Lone Harem Meister Chapter 15: Loner’s Past, Middle School

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Lone Harem Meister Chpater 15: Loner’s Past, Middle School

Note: This weeks release was translated by JFantasyBooks.

“I have not TL-ed a JP novel in over 2 years. I am very rusty, and the online dictionaries available give like 3 different options for one word. I had to use context. If you see anything that is hinky, please notify via comment.


It was the day after I entered junior high.

It is customary before the entrance ceremony for textbooks to be given out all at once. As they were quite heavy, I had placed them in my locker to hold until I needed them. Only, for some reason when I opened my locker today, they were gone.

“What the… ? Where’d they go?”

Without textbooks I had no choice but to mention honestly what was going on to the teacher, and so, I went to the staff room to bring up the topic.

“Excuse me, teacher… I don’t have any textbooks.”

“They were handed out to you yesterday, were they not?” A male teacher questioned with a clipped voice.

I, of course,  answered him, “Yes. I had placed them in my locker yesterday, but as soon as I came in this morning, they was gone.”

“That shouldn’t be. Are you sure you didn’t just misplace them?”

“I’m sure. I really don’t know what happened.”

“You have no choice now but to buy another set of textbooks out of your own pocket. It is only orientation today, so you won’t need them now, but I will provide you with a list of which textbooks you’ll need as well as their publishers so you can buy them later.”

“…Thank You.”

I could not do anything. After all, there was no proof of any criminal activity. So, after school, I bought all the textbooks again out of pocket with the money my mother had left behind.

The following day, 6 AM.

“Well, after setting up the washing machine, push here, and place the detergent in before closing the lid.” I mumbled as I got things ready.

Once I selected the following cycle, I was ready for breakfast.

“Ah! Ugh… Damn it, cut myself with this stupid kitchen knife … Bandage, bandage, ah, over there.”

I went to the first aid kit I had, and bandaged my finger before continuing to cook.

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“This is good… Uh… this potato is still hard… ”

I was trying my best to make miso potato soup. Because this was one of my mother’s best dishes, I wanted to place this on the memorial I had of them in the house. My sister loved her recipe.

“I can’t cry. I have to work hard!” I told myself, not trying to lose myself in reverie.

“Okay, Finally done!” After half an hour, I finished making the soup

I poured it out into three different bowls, situating two of them in front of the alter.

“Mother, Older sister, I tried my best… hope you like it.”

After clasping my hands in a small prayer, I started eating the meal I had prepared. It wasn’t just miso soup I had made, but fried eggs and rice. All in all, everything was quite tasty.

“… I guess it’s time to go to school,” I said out loud. Of course the house was empty. Locking the door, I left. Even if I was cheery and greeted my neighbors, they would only deflect their eyes while the parents of my classmates would stare.

“I only protected myself … What’s wrong with that?”

Everyday I would think about the same thing – ask the same thing, but I never got an answer. And as time passed, I grew used to it.

Whilst I was absorbed in thought, I arrived at school.

Looking back, I had thought I would spend my time studying… I was wrong.

The classroom teacher, giving off an intimidating impression, spoke, “There was a report this morning; I heard that Tanaka’s mathematics book was ruined. I do not wish to doubt everyone, but the guy who did it should be honest, and raise his hand. Teacher will not get angry.”

Even if you say that, who would raise their hand?

“Teacher… I know the culprit,” A girl named Natsu Kawata raised her hand and said.

“Who?.. Who did it?”

“I saw Kiriyama Yuuki do it.”

“What?….  Kiriyama!” the teacher called my name with a considerable amount of angst. “Did you do it?”

“It wasn’t me!!”

“Except there is an eyewitness seeing you at the scene, so just admit it!” my homeroom teacher strongly rebutted. His tone was as if placing me under heavy investigation.

“But it really wasn’t me!”

“You are a murder,” A male student in the class interrupted, “so for something like this, it’s quite possible, isn’t it?”

He tried to paint me as a common criminal, and all it seemed all it took was that sentence for everyone in the class turn to the same opinion.

