Matou Vol 8 Chapter 4: Upsetting Reunion

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Part One.

After Leslie became conscious of herself, Engel, who had changed again into his white hair, took her to his apartment. Nonetheless, he repaired what he broke with his [First Moon] and apologized to the Vice-Chief.

But even with a recovered Leslie, Yozora was quite mad at him for just doing as he pleased.

At the same time of Engel visiting Leslie, above in the sky, another ‘insane’ matter was happening.

Due to Ártemize and Frederica being out with Aleksandra to solve their business, Shirayuki and Asher were the ones who had control over the [Triskelion].

Still, Engel and co. being under strict watch and being busy reuniting with their beloved ones after a long time, completely forgot about the stealth airship. Noting that in a long time they haven’t returned, there were a couple of people who were upset about the situation. Two of them, being really bratty about it.

“Where is him… Where, where? Why can’t I get out? Please Asher let me go! At least let me have a glimpse of him!!”

“Calm down Shirayuki. Engel will come back. The only thing we ought to do is wait for his grand return.”

“Ye aint the proper one to talk about patience after what happened a while ago. I also am frustrated because Lene hasn’t come too, but ye two are another story.”

Indeed, the one who is right now in the corner talking as if cursing is Shirayuki, while the other, pretending to drink tea from an empty, half broken cup is Autumn, and the one reprimanding them, is Alexa who is next sister Asher.

“I have the last word on this, and I say that you mustn’t leave this place. Also, what are you doing here Autumn? You still haven’t repaired the furniture you broke.”

At Asher’s words, Autumn stiffened.

“I-It’s not like I have time controlling abilities, do I?”

“In Izaak’s workshop there should be plenty enchanted materials and tools to work. It doesn’t have to be pretty, I just want to see you repenting your actions.”


“Go now, please.”


And so, Autumn left the kitchen, where they were gathered.

The incident that they are talking about happened early in the morning. Autumn was rampaging while demanding to be next to Engel as his loyal subordinate. She was in the common area and started to break things one after another. It took Charlotte, Carlisle and Asher to stop her.

After her rampage, Shirayuki as the late starter she is, started to sweep about the same situation.

And so, after Autumn ‘calmed down’, Asher sent her to fix what she broke.

No one had tried to say it before as Autumn wouldn’t listen to anyone besides Asher, Shirayuki or Engel. She would abide to the other gods but she would feel itchy, and only seldom listen to the others in the same position as hers.

“What do ye think they’re doin?” Asked Alexa after Autumn left.

“People like us wouldn’t understand… We didn’t have nothing back I our worlds, we left nothing to come with them.”


“We’re the opposite of them. They fought, strived and looked forward to come back to this place, their own world. Engel and his companions spared no effort to come here, so even if they have a month or two without any contact towards us, it’s alright; they deserve such liberties.”

Under Alexa’s gaze, Asher gave her opinion on the situation.

“But it still bothers, right?” Added Shirayuki while still facing the corner.


“No comment, huh.”

And so, no one dared to talk about the topic anymore. In fact, Asher too wanted to go out and explore together with Autumn and Engel, but held herself back in order to follow Engel’s request.

“Wait a minute…”

Then, Shirayuki stopped sulking and directed her words directly to Asher.

“You sent Autumn to Izaak’s workshop… But aren’t there tons of artifacts who can send her to Engel?”

Shirayuki, while thinking in how to go to Engel’s side without anyone noticing, recalled where they had sent Autumn.

“Oh fuck.” Said Alexa as she also found possible Autumn would just ignore their words and go look for Engel in any moment.

Part Two.


“Take this. I don’t know about the size but try it.”

Said Yozora after Leslie had taken a bath. She reeked from months since not taking a bath, and even though it was upsetting for Leslie, Yozora obliged her and Engel to listen her 3-hour long lecture with the stench.

“T-Thanks…” Replied Leslie while she tried the black, one piece dress with an imprint of green leaves.


“Don’t ask. Buying a lot was one of the things I did to avoid feeling bored.”

Replied Yozora to Leslie’s inquire. Yozora knew that such piece of cloth didn’t fit her personality, or looks as well as it would other clothing with a different range of colors.

