Lone Harem Meister Chapter 6: Loner’s Connections

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Lone Harem Meister Chapter 6: Loner’s Connection

Note: Discussion on picking up Loner Harem Meister and chapters 1-5.

Note 2: Things will have some slight differences made from the original to help readers differentiate who is speaking when there are multiple people. The translation won’t be exact.

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Onee-chan harem arc


I overcame the commotion at lunch break, and started on my part-time job after I finished school.

“We have 75 orders in total today. Same as usual.”

Because it was Monday yesterday, last week’s summary on our sales had already been made; and since that was done, I could finish up after making the table regarding our orders and revenue. Therefore, I was done in a little more than an hour.

“But… Tomorrow is the spring task reevaluation test, isn’t it?.. Even though I have learned a lot, and it should not be a problem at all, but I’m worried about my desk. I’m worried it’s been changed.”

  As one would expect, I couldn’t take a test without a desk, and as I grumbled, the list was finished. I worked for 1 hour and 20 minutes today, huh? Well, if it’s just today, it should be fine…

“Yuki-san, the order list is finished.” I called out

“Thank you kindly. What will you do later?”

“Today I’m studying for tomorrow’s test.”

“Please ask me if there’s something you don’t know. I’m confident in helping you as long as the topic is Japanese.”

  As expected, Yuki was quite smart. She was also a graduate from a National University.

“Then I’ll be relying on you.”

 While I was checking the set of questions tasked for spring, I focused on the things I couldn’t get right. I was doing this because I wanted to enter the 20th rank for this school year. When I was a junior, I had entered into the top 15, but to enter a national university, I need to work a little harder to be safely situated since it’s practically impossible without more effort given all the competition.

“It’s my pleasure, you can count on me.”

  As I looked up, someone entered the shop. It was the school nurse from this morning. Hinata-san.

“Oh, Hinata-san. How may I help?” Yuki-san asked.

“There’s been a small matter on my mind, and I wanted to discuss it. I came here to talk privately if Yuuki-san is here.”

“Are you and Yuuki acquaintance?”

“More or less. Yuuki came and saw me at the infirmary today.”

Oi! Don’t say that! Because I don’t want her to have to worry so much over yesterday’s incident. Since the only person who’s seriously worried about me is here.

“So, Yuuki-san, you’re really not feeling well, huh?”

Looking at me with such an anxious face…  I really want to hide that affair from earlier so… I lied.

“It’s all right, I just went to the infirmary because I was asked to do something by my teacher,” I told her.

“Is that so?…”


“Now,” Hinata-san interrupted, “since that’s settled, the reason why I came here today was because I wanted to be introduced to someone.”

 Someone? But there’s rarely anyone that comes to this shop, and Hinata was the first visitor for today. At the beginning of work, I heard from Yuki that nobody else had come.

“Someone? I’m sorry but, which person would that be?” Yuki-san asked.

 I understood Yuki-san’s confusion. We had to wait for more details to get a better grasp at what was going on.

“Let’s see… Speaking from the beginning, there was supposed to be a student council sponsored flea market in June, but it’s difficult to understand how it works. So we are looking for someone who’s familiar with it.

“I see… In other words, introduce you to an acquaintance that is flea market staff, and you want to ask them for their opinion.”

“That’s about it.”

 Hmm… Certainly this is the right place to ask about a flea market. Selling used books was generally quite troublesome at times, so selling them at flea markets were the best way of getting rid of that stock.

Yuki thought for a bit, but then said, “I’m sorry, but I cannot think of anybody.”

“Wait, Yuki-san, if it’s just one person she’s looking for, then I have someone in mind.”

“Really? Even someone you think might be able to help, would be great.”

“It’ Miyamoto oji-san from second hand clothes shop. Because that person, until about 3 years ago, is the one who has been responsible for the flea market around this region.”

“Oh?” Yuki-san seemed lost.

 So Yuki-san didn’t know. Even though I and Yuki-san work together, with the scale of the market became larger every year, it’s was not unreasonable that she did not know. We’ve met plenty of people. Especially given that Yuki-san never remembers anything that doesn’t interest her, it was even more likely.

“It’s probably because at the flea market I am the one who does most of the talking, and since you didn’t seem interested much in that way of doing things, you never put it to memory.”

Hinata-san chuckled, “Sounds very Yuki-san like. Moreover, Yuuki is the one selling on flea market day too?”

 As expected Yuki-san only shows things to her friends. On the same street, while I’m serving customers, Yuki-san would leisurely be reading a book. Well it’s no problem, because I was also felt good just by her being there.

“Somehow I’m not convinced. I participated too.”Yuki-san’s pouted angrily. She’s cute when she inflates her cheeks like that. A feast for the eyes.

“If it’s Miyamoto oji-san, he should understand how it works, and probably know who’s responsible for the recent flea markets,” I said.

Hinata-san sighed with releif. “We’re saved. Now I can give good news to the student council president.”

“Good for you. I’m glad I could be of help.”

“Then I will company Yuuki to study for the test too.”

 Unexpectedly, even the school nurse. Well, since it’s the school nurse it’s probably not unfair, so it’s okay to get taught.

“Can I ask you then?”

“Just leave it to me.”

“Then I’ll make dinner.” Yuki-san prompted. “Yuuki-san and Hinata-san, we’ll eat together.”

 That would be helpful. If i don’t have to make a meal, it will increase my study time.

“Then Yuki-san, I’m in your care.”

“Ahh! me too.”

 Hinata-san and I started to study, preparing for tomorrow’s test.

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