Life and Times of Mitch and Akki Chapter 8: The Rickety Carriage

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Mitch glanced left and right. He saw another carriage not too far away. It was the only one that looked finished, and even geared up with two horses, as if it was about to be shipped. A prospect which would have been perfect if not for the fact that Mitch. . .  had no wish to take it. The carriage was old, with its brown wood stripping, and glass-less windows. The curtains looked as if moths took to them for years and the horses themselves seemed sick.


“What are you thinking?!” The burly garage owner yelled. It appeared he had seen the glint in Mitch’s eye when he looked around. And given the situation, with their carriage missing, and them being chased, they would obviously be looking for a new method of transportation.


But Mitch didn’t respond to the burly man. His eyes swept across the burly man’s body, and drifted back to the carriage. Mitch could hear the uproar just outside, and knew Akki did not have time. More so, he did not have time. Once Akki ran to him, he would be drawn into the whole affair like a tornado in midst of a town. Those guys from that place are crazy. I’m not involving myself in that!


Within seconds, Mitch ran towards the carriage and hopped on the driver seat.


“You dare?!” The burly man roared. He had been watching the spectacle from a bit of a distance when Mitch was choking Jacknif, and so catching him was not easy. Even as he lunged forward, his speed not at all slow, he could only catch the mere shadow of Mitch’s back.


“Heeya!” Mitch roared as he whipped the reins. The sick horses neighed slightly as they took off to the town’s gate. The horses were slow at first, needing time to warm up, but they slowly began to take up speed. As they did, Mitch took a glance behind him.


The burly man just stood there, glowering, and did not go for the chase. Mitch sighed with relief.  “I’ll make sure to pay you back, old man. When I can of course.” He laughed.


And then he heard a thud. Looking the other way, Mitch saw Akki clutched to the Carriage door.


“What in Veya is this? What happened? And why is it so slow? I can run faster than this Carriage, Mitch.” He roared through the wind from the back. “I can run faster!” The carriage was a room type carriage, and that meant it had doors and a roof; not an open back. Because of this, and that the carriage was moving, Akki could not open the door and hop in. Regardless of what he said, he was not fast enough to do something like that, let alone faster than the carriage at its given speed. He only managed to latch on because he came from a bit ahead of the carriage, and not from behind. Else, he would never have even caught up. “W-wait. Were you planning on leaving me?”


“You’re girlfriend happened, that’s what? Now stop squealing and hold on.”


Mitch whipped at the reins again, obviously ignoring the Akki’s question. He poured more umph into it, and the horses sped up. Even though they looked sick, and were definitely slower than some of the other horses they have used before, horses were still horses. They were faster than humans.


But just as the speed went up, the carriage jerked, and another loud thump came from the back.


This time, when Mitch looked back, he saw nothing. Nothing on either side, or on the roof.


“What the hell is going on back there? Pay attention Akki. This is your fault, so fix it!”


“Shut up!”


“Miiiitttchhhh!” A thunderous voice boomed. It was not deep, but it was powerful. All of a sudden, Mitch’s whole body felt as if an ice cold bucket of water was dumped on him, and his skin goosed, his hair bristled.


“No. It can’t be.” And as soon as he uttered those words and glanced in the direction of where it came, he saw two silhouettes that he thought he would never come across again before.


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Riding on two fast, and powerful horses, Elaina and her brother was headed right for them.


“It’s them.” The two words escaped his lips, his face going pale. “Those damn Evils.”




Akki clutched tightly to the wooden protrusions of the carriage. They were not meant for a grown man to be gripping hold of them outside a moving carriage as he was being chased by a mob of more than a hundred people, but there was nothing else he could do. It was taking all the strength in his body just to keep holding on.


Akki sighed. Is this what is left for me? More struggle and heartache in the pursuit of my dream?


And then he heard it. A loud thump as the carriage shook slightly in a second. It sounded as if someone had jumped on!


Akki’s heart raced. He was in no position to fight those white-capped freaks. If he was knocked off onto the town’s paved road, given the speed they were going, he would surely be injured to a horrifying degree, and that’s not including the mob that would swarm him before the bouncing and rolling knocked him out.


Akki sighed.


