Magical Tournament Vol. 7 Prologue: Schiene (Rail) – Was it destiny?

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Prologue: Schiene (Rail) – Was it destiny?

Teil Ein.

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“Who is it? Eh? Carol, Laura, what are you doing here?” Asked Valeriya who had just opened the door.
“W-We heard Enge- I mean, you’re moving out so we came to pay a visit.” Said the girl named Laura while holding a basked with muffins.
“Ohh… Okeey… Then come on, get in, get in!” She said with a complicated expression.

Laura was a third year in Valeriya’s school and Carol is Valeriya’s classmate.

“Well then… Engel is out at the moment. He said something about going to the bakery in the neighborhood or something, so he should be back soon.” Said Valeriya while leading her senior and classmate.

“You can sit in the living room, Oh, and let me present you. They are Karen, Vanessa and Brenda; Engel’s classmates. Italia and Jane are from Engel’s same year. Lara is the neighbor and Liza from the other side of the city. They have come to visit too. PL-A-SE TA-K-E A SE-AT.”

Said Valeriya with a smile in her face…. Even though her eyes were not smiling at all.

“Is something wrong Valeriya?” Said Yozora who was leading the girls. They were coming from the backyard.

“Naaay’… But, can you all come here for a moment?” She said while a dark aura was being release by her.

“What’s going on?” Asked Aleksandra, who had a moderate relationship with Valeriya.

“Well, let me tell you something- By this time all of you know about Engel being… How do I say it… Not being held in a good position by people.” Voiced Valeriya as fearing that these otherworldy girls didn’t know about things as “popularity” and such.

The ones who were with her were Yozora, Alize, Haven, Cale, Aleksandra, Lilya, the little girls, Ileana, Seara, Avalon and Leslie. They al were wearing the trendy and fashinable clothing they bought with Markus’ help.

They all, except the little ones, nodded.

“Right. Well, there were various reasons for it, but one of them was the hate that other male students held towards him. All this hate came to him because many of the most… Attractive and appreciated girls favoured him.” She added and the girls listenes attentively.

While Valeriya was explaining, the group of girls on the living room were in a panicked state.

“Karen, Vanessa and Brenda right? What is going here? Who are those outstanding girls?” Asked Laura, the one who brought over the muffins.

“I don’t know. The first one to come was this girl Liza, the souless girl there.” Replied Vanessa, a blonde girl with a certain “popular” aura around her.

“She did come from the other side of the city? How come Engel made it there?” Muttered Lara, the neighbor; still, all the other girls heard her low voice.

“Anyways, those girls sure are high-spec. In special that one with the pink contact glasses. Is as if she was geneticlly order-made by the goverment or something.” Added Karen, a quite gloomy girl who shared some interests with Engel.

No way she would know that Yozora’s eye color was natural.

“I wouldn’t actually deny if someone told me they are angels or something.” Added Italia, a girl who came from Spain and had quite the boyish features.

“Alright, Laura, you brought some muffins so you would like to share them with us?” Asked Valeriya who had ended to explain some circumstances to the girls in her side.

“I am going to make some tea.” Said Leslie politely and went to the kitchen. This left Laura no room to refuse offering the muffins she had exclisvely brought for Engel.

Then Valeriya and the others sat in front of Engel’s acquitances.

“Good day, my name is Yozora Sakurai and am a very good friend of Engel. These ones besides me are-…”

Like that, Yozora presented herself and the other girls. They all had tea and talked about lots of things concerning Engel.

After a par of hours, Engel’s acquitances bid farewell to Valeriya and co.

As they all waked to the nearest bus station, Liza finally talked.

“Did you notice?” She asked to the other girls who actually, were in the same state as her.

“Yeah… Overwhilming.” Said Italia.

“Lara, weren’t you their neighbor?” Added Laura.

“Yes… I didn’t know they were there.” Replied Lara.

“No, I mean you live in the other direction.” Said Laura.

“I know…”

There was no other conversation about anyhting until thay all separated.

That day at dusk, there was an unsaid decision, they all gave up on Engel.

One could say that their love was by no means “less” than Yozora and co, but, what about Engel?

They had spent 3+ years at most chasing him without bearing any fruits. Now, out of nowhere some gorgeous and quasi-perfect girls appeared and took the lead in who knows how many days.

They were all elegant, beautiful, cute, impressive, level-headed, and who knows how many possitive adjectives were to describe them.

Still, their beautiful appearance was not enough to make those girls give up; what gave the final strike was-

That all they, of course except the small ones, were seriously aiming for him. In no way those beauties would bother with “commoners” like them.

They had totally lost.

Of course, their “fight” didn’t end with the ring of the bell; There had to be a K.O on top of it. Liza was the one to notice from Valeriya’s subtle words- Engel favoured these girls. After so much time chasing after him, and out of the blue learning that he had “given” his “heart” to these unknown girls was too much for them.

There’s no such thing as “to this extent amounted their love”, but the harsh reality was that these girls reached their limit.

There was no room for them on Engel’s life anymore.

Teil Zwei.

The same day at night, Valeriya was meditating on her bedroom.

What happened on the day was by no means a rough battle nor a life-treathing situation, but it was something hectic for her as a maiden in love.

(It was hard to shoot such sly skills, but it was worth it. There has to be a bad one here.) She thought while staring at the ceiling of her room.

(The mobs were cleared from the road… No there is left the boss and cheat characters…) Valeriya was someone fond of games, so when meditating she would add some slang to her vocabulary as no one could hear her.

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

(Among the ones here, Yozora is the strongest. She has everything Engel likes, plus her own merits… The others are strong bosses but with some effor I may be at their level… Also there are other hidden characters here and there from his travel…)

As she was thinking how to beat her “enemies”, she noticed that her plans would be put on hold due to they going to [Camellia Academy].

(Still, there will only be one at the end… I heard Yozora say that in the other world poligamy was accepted; but no matter how incredibly famous you are- Here on earth a harem is something not possible at all… There can only be one and only winner…) Thought Valeriya as she fell asleep swimming on her thoughts.

Not at all she thought that Engel would dissapear from her life in less that 6 months, or that a hidden boss as strong as Penance or Yiazmat would appear to steal the march on all the girls in one go.

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