Lone Harem Meister Chapter 14 : Continuing and Apologies

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Lone Harem Meister Chapter 14: Continuing and Apologies

Note: Lone Harem Meister might take a short break from the weekly schedule. We’ll see how it goes with the Translator.

Note (Editor): So… I may have put a bit of my touch In this. I want to remind everyone that although the translations are accurate, they are edited to make the story flow.

Edited by JFantasyBooks

Onee-chan harem arc

Continuation and apology



My eyes opened, but my vision was blurry. I couldn’t see much of anything, just the faint outline of Yuki’s face.

“Yuuki-san! Are you alright?”

What happened? I can’t remember very well, but wasn’t there…

“I’m relieved… It was because Yuuki-san suddenly lost consciousness.”

“I… See.”

I felt as if I were missing something. Why did I lose consciousness? W… Wait, what is this?  A soft sensation was pressed against the back of my head; and seeing Yuki-san’s face just right above me… No way, could this be?…


“Yuuki-san? Don’t.”

I had tried to get up, but for some reason Yuki held me down. What kind of shameful play was this?

“You’re still not well, so please just stay down and rest.”

“…But this… This is embarrassing.”

“Endure it. Rather, Yuuki-san. Isn’t there someone you should greet?”


As she said that, I remembered vaguely that someone did come visit me.

“It’s been a long time, Yuuki-kun,” a voice came from afar.

As I heard it, the memories surged and flooded back. I remembered everything… Shino.

“It’s been a while, Shino. What makes you come meet me after all this time?”

My words held a grit to them. I wanted it to sound that way. Back then, Shino had suddenly disappeared, gone, and a deep part of me couldn’t forgive her for it. Although someone might think me small minded, but at the time, Shino was all I had. Losing her was…

“As expected, you’re angry.” I heard her sigh.

I paused, and looked down, lost in memory when I finally continued, “At the time, Shino-san’s kindness was the only support I had. It made me very happy. That’s why I can’t forgive you for leaving like that. I had wished that at least you had said something before you had gone. Anything, as I… ”

I hesitated. I wasn’t sure I could say it. Time had long gone; what was the point in saying it now? And yet…


“I wanted Shino-san to have taken custody of me. At the time I had lost everything. My mother. My Sister. Even my so called relatives pretended as if they had not known me. But Shino-san, you were the only one. The only one who gave me a warmth. That’s why! … I thought we could be family.

“But of course that didn’t come true, did it? You just left without a word. It was then that I knew I was truly alone in this world, that I’d be alone forever. And from then on I decided… I don’t need family. If there ever was a time I found love, I’d squash it.


Shino just looked to the ground, not a word passing her lips. If she hates me for what I said, I can live with that. I have always been alone, and I always will.

“Back then, I wanted to help you. But quickly I noticed. The way I was… I couldn’t help you at all. Surely even if we became family, I wouldn’t have been able to reduce even a bit of that darkness inside of you. I didn’t want to be like a dog who could do nothing but lick at the wound.”

I didn’t look up to see Shino’s expression, but, even so, I could tell from her voice that she was on the verge of tears.

“I am so sorry, Yuuki-kun. That’s why I had left. And then, I thought that if I ever had children, I would want them to be even a bit like you. That’s why I studied hard in psychology. To become a counselor.. to-”

“Is that so. Well, at least I could hear your reason. I feel somewhat clear headed.”

“I sorry, Yuuki-kun. I should have been there for you the most, but I’m….”

“Don’t worry about it. Please. I have been able to live by myself, and have accepted my past. So it’s ok.”

At that, tears began to fall down Shino’s cheeks. It was unbearable to hear her sobbing; all these emotions, and on top of that, with my cold… Rather, why is it even though I’m sick, everyone chose this time gather? Was there any intention to let me rest?

“Hmmm. I guess it’s about time?”

“What is it, Hinata-san?”

Hinata-san, while patting Shino’s back as a way to console her, began to talk.

<< fantasy-books Property >>

“I had thought to just observe you for today. I know it is difficult to taking care of yourself alone in your condition.”

“It’s just a cold. There’s no problem at all.”

“Do you really think so? Certainly cooking and cleaning, moving back and forth while being sick, I honestly admire the thought. But isn’t there other things in which you are incapable of doing?”

“There is no such thing.”

It was precisely as Hinata had said. Certainly there were times where some things were just too difficult to do. But I was alone, and they needed to be done.

“Yuuki… Isn’t it time you realized,” She asked as she gently placed her hand on my cheek as I lied there on Yuki’s lap. “Just how many people there are that are worried about you? And of course I am one of them.”

“So am I, Yuuki-san.” Yuki uttered.

“…I am as well,” I heard Shino say.

Certainly them worrying about me made me happy, but I had a terrible past. To not be worried over was good enough


“Yuuki-san, please tell us about your past. No matter what it is, we will accept it. We will not turn away from you. So I implore you. Tell us.”

And at that, everyone’s eyes in the room became serious.

Maybe I should tell them. It’s fine to tell them, shouldn’t it be? At least this way, they will worry less.

I sighed, and after a moment had passed, I began, “Then, where should I start? Let’s see… I guess by the time I returned to this house, it was march, wasn’t it?”

< Property of Fantasy-Books.live | outside of it, it is stolen.

And at that, I began to tell them about myself. Things that happened right up until I began to work at Yuki’s.

Author’s Note:

From here on, it’ll be Yuuki’s past arc.

We’re waiting impressions and evaluation!!Thank you for reading!!

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Elder Crack Addict of the F5 Sect

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