“Oh, please. Don’t let my life end just like that”




The pastor was running somewhere behind crowd of people. He directed some of them, but mostly he let them just chase with their own discretion. It was bound for the foppish redheaded pervert to be caught, and so, he did not need to overly exert himself.

The only thing he worried about were the two from the Evil family. The woman came off as impatient, and there was something about her brother that creeped him out. But regardless of how he felt, the Evils were a gateway to power and glory for his small branch. And even if it meant he had to use his daughter as a sacrifice to get there, he would. And it was definitely a sacrifice.

The pastor had not heard anything in particular about the person the Evils wanted his daughter, Zilla, to marry. But the family was known throughout for their viciousness, decisiveness, and their quickness to draw blood. Any man who wanted to take his daughter’s hand in marriage, after being raised in such a family, would definitely show some of those tendencies.


The pastor only sighed and prayed his daughter would not live too terribly of a life. I must do this for the branch! I am the leader. We all must sacrifice.


It was then that he saw the carriage.


The pastor couldn’t help but curse under his breath.


“Don’t let them get away!” He roared, but his voice seemed to not travel much over the clamor of the situation, the buzzing of the town, and the rest of the hubbub.


“Miittchhh!!!” A roar broke through.


The roar scared the pastor as he knew who it came from. “They’re going to act.” He mumbled.


His heart raced faster and faster. “Why act now? Why? They’re not out of my palm yet?!” Are they trying to stop them, and use that as leverage to decrease the benefits they’ll give the family? Using our inability to keep the honor of my daughter as the weight. And then in the corner of his eye, he saw a white-capped fellow launch himself on the back of the carriage, and his heart quickened even further; he smiled. “Ha. See that! They’ll stop that carriage before that woman. If not, our family will lose out on this deal.”




Mitch was freaked out. If there was a last person he ever wanted to run into, it was Elaina. That woman was fiery and wild. Given their past, if she caught him, he did not know what she would do. She’s too strong to face now.


Whipping the reins even harder, the horses edged on. They clamored faster and faster down the paved road, and their breath grew ragged quickly. After all, there were only two horses, and as they ran, they were pulling Mitch, Akki, and a heavy carriage. Not to mention the probability that another person or object was latched to the carriage itself.


“Tch. Akki! Did you figure out what that thing was?” He roared back. We should at least reduce the weight. I’m not dying here, and not by that woman’s hands!!


The paved road gradually waned as a light dust covered it. Sooner the dust became a layer of dirt, and that layer grew thicker and thicker until the carriage wheels were turning and rolling over nothing but it.


The carriage began to rock and jar. This was tricky road, and everything began to shake and bounce uncontrollably. Mitch had no choice but to decrease his speed in case something broke, but as he looked back, he saw that whilst the mob had waned out of sight as they approached the nearby cliff, the two silhouettes were closer than they had been before. And they did not slow down.


“Mitch! Don’t you dare run. Come and face me like a man. Come and die!” The woman behind roared. She looked like a demoness, her eyes out for the kill. There was a sense of profound emotion as if she had been terribly wronged exuding from them.


Mitch took a deep breath but didn’t try to force the horses to run faster. As they moved forward, the road led around a cliff. He just could only try to lose them at the bend coming up. And if that did not work, he would do so in the Dreadfort Forest a mile after.


Mitch sighed, and then steeled himself. “A man’s gotta do, what a man’s gotta do.”



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“Sir.” An old mechanic walked up to the burly man’s side back in the garage of the town. “Why didn’t you just stop them? Given your abilities, you could have chased them down. But that carriage. . . Isn’t that the property of. .?”


“Enough. I surely had my reasons. Since when do you question my actions?” The burly man stated blandly; and with one last long look out towards where the two young men disappeared to with a carriage under his charge, he turned around and left.


Even as he walked, his gate seemingly normal, his right leg flared with pain. If only this damn leg of mine was working. And that man. He clearly saw through it with a single glance. Just how did he do it? No regular man has ever seen through me so easily. Else, I don’t think he would have risked slighting me like that. “Well,” The burly man mumbled. “That guy was late picking the carriage up this time. As per our agreement, I hold no fault in this. He can just catch those two boys to reclaim it. . . I just hope those boys don’t die too terribly when he does.”

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