Lone Harem Meister Chapter 9: Loner’s Past Dream

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Lone Harem Meister Chapter 9: Loner’s Past Dream

Made it just in time for Thursday’s release, EST.

I want to remind you that we edit in a way to make sure you understand what’s going on. So, the format may differ slightly than the original, especially if there are more than just one person in the conversation, that way you can tell who is who.

Edited by JFantasyBooks.

“… -san! Yuuki-san!! “

I was shaken awake as someone called my name.

“…Yuki-san?” Why is she here? Shouldn’t the door be locked…..? “Yuki-san? How?”

“I opened it with a wire.”

Umm….. an illegal trespasser came in, should I call the police? And Yuki knows how to pick a lock, huh?  This is the first time I’ve heard of it.

“My apologies … if I don’t make tea…” I uttered weakly.

“That’s not important right now. Let me move you to the futon.”

She lent me a shoulder, helping me stand; I was thrown on the nearby sofa to lie down. Aahh… I have been a bother to my boss. This is the worst.

“Where can I find the towels and sleepwear?” She asked.

“The towels are at the wash basin. Sleepwear is at the place of the laundry basket in the next room.”

I was grateful for the help, but why come here? Yuki should have been at work.

“Please wait a while. I’ll get some for you right now, and in the meanwhile, measure your body temperature.”

She passed me the thermometer and then left to prepare me the fresh set of clothes. Seeing her act this way, I could tell she would probably be a great wife in the future. I seriously envy the guy who would end up being married to her. If only I could find a fraction of such happiness.

“Alright, how is this?”

“It’s fine. Thank you very much. Sorry for troubling you.”

“It’s okay. More importantly, how do you feel?”

I looked at the thermometer. Uwahh… It reached 38° C (100.4 ° F) . If my body is this, well… will I be able to make it?

“Yuuki-san. Please change your clothes. Stay lying though when you do. I will help with the laundry, so when you’re done, just rest.”

I was certainly thankful for the offer, but I couldn’t allow myself to be a bother anymore than this. I was grateful enough as it was.

“It’s fine. I will do it later. I think you should be going back to work, Yuki-san. It’s just a cold. I should be able to make it somehow, even if it’s by myself.”

“…That’s no good. Yuuki-san, look at yourself. You can’t do it alone.”

“Well, I am grateful for the concern, but from here on out, I’ll try and make it on my own.”

“…ible y’know”

Hmm? Just now, what did she mutter? I couldn’t make it out, but…

“Impossible! Why can’t you understand!? The way you are now, I can’t just leave here like this!”

That was the first time I saw it. Yuki-san so angry that she showed her deepest feelings so outright. But, I couldn’t allow myself to be spoiled here. Because ever since that day, I had decided… Regardless, it doesn’t matter, I don’t deserve her help.

“I’ll be fine even if I am alone. Since i’m the one who understands my body the best, I know I can make it somehow.”

“If you understood, then why did you fall sleep in the corridor?!! With your current body’s condition, you obviously couldn’t even move, could you?!”

Saying so much for my sake made me really happy. But accepting her kindness.. I.. I don’t have that right. That’s why no matter what you say, Yuki, It won’t change my mind.

“I can,” I ended up saying, “So, Yuki-san, please go to work. Since i’m not there, it’s no good if you don’t make the order table,” I said it as gently as could, not diverting my eyes from her.

“Forget it! Yuuki-san, don’t ever show your face again!!”

And she left just like that. I know I’m the lowest of the low. I understood the situation, but even so, this loneliness is the only thing I couldn’t let go.

“Hah…. let’s change then lie down.” I muttered to myself. “This is tiresome, as expected.”

First I changed clothes; then I fell asleep on the sofa, not even trying to bring myself to bed.

I dreamt when mother and sister still alive…

“Okaa-san! Today I got 100 points on the test!”

“Oh, amazing. Then should I make Yuuki’s favorite hamburger, I wonder,” Mother said gently as she patted my head. She smiled, and my heart filled with warmth.

Her name was Yuri. She was gentle and kind, and so unthinkable that even now it seemed like she was going to disappear at anytime. But all in all, I can mostly only remember that she was very beautiful, and although we did not have much money, I can still remember it was a home full of smiles and happiness with just us three.

