(Unedited) Magical Tournament Fouteeenth Intermission: Résultat (Result) – What’s truly inside you

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Hello, Alek here. This time I’ll take my time to write/say this.

Firstly, when you read this chapter, you’ll say- Oh his Marty Stu is strong! or maybe that I’m just vanagloriating my character… That aint it my readers… That aint it.

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All I did write this chapter is for the sake of development for three characters- Engel, Frederica and Autumn. (If you don’t remember her, you soon will).

This is one of the “patches” I’m leaving in order to repair the fiction. Please understand it and enjoy the read.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy the chapter!

PS: Sorry for my repeated use of the word “god” to my convenience. If any of you is a religious person, I ask your forgiveness and understanding.

Thanks for your read!

Fouteeenth Intermission: Résultat (Result) – What’s truly inside you



[Autumn’s POV]


There are things you can and cannot remember. That no matter how many times you try to either forget or remember, you won’t be able to execute those actions.


It’s not whether you need or want to- It’s about if you’re able or not to.


No wonder I can’t remember my parent. Did they love me? Did they loathe me? I don’t know; after all, I can’t remember.


Well, It’s not that I want to. I have better things to remember than an old life I know nothing about.


I consider myself to have born that day- The day I was purchased. The me who had no name received one. The me who was dirty was bathed until every nook and cranny was clean. The me who was starving was given food until I could say no more.


The me who was drowning in despair was rescued by him. By my god, Engel.


There is no exaggeration in my words. What is “god” exactly?


To me, “god” was someone who was always beside you, taking care of you, giving you happiness- Providing all you need and making your life and endless stream of happiness. Someone who could do anything and also put that everything for you. That’s what Asher taught me, that’s what Engel means to me.


There was a time, in the blank space in my memory, where I certainly didn’t believe in this existence, this “god”. Loneliness, hunger, filthiness, sadness, pain, anger… Despair. Even if I don’t remember anything previous to my encounter with god, I can remember the trace of those dark, black feelings inside me.


All that is definitely the opposite to what is “god”.


But now I no longer have those feelings… More like, I no longer experience them. All thanks to my god.


That’s why, there’s no way I can forget everything he has given me, and all we have passed together.




“What do we do with this little kid here, Engel? Look, she has become totally attached to you.”

“Don’t know… By the time let’s keep her here. Later let’s figure out what we’ll do. She also need port-treatment after all.”


I can say, that’s the first memory ever I have from my god.


When I was in the Slave Trader’s cart, I was half dead. I had no will to live or even the strength to breath properly. I was destined to die a meaningless death, just like an animal. I was probably going to be chopped in small pieces and be sold to the slums as fake Mantle Boar’s meat.


That’s where my so called destiny was changed. He appeared. I do not remember properly, but the feeling is there- The feeling of death approaching every breath and then- In a mere blink every trace of it disappeared.


I could feel warmth amidst the coldness of the whole world. He extended his hand and saved me from hell itself.


Well, I can tell it’s a “him” right now but in fact, I didn’t know who was the one who saved me. All I could tell is that someone’s hand reached to me and brought me back to the living.


The only thing I could tell at that moment, is to not to let go of the warmth he gave me for even a second.


Wait… Isn’t this turning a little poetic? Well, it may be from Asher’s influence, after all she’s like a gra-… No, sorry, a Sister to me.



Anyways- After I was saved by my god and taken care by him. I was taught how to talk, how to read, how to write, how to live as a person.


Day by day, the empty shell that was me slowly filled itself with a real consciousness.


Then, one day, I met with the other person living with us.




“Hello. How are you doing little girl?”


Is what she asked me the first time I met her- Seitenshi Shirayuki. The wife of my god.


By the time, I didn’t believe Engel was a god. I thought he was a noble or even a great sage who had picked me in a whim. But then I met his wife.


Engel had left in order to track some kind of potion and Asher had to go to buy groceries. So, before she left, she asked me to look for the person in the second floor.


I knew there was someone in there as the two of them constantly went there, but I never approached. I wasn’t allowed to, until that day.


“You’re the one whom he saved?” She asked to me with a gentle look.


It was strange. I could swear that who I saw in that bed was a living dead. Even if her gaze had some will in it, her body, looked completely destroyed.


Well, I can’t remember how I obtained that knowledge, but I inferred it- That maybe because I was also in the same state not much time ago, I could tell she was one step away from death.


“Ye-Yesh.” I replied awkwardly. After all, I could not remember the last time I opened my mouth to utter a sound besides a cry of pain.