When Leslie finished dressing, they both went out of Yozora’s bedroom- Or so it was supposed to.

“Wait a minute.” Said Yozora while holding the elf’s shoulder.


“Leslie, after all that has happened- I’m glad you are fine now. I have just lectured you both and all, but that doesn’t mean I’m unhappy that you’re back.”

“That much I know, and Engel as well. There’s no need to apologize or justify yourself.”


“It’s alright. We should head back.”

And after the small exchange, the two beauties went to the living room, where Engel had just finished to serve the breakfast on the dining counter.

“Oh my, it smells good.” Said Yozora.

“…… I-I’m starving…” Added Leslie while holding herself in order to not to devour the food Engel had prepared.

“Of course it does; go and eat. I’ve improved my skills for a long time so I’m a full-fledged househusband!”

“…. I’m starving….”

And so, Engel’s brag was simply ignored by Leslie. Yozora had already have her mouthful of Engel’s home-cooking, so it was no surprise for her.

“Sorry, but I will have to talk with you as we eat.” Said Engel while seating on the opposite side of the counter.

“Well- Due to the [Space-Time Tremor] human lifespan was extended, people migrated from [Bereich], the world was fragmented and greedy people rose to important positions… Am I right in this summary?”

“You are right…”

“And these motherfu… These ‘important’ people wanted to hold a higher hand against you who had gained power and kidnapped some of our acquaintances… And because our strongest forces are in [Bereich] there’s nothing to do…

The fuck are you doing?”


“No, I’m serious. Why, in the middle of a struggle for power you send your best assets? It’s true Aleksandra, Brunnhildr and you have become stronger but you people are not able to be everywhere. For any kind of situation, you need more than 3 people here!”


“I know this couldn’t be predicted but, still it’s frustrating how much of a narrow vision you had against greedy people…” Complained Engel, while throwing away the feeling of a peaceful breakfast… At least for two of them.

“Anwd swo, ywou want to hwelp?” Commented Leslie who was still devouring Engel’s food.

“Yes! I do want to help! The others too want to; is there anything we can do?”

“Something you can do? There is a lot we want to seek help from you five, but we want to solve most by our own accord; still, we can try and ask your assistance fo-“


Just as Yozora was explaining her intentions to Engel who seemed unshakable in his desire to help Yozora and co, the three people taking breakfast felt how the space was bending.

Engel as a [Dimensional Manipulation] master could feel any spec of space movement around him; Yozora was a step behind, but still was able to feel something related to the bending of space was happening, after all she was the user of [Phantom Stealth] which was able to translocate her body through certain dimensions.

Finally, Leslie as an [Elf] was very sensible to people’s magic aura; so behind the other two, she felt how someone had just entered the place the three were having a conversation.


And so, the three directed their attention to the intruder- A cute girl with silver hair in a ponytail, deep purple eyes and a really strong aura comparable to Yozora’s.


“My Liege!”

Cried the girl, Autumn, while throwing herself over the counter and embracing Engel.

By the way, Autumn had been seriously reprimanded by Asher long ago so she could stop saying “god” to Engel in the whole meaning and, she started to call him “Liege”.

Of course, this only applied in the outside. In her mind, there is no way she wouldn’t address Engel as her god.



Of course, this train of actions wouldn’t go without notice in front of Yozora and Leslie.

“What is going on, Engel?”

“Engel?! Who is she?!”

Respectively, Yozora and Leslie asked for explanations from the main suspect.

“She… She…” Engel then doubted how to address, Autumn, as he didn’t even know what she actually was to him.

“I’m his supporter!” Then eagerly announced Autumn without the intention to release Engel from her grasp.

“Autumn, release me please.” Said Engel.

“As you wish!” She said while letting him go.


Just when Autumn released Engel, the three once again felt the arrival of more people to their place.




Then, three more people appeared from the same place where Autumn appeared.

A mean-looking, red-headed girl with jeans, jacket and sneakers. A quiet-looking girl with gentle factions and a nun outfit and, a cool-looking, beautiful girl with a long, silky white hair, fair white skin and bright, silver eyes with a bit of ashen mixed in them. She wore a white one-piece dress with a gray cardigan and flats. Not to mention her body measures by no means inferior to Yozora’s.

