Lone Harem Meister Chapter 11: Idle Talk, Hinata’s Curiosity

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Lone Harem Meister Chapter 11: Idle Talk, Hinata’s Curiosity

TL note: Next time is how Hinata learns of Yuuki’s incident in junior high I guess? And how Yuki will respond…

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Onee-chan harem arc

Idle Talk Hinata’s curios

My name is Kamiya Hinata. A School Nurse; age  26 years old.

Before I went over to Yuuki’s house, I got a call from Yuki, and so headed over to her place. I could guess what it was all about, but with her sobbing voice over the phone, I decided to take it more seriously.

“We’ll try hard to persuade him, Yuki,” I comforted her over the phone.

When I reached her door, I pushed the house intercom.

“… Hinata-san is it. Please enter,” came her voice.

Stepping in, I could see the redness around her eyes. So she was really crying… I took a seat on a cushion, and faced her, a desk between us.

“So, what’s the reason you called me this time?”

“I just want to know why Yuuki-san refused me so fervidly. To be honest,  I had thought that he and I would get along splendidly… It seems I was wrong. That’s why I want to know about Yuuki. I want to understand. ”


For Yuki to want to know about Yuuki to this extent isn’t an unusual thing given the circumstances. I guess for Yuki and Yuuki’s sake, I’ll work hard.

“I’m fine with telling you,” I began, “but, should I tell you, you have to go on interacting like normal. You understand?  Yuuki’ll probably not like me telling you about his past.”

“I understand. Because no matter what happened in the past, I will support Yuuki-san.”

If someone was asked, maybe choosing for her to propose wasn’t a wrong thing after all, was it? In the end, it’s fine since this will be interesting in its own way. [ Not sure what this means, but this comes next: “But there no such feeling now so let’s stop it for now”]

“I asked three people who were with him from the time he was still a junior high school student about his past. The first was his homeroom teacher, the second, the school nurse, and one other person.”

“One other…..?”

“It was around the time I had just become a school nurse. It was when I went to a psychology training course, that my gaze landed on a woman that was desperately writing down the subect matter… She was surprisingly an interesting person.”

“So who is that person?”

“Her name is Takigawa Shino, if I recall. There was a small age difference, so became a bit close, and even spoke of our dreams, becoming acquainted with each other easily..

The day was a cold one. I thought some Sake would warm me up so…

“Hey, so which Sake should we drink today?” I asked her.

“…Not drinking.”

I laughed. “So Shino, it’s like that, is it?”

We had gone out afterwards, just two woman drinking party with Shino at a private room in some pub. I had thought it would be lots of fun.

“So what should we talk about?” Shino suddenly broke the silence.

“To ask me that… It seems you don’t socialize much, huh. How about enjoying the moment a little more? Go out.”

“It’s not like that. I just don’t have much free time.”

“Haa… Then I won’t invite you out again, okay? Anyway, I’m a little interested to why is Shino aiming to be a psychological counselor. I’ve heard rumors, it seems like you were a policewoman before, weren’t you?

I was purely curious. Why did a woman, who established a career in the police force, to the extent of even being considered an elite investigator, only to become a psychological counselor.

“You’re right. I was a police officer. And certainly I wasn’t the kind that would pass up on being an elite in the force, but you see, there was an incident… an incident that to the extent I could throw it all away.”

“What kind of incident?” I asked, but paused, only to say, “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to talk about it, ok?”

“I can’t help but say since it’s you, Hinata.”

“That make me happy.”

“I want to save a boy from the bottom of my heart. But the way I am now, I don’t have the knowledge to. I can’t do anything for him. The last time… When I was crying in front of him, it was me who ended up being comforted. This time for sure if there’s a child like that boy out there, I want to be able to help them, or so i thought..”

What kind of boy did she meet? Listening to her, a lot of questions came to mind.

“So what happened to that boy?”

“… I don’t know. But, if I were to see that child again one day, I would apologize, I think.”

“Is that so. Then why don’t you tell me that child’s name? Shino, you’re still studying to be a psychological counselor, right? Since I’m a school nurse, if that child somehow is a student at my school, then I can look for him”

“This is my problem. Hinata shouldn’t worry about it.”

“Hmm … certainly it’s true I have nothing to do with it, but, I also want to know. The reason Shino would stake everything for the sake of that one boy.”

Although I said that, in actuality, it was different. I wanted to know because when Shino spoke about that boy, she looked to be on the verge of crying. It was that look why I want to become her strength.

“… Since you’re the kind of person who won’t give up once they are interested in something, I’ll give in.”

“Sounds good. By all means regarding that boy, let’s find him, shall we?”

“… His name is Kiriyama Yuuki. You should know something about it already to some extent.”

I found myself in shock when I heard his name. After all, that name was on every headline in the city, to the extent that there was no day that went by, or person around that hasn’t heard it. Even if you didn’t watch TV, you knew about it.

“…. That’s why please,” Shino continued. “If you find Yuuki, even if it’s just from the shadows, support him Please.”

Shino turned to me and went into a dogeza. She asked me again with all her might.

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I envied her. Ther someone who earned such support to even this extent. Something I don’t have.

“I understand. I should lend you all the power I have, and fully use the position as a school nurse to help him.”

“Thank you.”

“Don’t worry bout it. Now, let’s drink a lot today,”

I poured beer into Shino’s mug, someone who don’t drink too much, and made her get drunk like crazy.

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This is the reason why I looked into Yuuki.

Author’s Note:

Thank you very much for impressions and evaluation! We look forward to it at any time. Thank you for the support!!


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