“Look just how cute are you. Sorry to be in this state and make you help me.” She added to my awkward voice. I could tell by how she talked that this wasn’t her true character. I could feel some sort of caged beast within her.


“The-There ish no problem.” I said while I sat by her side.


I was told to stay with her and act according to her needs, so I didn’t have to do anything immediately.


But after a couple of silent minutes, she started to talk… And the first thing she said was- “You know, I came from another world.”


From there, she started talking about her home. How she didn’t feel fit in it. How she was raised as a princess, which she really disliked. She also told me how she met my god and they became a couple. She also told me about how he also became from another world and his companions were with him too.


I can remember I didn’t believe a single word she said. Of course, such fairy tales are just fake. Did she do it to relief my awkwardness or to break the ice between us? I couldn’t tell, but I could tell I was trusted by her.


After that, I became her guardian for when no one was there and when Engel came and he allowed me to.


We two became really good friends, and she kept telling me her stories. Everyday, with this exchange, my worship towards my god increased and my attachment to Shirayuki was on par with it. And then, that day came.




This won’t be long, because it’s one of the days I have a conflict with. I want to forget it yet I want to remember it.


The day I realized Engel was really my god and also the day I suffered the most.


I was seized by some unknown people with repulsive appearance. They looked just like the Slave Trader in my eyes. Despicable, dirty and carriers of despair.


They took me and made horrible things to me and to Asher. They tortured us until we couldn’t hold any longer and kept us conscious so we could continue to suffer. That continued for hours.


Until he arrived.


I could not quite describe it, but he came in like a mountain trying to crush ants… No, trying to crush fleas.


I was barely conscious- No, I was certainly unconscious, but there I regained a little bit of it when he arrived. Even if I tried to erase those words from my existence, it would be totally impossible to do so.


“Rejoice… This woman here surely wishes for you to live, but I won’t allow that. That’s why, I’ll only grant you a fast death.”


After that, everything was as if time was stretched to its utmost. Everything became slow. So slow as if I could see the flap of a fly’s wing.


Nevertheless, even when the world was so slow, Engel moved as if it was nothing. He shook his hand and out of nothing, several spears of light were created. Those spears, they disappeared again- Or that’s what I thought.


In a mere moment, a white glow invaded my view. When I looked over to the source of it, the man next to me, the one who was torturing me, I could see how the spear of light had pierced him.


In a mere moment, I could see how his very existence disappeared.


I had seen my god many times using magic, but never something like that. I did not even care whether a man had just dies in front of my eyes, all I could think was how beautiful those spears were.


After that I could listen his voice over and over, yet I could not figure what he said. Except that I could feel grief coming from him. I didn’t like it at all.


The thoughts in my mind that moment were- “Why is someone who has done so much for me feeling like this?” It just felt so wrong.


That was when I could feel his warmth once again. All my pain faded away and a gentle feeling embraced me.


Because of that, my consciousness which was in a grey zone suddenly came back. It took a while for me to wake up. I did lose a conversation between Asher and Engel, but then it happened- He revealed his true form.


I have no words to describe it.


It was not beautiful because it lacked the luster of the spears of light. Yet it was not simple because I had never seen something like a person with wings. They were peerless white, but it was as if life lacked in them. Fake, was the word I needed.


They were an only pair, but suddenly the shine they lacked was lit and shone like a small sun. These wings in the blink of an eye started to become something like dust and moved towards Asher, as if they had their own will.


That very moment, I saw it. How that pure white dust possessed Asher. I could see how her pained expression eased.


When I could see that relieved face of hers, I lost consciousness. As if what stopped my fainting was the fact that I was worried about her.


Later on, I discovered Asher had become young again thanks to what Engel did.


That was the moment when I recognized Engel as my god. He had always defied every ounce of my common sense but then I saw how he took the lives of the ones who didn’t deserve it, as well as give it to the ones who did, I was convinced he was a god. My god.




“How are you feeling?”


I was asked by a winged woman… An [Arche]. I’ve heard about them from the [Others], as well as from my god.


Moments ago, I was thrown by a strange explosion of white flames. It came so sudden I could not react. I passed out due to it and when I came to my senses, I was being held by her.


“I’m o-Ugh!”


(No good. I was hurt… I need to heal my-Eh?)


Strange. I [Mana] should be moving along my body yet my injuries aren’t being healed. I am not doing the process wrong, so why it isn’t healing me?


“Haha, I see. You weren’t told about it after all.” She said with a smug face. How vexing. I am supposed to be a subordinate of god himself. Why is there something I haven’t been taught by him?


Whether I can understand it or not, it doesn’t matter. I should know why I can’t heal it.


