Lone Harem Meister Chapter 10: Loner’s Past Dream (2)

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Lone Harem Meister Chapter 10: Loner’s Past Dream, Part 2

Note: Safe!! Just made it on time, EST. Wow, this took a lot of editing. I hope you can understand the flow of events well. Anyway, thanks for reading everyone!

Edited by JFantasyBooks

Author’s Note: This time, we get a new person. The past dream is after the incident.

Onee-chan harem arc.

Loner’s past dream 2

I saw a considerably nostalgic dream, huh? It’s been 5 years … But it feels like it all passed in a blink of an eye.

“It must be because of the cold why I had that dream as I haven’t been seeing it recently……”

“Hmm… It seems like you had quite the nightmare. Are you okay?”

I turned to where the voice sounded from to see Hinata staring at me. Why is she holding my hand?

“Err….. why is my hand….?”

“Feels nice, doesn’t it?”

Eehh… It is very nice. To clasp such erotic school nurse’s hand, of course it is. But what’s going on?

“Ah, sure… But, why are you..?” I asked instead.

“It was actually you who held my hand first. I was a bit surprised too, but … ”

…..Seriously? This is like a stain on my reputation. It’s a good thing that it was Hinata. Especially since Hinata’s impression of me is of someone who wouldn’t be this kind of person.

“I wouldn’t be able to refuse, if I was asked with such passion, right? Well, if it’s for good..”

Can you not say it in a way that would give misunderstanding? This nurse. …ah, I just now realized it, but, how did she get in my house? This is like the second intruder.

“No, I won’t ask that of you, Hinata-san. Rather than that, how did were you able to enter my house?”

“It’s a walk in the park to get in using a wire, y’know?”

Are you trying to break the keyhole to my house?!?  It seemed like the one who told Yuki-san how to lockpick was you, right? Hinata? There’s no evidence for it though…

“That was a lie, by the way. Actually, the door was left unlocked so I just entered in. Though, I can say that I am able to lockpick.”

“A lie….”

I seriously believed it though!! I wish the lockpicking was also a lie!!

“It’s fine, isn’t it? Rather that that, how’s your condition?”

“It’s Hinata-san’s fault that I’m seriously tired.”

“So slovenly even though you’re young?”

Don’t continuously ramble on to a sick person like that. It was even more tiring than usual.

“Yeah yeah. My condition isn’t that good. My body also feels sluggish. My temperature doesn’t seem going down too.”

“Hmm … I’ll examine you for a bit then.”

Hinata placed her hand on my forehead, and looked at the back of my throat. Seeing it now, ‘she really does have medical practice, doesn’t she’ or so i thought. I still couldn’t help but seeing her as an erotic nurse though.

“It’s perfectly a cold. It should go away soon with some rest; do you some good if you sleep properly. After I make you some porridge, I will talk to Yuki in the meanwhile, so don’t do something unreasonable okay?”


“Well, I’ve made the porridge, I’ll go out a little. When I’m done talking to Yuki, I’ll check on your condition once more. I plan to go back home, so I trust you’ll eat up and rest,” And as she said that, Hinata left.

Hinata was gentle. Perhaps because she knew of my past, after she made the porridge, she left as to not bother me.

“Well then, I guess I’ll do the laundry in the meanwhile and then eat. I feel less sluggish, so much so that I could do something now.”

I washed my clothes and then ate the porridge that she made me.

“It’s delicious…. Taste different from the porridge that my mother made. A bit more salty.” But it has been a long time since someone has taken care of me like this. I need to thank her once I get better.


After checking to see that the washing machine was done, I put the clothes to dry and fell right asleep on the sofa again.




I heard a voice from far away. Is this another dream?

“Why did you kill him?” The police officer asked in an accusatory tone. As I woke from my faint, I noticed that I was locked in some room, imprisoned.

I was alone, and every time the door had been opened, someone came and I was asked about the incident. Sometimes, they asked me the same question over and over.

“Because I would have been killed,” I responded.

“Not changing your story, I see. Then did you know the perpetrator?”

“I didn’t know him. He was just some stranger.”

The questions continued. It was mostly the same line of questioning. Honestly, I didn’t understand it myself. A room without a TV or anything else to watch; white walls surrounding me, and the same questions being asked. At the time, I really wanted to die.

“………why? What’s wrong with me? Somebody answer me!!”

Nobody came even as I shouted. I thought the days would continue as such, but then, in the middle of my torment a woman appeared in front of me.

“…Kiriyama Yuuki?”

“Who is it…?” I asked.

The woman didn’t appear talkative, and even exuded a lack of emotion. She had black hair, pulled together in a ponytail; and her eyes were slightly slanted, a dignified look in them.

“… My name is Takigawa Shino. I became your representative. Best regards for now.”

“Best regards…” I said in a daze. At the time I didn’t care about much for anything. Even so, Shino-san came to my place everyday for a talk.

“I have plenty of time today.”

Why was it when Shino-san came, she liked to hug me from behind? Liked to give me a lap pillow for me to sleep on, and do a lot more things for me? I didn’t know her reasons for it, but it was because of that that my heart slowly opened to her.

“Shino-san, thank you as always.”

Even just telling her my thanks, I didn’t want to looked embarrassed. But, to me who lost my family, this was the only support for the my broken heart. But this time, when I spoke of my gratitude, Shino-san shed tears.

“… tell… … I’m…. Why … Even though Yuuki hasn’t done anything wrong…”

<< fantasy-books Property >>

Although I didn’t understand what she meant at the time, I do now. This incident had become a huge story on the outside. There was a split in opinion on whether what I did could be categorized as legitimate defence or would it be deemed as excessive. It was also even mentioned that I may be psychotic. That was why Shino-san shed those tears.

“Shino-san, don’t cry. I’ll be alright.”

I hugged Shino-san for the first time of my own accord.

“…Thank you.”

But from that day forward, Shino-san never came to visit me again. And the judge made his decision. I was judged in favor of legitimate defense and was placed under police monitoring within a junior high school.

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Later, I asked the police about Shino-san. She was said to have quit. I haven’t heard anything more since.

My dream ended there, and my eyes opened.

The past will always be there, but I must move forward for new opportunities.

Author’s Notes:

Please the Impressions and evaluation.As always, thank you for support!!

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