Lone Harem Meister Chapter 13: From Three-way Struggle to Four-way Struggle

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Lone Harem Meister Chapter 13: From Three-way Struggle to Four-way Struggle

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Also, remember. This is not a direct translation a slight changes have been made to ensure you know who is talking and when. As well as to make it flow easier for the majority of the readers (we try to tailor to all, but I know that is improbable).

Onee-chan Harem Arc

Three-way Struggle to Four-way Struggle

No. Why did I have to dream of the past again?.. Even though I want to forget… this memory… why can’t I forget it? I try and try, and yet, I keep seeing it.

I got up, wiping the sweat off me, readying to change my clothes when…

Pin-pooonnnn~ The doorbell rang.

“Hm? Who is it coming to visit at such a late hour? It better not be a salesman. I’ll beat the crap out of him.”

When I opened entrance’s door, there were two faces that I recognized.

“Yuki-san and Hinata-san… What happened?”

“There’s something we need to talk to you about. So is it okay if we enter for a bit?” Hinata spoke up.

“I guess that won’t be a problem.”

“Then, sorry for intruding.”

“Sorry for intruding.” Yuki chimed in too as they both stepped through the doorway.

It was fine that Yuki and Hinata came to visit me, but didn’t Yuki not want to see me? Things hadn’t ended well earlier this afternoon.

“So, what do you want to talk about?” I finally asked as everyone had sat and began to settle in.

“About that… It’s not good for us to talk yet. It’s better if we wait until one more person arrives, so I wish to wait a bit more until they do… Is that alright with you?”

“It’s not like it’s a problem, but… Leaving that aside,” I sighed, “Let me bring you some tea, okay?”

When I tried to get back up from the chair, Yuki-san grabbed my arm.

“Uh, Yuki-san?”

“Yuuki-san please relax on the sofa. You’re still not well. You need to rest.”

“It’s not like that anymore. I can do it quite easily, so please don’t worry.”

That was a lie of course. I had actually intend to to lie down and get some more rest, but with this talk of some important matters that they keep bringing up, I couldn’t help but feel restless; and more importantly, I didn’t want them to look at me and be worried.

“Hm….It’s okay to relax, you know?. Don’t worry about the tea. Besides, if we went to toilet after having drank so much, then when you sniff the smell of piss, wouldn’t you get aroused?” Hinata chimed in.

“I’m not perverted to such an extent, you know!? Rather, I do not have that kind of fetish!”

“Yuuki-san …” Yuki muttered.

Yuki separated her hand from my arm exaggeratedly, backing away!! I won’t do anything perverted!! It’s a terrible misunderstanding!

“No matter how much you aren’t blessed with women, for you to develop such a hobby…”

“Yuki-san!? This is… Hinata’san is joking! Don’t take it seriously, okay!?”

“Hmm… Why did I hear that you had this kind of hobby though?”

“The perverted school nurse over there, don’t talk!”

“Yuuki-san… I misjudged you…”

“Argh!! It was all a joke okay!!”

I yelled until my breath became ragged, huffing and puffing. That’s why I didn’t notice it. My cold. By the time I realized what was happening, it was already too late.

“Ah… dangerous…”

And I started fall.


Yuki somehow caught my arm, and brought me into her bosom, stopping my fall. I felt warm and at peace. But I couldn’t stay like this. If I did, I would only grow dependent on it, that feeling.

“I’m sorry for the trouble,” I smiled lightly. “I’m okay now.”

Even as I tried to pull away, she only pulled me in tighter. I wanted to get away from her, from this warmth… What if I gave her my cold?

“Um … Yuki-san?”

“It all okay now… So… Please rely on me for now, okay?”

“No, that’s not it. You’ll get sick…”

“If this helps you, then me getting sick is nothing.”

No… You  might be okay with it, but for me it’s kinda like sweeping the problem under the rug. More importantly, when you pat my head like that, it’s embarrassing. I feel like a kid again.

“As it stands, Yuki won’t let go of you, so it’s better to just give in, y’know?” Hinata said.

Hinata-san is like that too, huh? Well, it seems Yuki won’t let go, and since there wouldn’t have been a chance like this if not for the cold, I’ll just keep my mouth shut for now.

“Yuuki-san… It okay to depend on me. Although I don’t know your past, and I don’t know just how hard things have been for you, but…”

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Yuki had spoken with a meek expression. Somehow, she probably noticed how much I avoided being dependant on others. And given that event that happened earlier this afternoon, I probably should tell Yuki my reason. But that is…


As I was thinking of various things, the doorbell sounded again. I tried to pull away again, but Yuki just held me even tighter.

“I’ll go get the door this time,” Hinata began. “Since it’s probably that person.”

And just like that, Hinata went to the entrance.

“Now that you mention it, who’s supposed to come? You never did say…”

“I think it’s a person that you know.”

“Hmm … You’re just being even more cryptic.”

“You will know soon enough.”

I didn’t know who was coming, and I knew I should be up to greet them; but I felt as if it were about time I lied down.

“Yuki-san, I’d like to lie on the sofa, but…”

“Oh. Well let’s go then.”

No, um… I’d like to go alone though. Why do you need to lend me a shoulder? Wow, Yuki sure is a bit more assertive now, isn’t she?

“Well then, let’s lie down on the sofa. Use my lap as a pillow.”


What are you talking about all of a sudden?!? Tch. This person. Rather, it feels like she was more reserved until now. Why the change? What’s going on!?

“Um… It may be weird for me to to ask this, but are you okay? Today you’re acting very strangely.”

“Hmm well, I’ve realized it myself, but since it’s something I have decided on, I have no intentions on stopping.”

Even though you tell me this with such earnest, it’s still troubling. What should I do?

In the end I sighed, and let Yuki lend me her shoulder as long as she wanted.

“I brought her. So let me introduce to you…”

Just as I reached before the sofa, Hinata had come back from the doorway. Who is coming, I wonder. After all this, I couldn’t help but get a bit excited.

And then I saw her.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Takigawa Shino.”


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“Shino…… san……?”


I met the person who I thought I wouldn’t see again. And from shock, a dizziness overwhelmed me, and I collapsed into darkness.

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Even though the heroine isnt annoying. But its really w*f. How can u be bullied because of self-defense. And that’s called “excessive self-defense” when you’re family is being mutilated and you’re his next target. Sometimes I’m really confused about Japanese logic. Well, basically this novel is very interesting and worth to translate and read.


Thank you!


I have been wondering for a bit. How come that ex-police onee-san don’t keep tab of MC at all? She quit the police and become a psychologist in order to save him, but somehow never bother to find any info about MC. She don’t know where he study or live. If her nurse friend didn’t found MC, would she just wait and hope MC would stumble upon to ask for consulted? Btw, I think the comment section font setting is a little bit too small


Maybe she’s feeling guilty about not being able to help mc and running away :/ yeah it contradicts her concern for mc, but I guess that was easier for her.


Give us more please I want to see what happens next!


““Even if you say that… You aren’t even blessed with women. For you to have such a hobby…”

This part of the translation didn’t make sense to me.


Oh. Fixed. It’s supposed to be this: “No matter how much you aren’t blessed with women, for you to end up developing such a hobby…” Or something along those lines. Thanks for catching that, and bringing it up.


Thank you very much for the chapter!
I wonder if mc feels a little disappointment towards female police san :/


Thanks for the chapter.