“What is it? Why can’t I heal it? Answer.” I reclaimed to her. To some extent, I could treat as my equal the other girls that serve their own god, yet this woman… Why is she that haughty?


Wait a moment… In the first place, why is this woman here?


“I can see in your face your doubts, but first I must fix this or it won’t heal in your lifetime. [Healing]”


And so, the burns that became almost black in my whole right arm, as well as a part of my torso were healed. I have resistance to pain so burns of that degree are easy to ignore.


Surprisingly, the injuries I couldn’t heal were easily repaired by her.


“Nice to meet you, my name is Frederica. I am Engel’s pe-… Aide, and I was told to come here by him. You must be Autumn; you’re the only silver haired around here.” She… Frederica said while giving me her hand.


I took it and stood up with her help.


She said she knows god personally, so I can let go her disrespectful behaviour to certain extent.


“So, how did you heal those wounds? Can you explain it to me?”


I asked to her.


“Hoo… I see, this is indeed a problem just as Engel says…”


What is she saying?


“Nevermind. Well, what affected you was-”


And just like that, I came to know about [Mind]. Oh how incredible, an energy capable of destroying the very existence of everything… Just fit to my god.


“I see… Indeed, a fearful energy.” I said calmly, while hiding my admiration to my god in my heart.


I could feel a strange gaze from Frederica, but I chose to ignore it.


“What about the others? What about Asher? Trya?” I asked. It was the obvious to ask about Asher of course. About the others… Well, their well being also bugs me a little.


“They are fine. Well, Asher is a little cold but it’s fine to that extent. He already fixed the airship. Really, it was remarkable how he toyed with time and space. I doubt he could do it with a human… Their mind….”


What is she mumbling about? Something god can’t do? Is she out of her mind?


“Hey hey hey… Be careful with your bloodthirst little girl. I don’t want to get violent with ye.”


Said Frederica while releasing a bigger bloodlust than mine. Ugh… She herself brought it upon her, it’s not my fault.


“…..” I just gazed myself and quieted down. After all, if we were to fight, it would mean trouble to my god and I definitely don’t want that.


“Good girl” She said while smiling mischievously


“Anyways, where are you taking me?” I asked.


Since the moment she helped me to stand up, we’ve been walking from where I was towards some place.


“To the dock. We need to take care of this airship after all. The ones uninjured are helping the ones who had not woken up. You’re the only one free so I’ll need your help in order to avoid this place being destroyed.”


Protect the airship? Why? My god must have taken care of the vermin that dared to fire this place.


“I can see in your eyes that worship for Engel, but believe me… That ain’t good at all..” Added Frederica as if she experienced by herself such thing.


But what does she know?! My worship is bad?! Is she out of her mind?!


“Calm down already- Still, Engel did take care of the one who blew up this place, yet, there is still a swarm of pests that threaten us.” Explained Frederica.


And so, she took me with her, to once again witness the strength of my god.




After a long fight, warding off those [Asterisk], they stopped coming. No; it’s more like we finished all of the nearby ones until there was any around.


There, it happened.


Strength as I have never felt it. Energy in another kind of level. Shivers I had never felt ran through my back.


Something was happening.


Then everything, as it started, ended in a single moment.


Due to our busy state of repelling the Asterisk, we didn’t notice. No, it was as if it appeared from nowhere- A gigantic limb.


Moreover, it was being cut by ice and fire.


After that, it disappears and strange traces of, almost indetectable, energy flowed through all the place.


There was no doubt that those were my god and his companions.


Then in the blink of an eye, an explosion roared in the skies. While the gigantic pieces of the monster that fell disappeared too.


I don’t have to ability of [Clairvoyance] or [Ultimate Vision], but I could clearly see it. How he was the one to slay that gigantic monster.


Once again, he showed me how powerful a god is. My god.


[End of Autumn’s POV]




(What do I do?)


Asked Engel to himself.


< Property of Fantasy-Books.live | outside of it, it is stolen.

He was in a state of panic.


It didn’t matter how fast his thought process was or how high his INT was, he could not think straight.


He knew that whatever kind of beast flew towards his world, without the protection of [Mind], would roam and destroy until it was satisfied.


The promise to his [Parallels], the handling of [Schwartz] and [Blau], as well as the state of [Triskelion], the investigation about Tsukuyomi’s identity… All those situations vanished from his mind, where only the feeling of protection and attachment were increased by tenfold.


In his mind, there was only one single course of action.


He increased his energy all he could and-


“I must go.”


He left leaving a sonic boom and a single trail of white energy behind and a complain of a girl who hated yet loved that impulsive feeling of his.

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