“I’m home.”

“Welcome back, Manami,” my mother would call.

“Welcome back, onee-chan,” I would say as well.

“Yuuki, you seem to be in a good mood today,” she had said.

My sister and me had a two-year-old difference. At the time I was in sixth grade, so my sister would have been in the second year of junior high. She was a healthy girl. Active, beautiful, and intelligent. She was particularly great at sports; and an influential peer who was selected to U15 basketball. She was stylish as well, so much so that you could compare her to a model, and her beauty was enough that it was on par with an actress. She was super popular.

I, on the other hand, was more of the reserved type. Much more than I am right now. I liked books, and liked being able to knit and making sweets at home. But even though my personality was quite opposite to that of my sister, since there no expectations from me to be like her, life was pretty easy going.

“Un! I got 100 points on the test! ”

“Heee, good job!” My sister, unlike my mother, would rub my head hard, *washawasha*. Even so, I liked it. My hair would always end up a mess, but, I wanted welcome the affection my family gave me.

“Manami, you ruined my precious hairstyle,” I pouted.

“A man isn’t at all wild if his hair is at least not like this,”

Mother took out a comb from her chest pocket, “Seriously….. come here, Yuuki, I’ll fix your hair for you,”

At the time, I thought that our ordinary life would continue like that.

But I was wrong.

I returned home from school one day. I still remember it. The awful silence as I opened the door. I walked in and slowly opened the door to the living room.

I screamed.

My mother laid there, bloody, fallen to the floor while her internal organs spilled out, and my sister’s right arm and the left leg had been cut off, her neck slit, and her head almost completely severed. She just laid there on the desk, unmoving.

“You saw, didn’t you?”

Noticing my scream, the killer got up from over my mother’s dead body. He turned and approached me slowly, a saw held in each hand. Fear gripped me then. I couldn’t move, and I remember how I was falling back, the strength gone from my legs.

“So, you’re Yuri’s child too, huh? I’ll take care of you.”

If I keep falling like that, in due time, I’ll hit the wall, the thought flashed across my mind. If I hit the wall, I’ll just end up being killed. From the corner of my eye, I saw the small sickle used to mow the lawn within arm’s reach.

“Die,” he said.

And as I watched the saw being swung down towards me, in that instant, I finally moved.


I grabbed the sickle and raised it over my head, and with a swing, the left hand of the killer was cleanly sliced off.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!” The killer roared.

Seemingly unable to withstand the pain, the killer dropped the saw in his other  hand. But, I didn’t stop here. I was so scared, tears blurring my sight. I didn’t even understand what was going on. But, somehow I inherently knew, that if I didn’t kill him, I was going to die. And so, I swung again.

“Diiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!” I roared.

At some point I remember the sickle never swung down. Looking back, I noticed a police officer had caught my arm. My listless eyes swept passed the mirror at nearby entrance hall, and I remember how I looked. My whole body stained red with blood.

“I am so sorry,” the female officer had said, “sleep now.”

I lost consciousness as I was hit from behind.

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< Property of Fantasy-Books.live | outside of it, it is stolen.

… And the dream ended.

Author’s note:

I’m sorry!! The part time boss  became oni in the oni….. .going back alone……The update probably will be in two or three days. I am really sorry!!

We look forward to comments and evaluation! Thank you for your support!!


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Whoa that’s sad….


:O what a twist – Thanks for the chapter


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whoa suddenly dark past..


What a hat, Yuki broke into his house because she was so Worried about him that she skipped work and he Chases her away and because of that he got fired and she won’t be part of the Harem


Thanks for the chapter!
“At the time I was about six, so my sister would have been in the second year of junior high.”
He should be in sixth grade for this to make sense.

Also, since I had an in-depth discussion about hits to the solar plexus, I have been unable to take such common scenes in anime seriously. It’s a shame, but that took away all the tension for me.


Thanks for the valuable comments, I made the changes. I only TL-check when it doesn’t make any sense, otherwise I leave the Cursed Sleepy Team to do their thing, so some mistakes do get through.


 ( ´・ω・) ∫ Thanks!
 //\ ̄ ̄旦\  Nepu!!
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Kaede Nika Suvorsky

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