At this moment, Engel had completely paled, not expecting such events unfolding before his eyes.

“Autumn! Do you know the consequences of your actions?” Pointed out the nun-dressed girl.

But as if ignoring all that, the most beautiful of them, the white haired girl, ran towards the pale-faced Engel.



As Engel’s brain was in a quasi-frozen state, he could only mutter the name of the unforeseen guest, Shirayuki, and stay still to be embraced by her.

“Engel! What is the meaning of this?!”

“?? Engel, who are this people?”

“Di-Didn’t I ta-talked to you about them?”

“No. Not at all.”

“We-Well… Thi-This is Shirayuki, one of the new companions I met amidst our travels… The other two are Asher, a nun I met and Alexa, Lene’s friend.”

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“I see. Nice to meet you.”

“Oh yes- Shirayuki, Asher and Alexa, these are Yozora and Leslie; I have talked to you about them if I’m not wrong.”

“Nice to meet you.”

“Nice ta meetcha’”

“I’m honored to meet you, ‘partners’ of Engel.”

“Wait- The way you said ‘partners’ annoys me.”

(Darn, she had to come up with her big attitude now of all days…)

While Engel thought so, Shirayuki looked down on Yozora and Leslie. Why? Because under the rules of her world, as well in the titles received by both, Shirayuki was Engel’s ‘legal’ wife.

It was less noticeable as they were all together and had spent massive amounts of time as a group, but Shirayuki, as a former [Princess], had an attitude befitting of a royalty. Even if she wasn’t exactly like a ‘trash noble’ would be, she had her fair amount of selfishness and pride.

“Why would it? I just said you two are his ‘partners’. What’s wrong with that?”

“That! That’s what is wrong! You make it seem as if we’re some concubines of a sort.”

“But, Is-“


“Shut up Engel, let her finish.”

“But it’s true. You’re his concubines.”

(Ugh!!! She already knows my relationship with Yozora!! Is she provoking her?!…)

“Concubines? What do you mean? I’m Engel’s wife! Who do you think you are?!”

“Me? I’m just… His ‘Legal’ wife. I’ve heard you haven’t married him, and just are ‘partners’; well, in my case, I can say I’m his [Wife].”

With a smug face, Shirayuki looked down onto Yozora and Leslie. Yozora was really put off with Shirayuki’s attitude towards her and how she acted with her ‘status’. Leslie had just gone out of a mental breakout so she didn’t even try to follow the conversation and was just trying to convince herself that the ‘generous’ hug Engel was still in, was not more than a friendly one.

To this, Engel could just stay silent and waiting for execution.

“Engel! Who is she?! Why does she say she’s your ‘Legal’ wife?! What is going on?! Why didn’t you tell me about her?!”

Asked Yozora while banging to counter with her hands. It showed how sturdy it was due to her hitting with her whole strength and it didn’t even budge.

“Well… She… HEY!”

Suddenly, Engel saw in the corner of his vision how Alexa and Asher left the place, running away from the situation.

(They will pay for this!!) Declared Engel in his mind.

Actually, what Yozora asked was valid, as Engel had avoided to tell any specific information about what really happened whist travelling thorough worlds, as well as the other [Lost Gods] did. They knew Yozora and co. were hiding something from them so they also decided to avoid to tell packs of information, which also included their actual strength.

“SO?!” Added Yozora with a piercing gaze as Leslie muttered her usual curse-like words.

“Ehhm… ‘Tee-hee-pero’?”

“It’s not funny if I don’t get it!”

And after a serious beating, Engel ended up telling Yozora everything concerning Shirayuki.


Part Three.

“Did you contact Brunnhildr?”


“What do I need to do?”


“What’s the root of-“


“Okay, okay! I won’t bother ye anymore!”

At this moment, Engel was preparing Lunch; Asher and Alexa had come back and disciplined Autumn for a while, before being invited to have lunch by Yozora. Of course, Shirayuki stayed too, but with the condition of staying as far as possible from Engel.

“Come on! At least tell me what will happen, if not I’ll have to as Lene.”

