(Unedited) Magical Tournament Extra Edition: Plot Maker – Cast vs The Wall

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Extra Edition: Plot Maker – Cast vs The Wall

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First Meeting.

“And so, the first meeting after we came back to our world, is held!!!”




“What was that?”

“Don’t mind it! Let’s continue!”

Announced Engel in the unusually clean, dim lit room they always held their reunions in. Amidst their cries of acceptance, Izaak heard something unusual, yet Engel dismissed it as nothing.

“Alright; let’s begin. Fi- Hey, what are you doing?”

As soon as he was going to start, Engel noticed Lene was holding a 30 cm sandwich in her hands.

“Eating?” Replied Lene.

“Yes, I can see that, but why are you doing that here? It’s going to dirty all the place.” Said Engel.

“What? There’s no way that’s going to happen!” Retorted Lene to what she decided to give the first bite to her sandwich.


Then she frowned. That was because-

(I-Isn’t… Isn’t this just bread?!) She shouted in her mind. In that moment, she moved her sight to her desk.

Engel found strange her attitude and moved his sight along her gaze.  Then, he just facepalmed to what he saw. Lene was totally paralyzed of embarrassment. She had totally squeezed out the sandwich’s filling all over her desk and herself too.

Everyone noticed Engel’s attitude and looked towards Lene, only to cover their mouths in order to hide their laughter.

“And so, what’s next on the agenda?”

(She smoothly went over it?!)

Thought the seated people in their hearts while they found amusing how she decided to ignore her current predicament.

“I-I see… Well… There’s not much next. Just a few words the lazy motherfu-”

Suddenly, an [Antimagic Lightning] fell on Engel, making him pass out in the moment.


Amidst the thunder sound, a muffled voice could be hard, but the gods just thought it was Engel’s voice.

““““We told you already! Don’t badmouth the author!!””””

“Alright. It seems we have some words from our beautiful, powerful, sensua-asdñfhjaljdsafh!!”

“““And we’ve told you, to not to lick the author’s ass!!”””

And so, after Engel and Izaak received a small “Zapp”, the meeting was on hold for some minutes.

*10 minutes later*

“My god Kuniki-san what a hip movement!!”

Engel woke up out of the blue, surprising everyone around.

*5 minutes later*

“And now, it’s the time to announce the author’s… Words.” Said Engel properly.

“First… This section will be axed due to lack of resources. Quoting the author, I report: [I’m sorry, I got mentally blocked to make this section, as I’m naturally challenged to even make a proper joke. Forgive me.]

Well, the real reason is that watching Re:Zero while trying to write a comedy segments is totally stupid. Heh-”

Explained Engel with a smug face and throwing the papers on his hand to his back.

“Next is…” Added Krestin while looking at the papers in her desk.

“What comes next are simple notices from the author. He says there’s going to be some small changes in the format of the story.” Reported Krestin with a poker face.

“What are the changes?” Asked Izaak who had already woke up along Engel.

“Nothing serious it seems. Only that instead of the [Intermissions] we’re gonna get [Side Stories]; Not totally unrelated, these are going to tell any necessary and idle information about our time in our world odyssey, the time here on earth while we were gone or some personal story about a character. It’s going to be a replace, so ever 4 chapters in a volume there’s going to be a [Side Story].” Explained Krestin properly.

“I see…” Meditated Izaak.

“It seems that he’ll also change the [Special Transmissions] once again; Instead of 4 per volume, there will be 2 only.” Said Engel as he looked through the last page he had in his desk.

“So that’s all? Nothing more to say?” Retorted Lene while still dirtied by her food.

“”Yes; it seems so.”

“… Seems so…”

As Isold repeated Engel’s last words as usual, she noticed something as she was in front of him on the round table.

“Engel… Chair, taller.” She said with her broken speech.

“Oh, it’s true. Why though?” Wondered Lene while moving her gaze to Engel’s direction.

“Is it? Well, I didn’t notice. Not that it matter though.” Replied Engel with a half-smile.

“Lies. I can tell, you know why your chair is- Wait, you ain’t supporting you back on anything!! Damn this dim-lit room!” Added Lene while Engel looked unfazed, yet her back was sweating cold.

Krestin at the moment felt quite upset she didn’t get Engel’s smiles.

Then, Izaak who was next to him decided to look where he was seated-

“Dude… Are you serious?”

Said and buried his face in his hands. As Engel started to noticeably sweat, Lene decided to look too.

Engel, feeling danger for his life, tried to create a barrier in order to avoid Lene seeing his predicament but-

“Were ye to make a barrier, I kill you.”

Said without a shred of doubt nor compassion. Lene clearly sense him manipulating his mana so she warned him.

Engel stood there, unable to do nothing more than watch his demise.


Lene, with dead eyes looked to the immobile Engel who sweated a river.

“You are going to di-”


Shouted Engel as he ran away with his teleport and Lene, stopping time, chased after him.

“What the…”

Muttered Krestin as she stood up to see the place where Engel was as she was unable to understand what was going on. Isold accompanied her.

“We won’t be seeing him in a while…” Muttered Izaak while still in a double facepalm.

As soon as Krestin and Isold watched, they stood immobile in awe.

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As what they saw was the kneeled, in a dogeza style, Frederica and Shirayuki while tied in bondage, blindfolded and gagged. They both had ecstatic expressions while flushing red and uttering some sensual and indecent moans. A wooden table was placed over them as a seat for Engel to sit.

[Lene, did you find him?] [Indecent…]

And so, that was the day Engel was punished by 3 people for a whole week.

-End of the Meeting-

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