Lone Harem Meister Chapter 7: Loner’s Childhood Friend

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Lone Harem Meister Chapter 7: Loner’s Childhood Friend

Note: Posted a day early out of Holiday Spirit. Usually the schedule is every Thursday. Don’t get used to it. *winks*

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The test had ended, and I began to go through my usual routine, heading out

“Just when I thought the desk was clean, they vandalized my locker. These guys never learn, do they?” I mumbled to myself.

Having things like this done to me all the time, I guess that makes me quite popular, huh? Maybe I should become a great entertainer. Apparently I have the talent.  Though there’s no way that could happen.

“Anyway, I should hurry or I’ll be late to work”

As I had changed into my outdoor shoes and was just about to head off, I bumped into a female student. Her name was Harukawa Shana.

“Oh look who it is; long time no see. Even though you’re just trash, it’s quite good of you to still come to school,” she cursed as she saw me. Harukawa Shana was Saeko-san’s daughter. Her personality wasn’t similar to Saeko at all, but it could have been their similar looks, but I still found her quite cute. She kept her brown hair up in a bun which made her pop out from some of the others.

“Still the same terrible person, I see.” I replied. “Was there something you needed from me?”

I waited for speak as she came closer, the glare she directed at me intensifying. If you’re glaring, then don’t come closer… Or was it because of bad eyesight that you can’t see my face?

“It seems you met with my mom recently!” She finally said.

“Ah, yeah. Just for a while on the day the garbage truck came. It was just some small talk. Nothing much.”

“During dinner yesterday, and the day before too, she would always talk about you. I was so annoyed!!”

So my presence annoys my former classmate? Too bad.  Not my problem.  

“Even if you say that, it’s your problem with your mother. Nothing I can do.”

“It’s troublesome!” She yelled.

Isn’t it better if you just go to the infirmary. If you have problems you want to get off your chest, just talk it over with Hinata-san, why don’t you? I, on the other hand, do not have the time to deal with you. If this goes on, I’ll be late for work.

“In any case, just talk to your mom. This is between you and her. Now, I have things to do, so I gotta go.”

“So Yuuki is going to leave like this, huh?” someone interrupted.

This voice…  That’s Imori Naoya, Shana and my childhood friend, isn’t it? Shana and Naoya have been dating for a while now. Naoya was the Japanese representative of the U18 in soccer. He was smart, talented, and handsome. A winner in life.

“Oioi… It’s not that i’m running away, I just have things to do.”

“I see… As usual, you just keep to yourself, don’t you? Being a Loner. I can’t stop laughing at how we ended up, with us being so different.”

Hmph! Don’t underestimate a loner. I did housework; financial management, and more all alone, y’know. But those words never passed my lips, saying only, “And, is that all you want to say to me? If so, I have an errand to take care of, so I’m gonna go.”

“Just one more thing. Look at your situation. Why don’t you just go to a different town?”

A smile etched on my face; I was calm when I heard him. It was true, wasn’t’ it? I could leave, but it was never something I thought about too deeply. Clothing, food, housing was available right here. There was just not enough of a benefit to leaving.  However, there was one thing that I was sure of…

“There’s no reason to tell you, Naoya. Why should should I tell a person who just makes fun of me. Besides, there’s no reason to teach a fool that would never understand. “

Before I started to walk off, I saw Naoya’s face turn red. He was calm when he had spoke earlier, but I practically just cursed at him. Of course he would get angry.

“Not much time or I’ll be late to work… Going to have to run.”

I found it bothersome as because of this ordeal, I was likely going to be late. Thinking about it, this never happens to me.

“And, that’s the reason you became so sweaty?” Yuki-san asked me. After I had arrived at the antiquarian bookshop only a minute ago, just before I was supposed to start, I had told Yuki what had happened.

“Well it’s okay if you’re only a little late. Then, I will create the order sheet.”

“Wait a minute. Please. Use the shower.”

Apparently, It looks like Yuki-san hated how I smelt. I was slightly hurt at that.

“…Alright, and I’m sorry. From now on, I will bring an air freshener for the body odor.”

“Eh…? What do you mean?”

How do you not understand?

“It’s not like I hate the smell of sweat, y’know. It’s just you may catch a cold if you leave it like that. “

“If that’s the case, I’ll use your shower then. Thanks.”

Usually a loner would be told not to approach because of their smell at a time like this, but.. aah…. this is seriously embarrassing. A loner’s resistance is zero. In addition, since Yuki-san didn’t seem embarrassed from what she just said, and I seem to be the only one who is conscious about what she just said, it makes it even more embarrassing for me just thinking about it.

“Alright. When you’re done with the order sheet, would you have time to spare?”

“Yes, I will.”

“Then I’ll be waiting.”

I will have time, but… I wonder what this is all about. She gonna give me a sermon? Or is it about a new job? Well, I don’t know what I don’t know. So for the time being, I’ll just shower and make the list.

After about an hour had passed, I headed to meet Yuki, bringing along the finished sheet.

“Yuki-san, it’s finished,” I called out.

“Is that so? Then let’s talk for a bit.”


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What is it that she wants? Somehow it felt as if I was being called out by a teacher without fully understanding what was going on. Well, let’s just sit down and start discussing whatever this was.

“Is there something the matter?”

“Well… I am 26 years old this year.”

“I see…, and how is that related?”

It troubled me that she just told me her age all of a sudden.

“My relatives are persistent in their desire for me to marry. I’ve been wondering what I should do.”

Is this something you should ask a student? More of a question that a dependable adult could answer. Well, if that’s the problem, it puts me on edge since I’m not really good on such issues.

“Uuuhh… How about you try and speak to Hinata-san?” I suggested.

“Hinata-san, huh? If you say so, I’ll try call her and see what she says.”

Somehow though, if this fails, I felt like it would end up being my responsibility. Yuki made the call, and it connected immediately.

“Hello this is Yuki…” she began.

She was speaking to Hinata, but I couldn’t hear what was said from the other side. I only wished that Yuki could get what she wanted about of this, and it would all be resolved properly.  I felt I would be somewhat responsible if something went wrong, and I did not want that.

“Yes, Hinata-san. Thank you very much”

The call’s ending. Did it work? Was she able to get help? Well, it is Hinata, I’m sure it went Ok.



Yuki-san faced me, our eyes locking onto each other. As we sat there like that, my hands began to sweat. I was nervous.

And then she said it…

“Yuuki-san, let’s get married.”

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