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“Kiriyama! Come back to the staff room later.”

“I, I…”

And at that, the teacher left the classroom without waiting for me say another word. Why will they not believe me? I really did not do it…

“The homeroom teacher is no longer here. Kiriyama! How dare you mess up my textbook!

“The hu… ”

Before everyone’s eyes, Tanaka got up and punched me in the pit of my stomach.

“Haaa… ugh…”

“The homeroom teacher is stupid. He really believed what I said.” I heard him say to himself.

“Guan! Geffen! OOF!”

He beat me over and over. Rather, I focused on holding my body down as to not move and make it worse.

“Someone…” I pleaded, but no one answered my call. Do I deserve this? Is this my sin?

It was like that every day. I was betrayed by childhood friends, teachers, classmates… All the students attending school were my enemies.

“Do not get close to him! He’s dirty! You’d best leave him alone!!”

“Will you keep away from me as you will stain my reputation?”

“Naoya …. You and Shana-chan.”

I accepted it, but because we had played together from before until now, it was still a blow to hear it from them.


“Why don’t you just die?”

Are you a loner?
Such words were thrown at me every day, and then october came.

I was always being beaten and abused and treated as if I were not there.

Lunch break:

“Hey! Go get me something,” one of the class leaders ordered.

“I can’t… That would be sneaking out of school… ”

“Ah? … Finished?! Now go to the convenience store and buy me something. Oh, and use your money too.”

“Uh, that’s…”

The boy pressed his face close to my own, and gave me a threatening look.

“You’re quite rich, aren’t you? You got quite a lot from your mother’s will, and definitely some from her insuranc, so you can afford to buy things from some convenience store, right?!”

“Uh… Huh…”

For me being beaten a lot was one thing, but the money….

“I have it in my wallet,” my voice came out weak.

After saying that, the boy grabbed my wallet. It was only a simple action, but just like that, and something broke within me.  It was like all this time there had been shackles. All this time… until now.

“Give it back!” I screamed.

“HAaah? Piss off!” He said as he held it away from me.

I rushed towards him, but he punched me in my face, knocking me back. I did not fall though, and rushed towards him again.

“That is what my mother risked her life to save up, return it!”

“What? Are you stupid? I said I’m not gonna return it!”

He hit me again, but I didn’t stop.

“That’s mine, return it!”

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Time and time again, he beat me down, but I kept at him. When he was tired, my face all bruised up, I got into his face, wretched a smile and said…

“Looking to die?”


The entire classroom went quite. The boys, girls, everyone seemed stained with fear.

Given his pause, I snatched the money from his hands, put it back into my wallet, and left.

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thanks for the chapter.


Thanks for the chapter… Ugh, I seriously can’t say that cheerfully, this chapter was really depressing…


^ I second this.

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Wha!? That all? Is it that’s all? Give back back my time of waiting for the update!?


Thanks for the chapter.

This is so over dramatic that it could only ever be a work of fiction. The author put way to much effort into unreasonable violence and victimizing the protagonist that I can’t even take this seriously.


Incorrect, you are very innocent to think that is overdramatized, learn a little of how they are treated in Japanese society those who commit crimes (innocent or not).


Yup. It is as Darxsann said. That is how Japanese society works.


Japan sounds like a SJW haven, as long as society perceives you as evil you are.

The who does not know his own name...
The who does not know his own name...

Thats Nippon for you bro… This is pretty much the real s**t out there…


There is a word missing:

I bought all the textbooks again out of pocket with the my mother had left behind. ????

I think this chapter needs some editing, the other chapters had a better quality.


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Really depressing and annoying. If me i will beat them down everyone
1st hit i’ll keep silence
2nd hit i’ll give wryly smile and
3rd hit i’ll beat them down without except even if there girl. Eye with eye . word with word . blood with blood


is this dropped

BellCross Wolfstein

This is fcking stupid. If i were to have a classmate with the same issue as him. I wouldn’t think of him as a murderer. In fact i will think that he’s pretty lucky to kill someone older and stronger than him