Life and Times of Mitch and Akki Chapter 9: When One Does the Unexpected.

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“Come and die? Who in their right mind would do such a thing?” Mitch called back. He was tired of it all. The adventuring, the running, the problems Akki kept bringing him. 



Mitch (narrator): “And yes there were many problems.”


But, he was more tired of the problems of his own. He had a mission of course, but he had a past as well; and Mitch knew that in order to ever reach his goal, which included breaking that warlock out of prison, he needed to get his sh*t together.


Whipping the reins, Mitch pushed the horses even harder. This carriage. Looks like I’m going to lose it… Mr. and Mrs. Horsey. You’ve done well.



While Mitch was gearing up to follow through with his plan, Akki was still clutching hard against the side of the carriage. He didn’t dare to look around or even move much as he could feel his fingers edging closer and closer to the edge of the protrusions, and sweat began to form, making his hands clammy… He was going to fall.


Akki clenched his teeth. He could not even yell.  Yell till his throat stopped. Just get this over with. Please!


It was then that he heard the sounds of hoof-beats, that were not from the horses that were pulling the carriage, thump closer and closer by his ear. He opened his eyes, and at the edges of his peripherals, he saw a woman. She was in black on a brown steed, and leaning forward as the wind rustled through her hair, whipping it around widely.


The woman took out a whip.


It was curled tight around her hand, but she expertly loosened a part of it, waiting.


Akki gulped.


Seeing red rage on the woman’s face, he knew that if anyone got in her way, she would kill them. And Akki just happened to be on the carriage that was being pulled by a man who may have spurned her.


Damn it, Mitch! What did you do?


And as expected. The whip cracked.



Akki (narrator): …



Zilla M. Thornsberry was a nice town’s girl. She liked flowers and the chocolates some of the boys who wished to woo her would offer. She liked to dance at the occasional ball, well, sneak under disguise more like it, and dance as her father would never allow her to; but she liked it all the same. The town was her world. And her world was the town.


Just closing her eyes, usually she would think of the clear blue sky as she laid on top of the walkway of the town’s short outer wall. She could even remember the rustling of the leaves from the giant trees as a nice wind blew.


But now, it was different. Now as she closed her eyes, she could only remember that warm kiss. The firmness. The longing that seeped from those soft lips.


She shook her head.


What was she thinking about at such a time?


She had used the man. Used him for this opportunity. She was not stupid. Her father was practically going to sell her to the Evils today as the bride of a possibly cruel man; all in return for the promise of more prestige, power, and riches. Just a promise. And in the world of strength, even if the promise was carried out, only those who held power and strength of their own would be able to keep it. She knew that. Her father knew that. The entire world knew that, and yet, blinded by greed, her father chose to ignore those facts.


Zilla almost laughed right then and there and the incredulity of it all. He would preach and preach all day. Preach about being faithful, being honest, and about the cruel and injustice that streamed in the world. How we must act in accordance to the doctrine of the sect, but in the end, he was a hypocrite. He and the rest of the church obeyed the law of man. For the complete satiation of one’s own selfishness.


Now Zilla managed to pull off her plan. At first it was just to distract her father and church goers by using a boy from the town. She would begin to flirt, or have a letter suddenly intercepted between the two. And this would happen whilst the Evils were in town. A whole ruckus would evolve and she would find a way to slip out during the chaos as she claimed fowl and cruel injustice by the boy. But, her father seemed to have been cautious at the start. He locked her up within the church days before she could initiate her plan, but luckily, a stranger happened to walk in. And using him with a spur of the moment plan, the whole church went in an uproar, leaving her alone and unattended.


“Now I’m free.” She mumbled.


Her seat shook. “Well Almost.”


Drawing the curtain, and looking out the shabby whole that probably was supposed to be a window, Zilla saw at her side a familiar face.


A young man with red hair, and ruggedly good looks.


A young man who’s kiss seemed to linger upon her lips, and on her mind.


A young man who’s name she had not even asked.


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A young man who was called, by the man hawing and whipping at the horses that lead the jumbling carriage she hopped in to,…






The bend neared closer and closer. Mitch’s heart clenched.


“I’ve already resigned to it. I can’t wimp out now.”

“Akki! You better hold on tight… Ok. All honestly. You brought this on yourself. When I join you in a hundred years from now, you better have the money you owe me!”


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And as the road turned, and the cliff neared, Mitch jumped off.


Author’s Notes: Ok. Last Chapter of the week. Done just in time. A bit short, but.. meh.


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