Lone Harem Meister Chapter 8: Loner’s Cold

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Lone Harem Meister Chapter 8: Loner’s Cold

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Chapter was Proofread by Daemoniorum

Edited by JFantasyBooks

Recapping, Yuki-san, for some reason, proposed to the 16-year old Kiriyama Yuuki. Yes, a sixteen year old. Because it’s so important that it is said twice.

“Um … Yuki-san?” I called out hesitantly, “I still can’t get married, y’know? Since i’m still 16 years old.”

Yuki was startled, “That’ true. It seems i became a bit impatient.” I could see how surprised she was. It was the first time I saw her that way, to the extent that even her eyes were wide open.

“Then, why ask?”

“Well, when I told Hinata-san about my problem, she said, ‘If your relatives keep nagging you, isn’t it fine if you just get fake married’ or so I recall, and so, when I thought about a man that was close enough to me that could help, I thought of you.”

“… I see. Can you lend me the smartphone for a bit?”

“Ah.. sure.. but….”

While Yuki was still out of sorts, I took the phone, called the latest number in the logs and a certain person answered the call.

“Yuki huh? What happened?”

“This is not Yuki-san. It’s Yuuki.”

“I see… I wonder if that ‘problem’ has been resolved.”

“Of course it was resolved. I just want to ask you, Hinata-san, for your opinion about a recent mix up.”

“Sure. What is it you want to ask?”

“I want to know why you inspired Yuki-san to enact such a plot?”

“It’s simple, y’know. Because it was interesting.”

I knew it. She of course remembered that I was not of marrying age, which was why she brought it up in the first place with me being the one to be asked.

“Yuki-san didn’t realize that I still can’t get married?” I still asked her.

“Uh, it’s weird. If Yuki is in her usual state of mind, she would have noticed on her own. More specifically, she should have realized I was pranking her when she heard it…”

“Is that so?..”

“Can you hand the phone over to Yuki for a bit?”

“Hinata-san said that she want to talk to you,” I said as I passed her back the pone.

“I understand.”

Yuki took the call, and started to talk. Was it my imagination, or is she taking a peek at me from time to time? It’s probably inexcusable but, I should listen in this time to their conversation. This whole thing just makes me a bit too nervous.

“I can’t do it, y’know?”

“…..if it’s Yuki….the courage….”

“It – it’s impossible. Besides since i’m quite weird, i will become trouble. “

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“The, want to wait? …this way…..popular…….probably.”

Hmm … I couldn’t hear what Hinata was saying, so the flow of the conversation was hard to puzzle out, and with Yuki taking a peep at me every so often, my curiosity wask reaching it’s peak. Does their conversation have to do with me still?

“Sorry for the wait, I’m done,” Yuki said as she hung up the phone.

“If I may ask, what did you two talk about?”

“It’s a secret.”

While I wished she could tell me, it couldn’t be helped that they wanted to keep it to themselves. Either way, somehow the marriage topic was resolved.

“Well, it can’t be helped if it’s a secret now, can it?” I said as I got up. “Then i’ll go home for today.”

“Yes. Thank you for your hard work.”

I went to home. Regardless of her intentions, being proposed to by a blushing Yuki made my heart brimming with joy for a long while. But, since I’ll probably never be involved in something like romance, I’ll  write the memories of today’s proposal on a diary of some sorts. It’s a nice experience for me, and I probably won’t have that again.

“I’ll do my best tomorrow too,” I said to myself, and crawled in my bed and fell asleep.

The next day, when I wanted to get up, I realized I couldn’t. Moreover, it not only felt really heavy, and yet, at the same time… empty. Without even measuring my temperature, I could get a feel of where I was.

“A cold it is.”

Yesterday, I was running, drenched with sweat. It couldn’t be helped that I caught one. It’s no good if i don’t call the school, but I don’t know even know the homeroom teacher’s phone number. What to do…

“…tte that’s right. If i call Yuki-san, then ask for Hinata-san’s phone number, that should be good enough shouldn’t it?”

And so, I quickly made the call.

“Yuuki-san, what happened?”

“Can you give me Hinata-san’s phone number?”

“That should be fine, but what happened?”

Well, she asked me as expected. But being in this state, it would be not good if i don’t take a break from work, so I had to be honest.

“I’ve caught a cold so I want to call to homeroom teacher’s number and tell him, but since I don’t know his number, I thought that I could get Hinata-san’s help. And you have her number…”

“….I understand, I will tell her so for the time being, please stay put for now.”

“I’m sorry for the trouble. Thank you very much,”

It seemed she was a bit angry. Anyway, I called the number that I asked  from Yuki-san, and Hinata-san picked up, “Hello…”

“Hello, this is Kiriyama Yuuki.”

“Oh? At such a time like this, what’s the matter?”

“I’ve caught a cold, and since I can’t go to school, I had thought to call my homeroom teacher, Hiiragi-sensei, but since I don’t know his number, I decided to call you. That being said, can you please tell him about my cold and that I won’t be able to attend class?”

“It is not a problem, but are you going to be alright by yourself?”

“To be honest, it’s painful, but since i’m used being home alone, i’ll get through it somehow.”

“Hmm…. I understand. For now, make sure to drink water, and get plenty of rest, okay?”

“I understand; I will.”

I was drained after the call. My clothes were drenched in sweat, and it felt unpleasant, but… I didn’t have the energy to change, and so I’ll just sleep like this.




When I opened my eyes again, I looked at the clock. It was more or less 12 o’clock. The only problem was, I haven’t got any better at all. Water was in fridge on the first floor, and since the thermometer was at the first floor too, I was quite in a pinch. It’s at times like these that it was painful being a loner. I don’t have a family, so there’s no one to rely on, and It’s no good if i don’t do it by myself, isn’t it?

“All right. Let’s do this.”

I dragged myself out of bed, and as best as I could started to walk down to the first floor. I felt faint; dizzy even. I tried to walk, but each step was unsteady. I leaned against the wall, as an aid, and tried to walk that way.

“Finally …  finished the stairs,”  I breathed.

Usually the corridor was nothing, but today it felt really long. After I finally arrived in the living room, I had to sit. My legs buckled, and any strength in them was nearly gone.

“This is dangerous….This is seriously the first time I was in such trouble ever since I was on my own.”

I have no strength, and my head is foggy. I can’t think at all. Leaning against the wall again, my breath became ragged.

“The phone is near the bed too. Going back and forth.. this is dangerous….”

I didn’t know what would happen if things stayed like this, but just being at the corrider was fine enough, so I laid down. Even just sitting up was not an option, I was so weak.

“Floor. Cold. Feels good …” I mumbled. I’ll just rest. Rest for a little while. And as I thought that, sleep began to take hold.

“No… it’s not good to fall asleep now. If i don’t go…… to living room……”

And then I blacked out, falling asleep in the hallway.

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