Magical Tournament

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Magical Tournament

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Author: Ale Cole
Editor: Nemesis
Host: JFantasyBooks

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*This work is edited starting from volume 8.


Once, the CEO of Schwan Enterprises, Alan Deere, said: “A world totally in peace… Isn’t it boring?” ; thus 20 years ago he created the ultimate sport to bring fun to this peaceful world.

Every year, people from all over the world between late 14 and late 16 are chosen to participate in the legendary tournament held by Schwan Enterprise; The Rise of the Black Swan. With the aid of the newborn “Magic & Skills”, the challengers every year pursue their desires. With certain limitations and rules, the “Participants” are free to roam as they wish.
The Siblings Engel and Brunnhildr Falsch, neglected by their newlywed father and living a life of trust  in each other, decided to register in the “Rise of the Black Swan Tournament” to pursue their dream of an independent life. Both being selected as participants, decide to aim for the top and win the Tournament… But they never expected their adventure to become an impressive race in other world.

Action, Fantasy, Romance , Original,


At least 1-2 chapters a week.

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