“Jacknif? You took a side job?!”


The young man named Jacknif heard the shout and jumped. “Ah- Ah-”


“Enough! Where’s this man’s carriage?”


“I don’t have it. His girlfriend came along and took it already.”


Mitch’s blood froze at that moment. This idiot. Don’t tell me he…


“I don’t have a girlfriend.” Mitch said, not finishing his train of thought. His jaw clenched, and he was starting to feel an unrestrainable rage. “Was this person accompanied by an old woman?” Those two actually dared to come and steal from me?!


“Ah, no.. Well, yes and no. The umm, old woman said that she was your…” And the boy glanced to the side, a chuckle bursting in his chest, not able hold it in. “She said she was your girlfriend, and that she was bringing the young lady along.”


Mitch’s veins were nearly bursting. “Do I look like I shag an eighty year old woman?!!” He roared. He ran up to the man, grabbed him by the collar, and started shaking him. “I’m gonna kill you!”


“I thought. You. Were. An. Eccentric.” The young man jerkily uttered out as he was being rocked.


The burly man did nothing as Mitch wasn’t really choking the guy to death – just venting. And seeing how he broke policy and took an outside job, it seems as if he was letting the young man clean up his own messes.


But just as Mitch was shaking the young man dizzy, the clanging and shuffling in the garage seemed to turn quiet. After a few seconds, Mitch noticed and looked back. Several smiths and mechanics came from their duties and were slowly making their way to the entrance of the garage.


Looking outside, Mitch came to his senses and realized the situation. At that moment, the garage had completely went quiet. Outside, there was Akki.



3 minutes ago.


Akki’s lungs rasped within his chest.


“I didn’t screw your daughter! She’s lying!!” He roared back, but it was to no avail. Hundreds of church goers continued to chase after him with an undying vigor.


“Now you call her a liar?! How dare you!” Isn’t that better than me having screwed her? Suddenly, the sound of wrenching metal rang from behind and- Bang!


Akki heard a large sound resound behind him, only to become a light whistle.  At that point, Akki had run halfway down the stone staircase. Having a good intuition, he vaulted over the side wall that guarded the steps, and landing in the grass. As he did this, he looked up to see a large, thick and bent piece of metal smash into the cobbled stone meters away.


Akki’s mouth dropped. He had not seen who had thrown that, but regardless, he felt his skin pop goosebumps all over. “What on earth?!” But he did not stick around, continuing to run. And now I’m getting far away from where we left the carriage. How am I to get back now?!


Church goers hopped over the wall-like railing, and onto the grass behind him. They chased.



“Mr. and Ms. Evil, your help is unexpected, and also unwarranted.” The pastor looked at the two figures that stood at the doorway by the church. The figures were both dressed in black, but while the man wore a light tunic and a pair of shorts, the woman wore short shorts and a black leather jacket. Her hair was a dark brown and oiled back, curled behind her ears. She had on two-inch, silver open-toed heels while remaining in a throwing position.


“Nonsense pastor” The woman finally spoke. “If your daughter is to marry into our family, we also must ensure her purity, especially if it appears you are not up for the task.”

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This woman was named Elaina Evil.


Elaina Evil glanced at the pastor and gave him a cold glance, but her lips offered a warm smile. The contrast was startling, and she could see it gave the pastor a slight jump.


“My daughter swears that she was only grabbed, and not molested in a way that would at all compromise this engagement. Surely, they did not do ‘the deed’. Her chastity remains in tact.” The pastor said. “Ms. Evil, this holy union is of paramount importance to this small branch of the Church of Lonely Cloud.


“Hmph. That better be the case. My brother deserves the best.”


With that sentence, the pastor quickly excused himself and left to chase after the man with the red hair.


“Sister. I don’t think first brother would care if her chastity was intact or not. He would not marry her anyway. He’s in love with another.” The man in black suddenly spoke. He had not spoken much since they visited the church. But now that there was no one around, he started to voice his opinion.


“Doesn’t matter what First Brother wants. Father said the girl had a sleeping power within her when he passed this small town years ago. Now, her power has only grown stronger over the years, and will soon reveal itself.  If First Brother can marry her, it will be a large boost to our family when it does.


And given her ties to the Church of Lonely Cloud, once the old fogies in charge of the church realize what they have in the middle of this God forsaken dump, they will absolutely stop this union. We can’t wait for First Brother to get over his lost love. We must act now while her power is still sleeping and unnoticed!”


Hearing this, Elaina’s brother only sighed, not bringing up the topic any further.


“Let’s go, brother. It’s been a few minutes, and they are just going in circles around the town. At this rate, they will be at it all day. Let’s get this over with so we can finalize the engagement and leave.”


Elaina’s little brother nodded, and with that they both ran off after the church crowd.


But as the two left, they did not notice that behind one of the remaining standing doors of the church’s front entrance was a young woman. Her breath was light, but her ears was strained. With the two gone, she bolted to the interior of the church.



“AAh” A woman screamed. A few tables and chairs set up outside a large restaurant was knocked over as Akki ran through. Two men dressed in black, their hair stuffed under thick white caps, ran forth without care. They shoveled people away as they chased after Akki.


Akki ran into the restaurant, dashing to the right when he saw a third person in black run in from the entrance at the left.


He jumped over the small wall of the mini-bar to the back, took a bottle, and threw it. The man behind the bar ducked down, and started yelling.

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“Stop. This is madness. Stop you all. What are you doing?!” But Akki did not stop. He just kept picking up glass bottles and threw it at the three to keep them distant. But one of them just dodged as he neared. Akki threw the bottle and then jumped back from behind the bar, staying quite clear from the advancing church goer. That one is strong. He took a chair and threw it at the third person on his right, running passed her as she ducked. He grabbed another object, something heavier, and threw it at the window. More and more black dressed, white capped people began to flood in. A quick bang and the glass shattered, splattering glass across a young couple on the outside.


Akki jumped through the now make-shift door and ran outside. More and more of those that chased him crowded him, but he managed to run back towards the square. He ran block after block as he neared the one place where he could get a breath. After all this noise…


Mitch. You better have that carriage ready!!


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