“Haa… Alright. This is the only thing I’ll say; I already contacted your sister, Aleksandra has blocked her channel so I couldn’t talk to her. Brunn will contact the other gods so on time she will talk to you.”

“… Thank you.”

Replied Engel to Yozora’s words and kept cooking. He was of course down due to Yozora not talking to him, but that was obvious due to the flow of events. Who wouldn’t get angry when his or her partner had an affair with someone else in a place no one knew?

Engel had already have a promise with Yozora that he would only have a relationship with Krestin, Lilya, Brookelle, Haven and Leslie. Others like Alize, Alex Cross, Cale, Flora, Serena Bones, Eita and even the Twin Dragons were extras, whose feelings towards Engel were either uncertain or not developed enough to be counted as a sort of ‘concubine’.

In [Bereich] due to the ‘common sense’ and ‘education’, it was the norm that strong people or people with a great position had many partners, either male or female. In the males case would receive concubines and, the females’ welcomed became ‘night partners’.

That’s why, Cale, Haven, Leslie, Yozora, Alize, the Twin Dragons and Lilya found no problem with there being a lot of girls for him- Even the Twin Dragons in their life before as [Cursed Dragons] had lots of ‘night partners’.

But either way, Shirayuki was someone not of the knowledge of the girls around Engel, this made it more of an ‘affair’ than ‘a new member’. It is known in [Bereich] that in big groups of concubines or night partners, they would hold a meeting in order to approve the new addition to the group and to advice the ‘partner’ if what is he doing is correct. Unbelievably, this happens more in the ‘night partner’ community than the ‘concubines’ side.

Thus, Yozora was so mad due to nor approving of Shirayuki. Her appearance, attitude and overly attachment to Engel were not to the liking of Yozora; not only because it was really similar to her, but also because he attitude of looking down on her, the ‘main wife’.

“It’s done! Everyone please go to the dinner table!” Shouted Engel as he finished his cooking.

“Let me help you to put the table then.” Said Asher, who had just entered the kitchen. Yozora had already left amidst the preparations of the lunch due to her ‘argue’ with Engel.

“Right! Alexa is here so I’ll call Lene.”

“Oh, don’t worry. I already called her a while ago. She said she was trying to bring up someone called Randolph from her insides… Which sounds quite disturbing, but she said you’d understand.”

“Randolph? Is she going to wake up that guy?- Sorry; I mean, I do understand what she means with that. Don’t worry, it’s not something weird at all. I’ll tell ye later about it.”

“Alright. I’ll wait for your explanation.”

“………. Stop right there.”


While Engel received the message from Lene about the ‘Spiritual Possession’, Yozora went to check how things were going, which she didn’t like at all. She noticed how a nice atmosphere was created when the two alone, so she stopped the tracks of their talk.


Then, out of the blue, Lene appeared in the kitchen with a cheerful salute. She had teleported herself with her [First Moon].

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

“How’ye doing people?” Asked Lene when she saw Yozora and Asher around. She heard the trouble that arose when Shirayuki and co. appeared to meet Engel from Asher, so she wasn’t an outsider to the situation.

“I’m trying to set the table, can you help me?” Said Engel as he took the plates from Asher’s hands and sent her to the living room. Yozora felt a little relieved when this happened, so she passed over her small jealousy and left together with Asher.

“I’m glad you came on time.”

“’re you?~ Yeah, yeah. Me too, I’m glad I came on time for lunch. Lemme tell ye, today I-“

And so, while setting the table, and talking with an speech influenced by Alexa, Lene started to have a small chat with Engel.

Yozora then turned back, deciding to forgive Engel at least for lunch, but-


She didn’t imagine what she saw… More like, she didn’t understand it. All she witnessed was Lene and Engel idly talking, but somehow, the atmosphere around them was completely different from what’s etched in her memories. Yozora knew Lene was Engel’s best female friend, but now, a sense of unease speared in her heart.

(Why do I feel… Tight in my chest?… Why do they look so… Happy and cheer though?…)

Said Yozora in her mind, while experiencing true jealousy for the first time and wondering the new and nice air around both Lene and Engel when together.

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