(Unedited) Magical Tournament Vol. 7 Chapter One: Kreuzung (Crossroad) – Moonwalk or Sneakwalk?

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Alright people! This is Alek, the author of Magical Tournament – Matou for short (MT is Mushoku Tensei LOL), so I’ll be giving a bulk-release of the whole Volume 7 of Matou. Enjoy it!

Chapter One: Kreuzung (Crossroad) – Moonwalk or Sneakwalk?

Teil Ein.

Above the confused parallels of Lene and Engel, two heavenly beings appeared.

With white wings and white golden halos, they were two male arches. These two were Alek and Arlen, two companions of Ange.

“What… Is going on here?” Voiced Alek, while being utterly dumbfounded by the situation. He was not told a word about the parallels so he was witnessing four people with auras near that of Liam and Ange, as well as two pairs of people very alike.

“Hey yo-….”


In that very moment that they were going to talk to the people standing on the corner, Arlen suddenly closed his mouth and lowered his head. Alek who noticed this strange action, tried to talk to Arlen, but suddenly his voice was cut off and lowered his head just as the former.

Then, out of the blue both raised their heads at the same time. Their eyes shone in a peculiar crystal blue and talked at the same time.


Was the only thing the two [Arche] voiced and then Alek created floating light-made spears and aimed to the four parallels.

The light-made spears were shot with an overwhelming speed that a normal human wouldn’t be able to react to; but-

“[Antimagic Wave]!”

Suddenly the confident Engel casted an [Antimagic] spell that vanished the spears.

The angels’ look-alike didn’t budge at all when the spears vanished and Alek created more of them.


“Let’s run!” Then shouted Lene, the one who bumped into the timid Engel as she stood up with incredible momentum and jumped to the place where her parallels came from.

She knew that Engel could use such ability only a couple of times a day and wouldn’t try to spent them all. This would also make Engel ran out of mana and compromise their security.

Just when the four moved from their positions, the light spears pierced the places they were moments ago.

(Shoot! An event this early in the story? What kind of flag did I raise?!)

Shouted the timid Engel in his mind as he watched what could have been his doom. He was forcibly dragged to the place by an unknown entity and even thought it was not easy to accept it, he just went with the flow and now had some issues accepting reality.

(Shit! If it were only us two it would be alright but it will be rough to protect these guys who clearly don’t know how to fight at all!) Shouted the confident Engel in his mind while evaluating his parallels, which he still didn’t know a single thing about.

His companion, Lene, tried to analyze the situation with all her might by assesing all the events and occurences that has happened since they arrived to this plain.

The courageous Engel then focused on the [Arche] that had turned around the corner and attacked them.

He created a multi-layered shield out of [Divine Element] and countered with [Saint Pursuit]- Condensed light-made balls with homing capabilities. They weren’t his trump card but it was one of the strongest spells he has obtained. His limit was the short amount of 10.

Alek then created a shield of light and resisted the attack, yet two of them pierced the shield and landed on him.

At this moment, in the last second Arlen who hadn’t moved to attack them, materialized a silver greatshield and stopped the two [Saint Pursuit]. This shield was made of an [Orihalcum] and [Mythril] alloy. Thus Engel’s attack was simply stopped without leaving a trace.

Engel clicked his tongue and closed his eyes. He snapped his fingers and Lene stopped her train of thoughts.

She recognized the signal Engel made. It meant that he was going to use one of his trump cards and needed time to cast it; thus, she needed to protect him and the other two that were mesmerized for the fight unfolded in front of them.

Just as Lene materialized her black twin-blades and Alek created even more light-made spears than before-


Said a voice above the two partied that suddenly made land the two [Arche], destroyed the spears, made all kneel and also interrupted Engel’s concentration.

It was as if a explosion’s aftereffect had hit them.

(Gravity Magic?! Ain’t that advanced spells that no more than 10 people can use?!) Interpreted Engel as he was thrown to the floor. Then he considered he was in a parallel world and tried to understand the nature of this attack instead.

Then another person with wings and halo, a young woman, landed and stared to both parties. She suddenly walked towards the other two [Arche].

“Hmmm… They have traces too. This is not the source at all…” Said the young woman with a disappointed voice yet Engel wasn’t able to notice this because of the noise around that held him and also due to her showing him her back.

The woman suddenly nodded as if listening to someone’s orders and kicked the two [Arche]’s head which made them pass out while being held in the ground.

Suddenly the noise around them dissapeared and another female [Arche] landed next to Engel.

“What do we do?” Asked the [Arche] that had just arrived.

“I’ll ask Engel about it.” Said the one who knocked out the other two [Arche].

The confident Engel and her companion Lene raised their awareness to the limit as they heard what these two young women said.

Teil Zwei.

Frederica and Ártemize moved along the traces of [Mind] they found which took them to a desolated place.

After confirming there was any sort of trap, they decided to head towards the academy where Engel was. In their way, they noticed a new trace of the mysterious god’s [Mind]. The two then hurried to where the trace was and found two parties fighting each other- Two [Arche] and four humans.

Then they noticed that the aura of the [Arche] was stained by [Mind] and the other four had simmilar auras to that of Engel and one of his partners; Lene.

They waited a brief moment to asses the situation and then when things were going to get serious, they stopped the fight.

Ártemize used her [Mind Skill – King’s Order] to stop both parties’ advances.

In the [Mind System]; different from the [Mana System], one cannot simply manipulate elements out of the blue; yet, simmilar to the [Spirit System], there are skills needed to carry specific actions. Later on, where your level was high enough, you could control elements themselves to a certain extent.

Thus- [King’s Order] was a skill that created continuous shockwaves of high-vibration wind to make people “postrate” to the user; namely, make them fall under the skill’s pressure.

This was a skill that they learned from Radat’s hubby who was also a [Wind Element] user.

After Frederica knocked out the two [Arche] her orders, Ártemize landed next to one of Engel’s parallel.

“What do we do?” She asked to Frederica.

“I’ll ask Engel about it.” Replied Frederica as she contacted Engel through [Wake Up Call].


Suddenly shouted one of the still lying parallels.

The one who shouted was the courageous Engel.

“Anything wrong?” Asked Ártemize while Frederica ignored the parallel and contacted Engel.

“You… Do you know what is going on? Why did they attack us?” Asked Engel as he tried to stand up. The timid Engel, as well as his companion had passed out already.

“Though I know what’s going on, I won’t tell you a thing. You will have to wait in order to know what your destiny will be.” Said Ártemize as she gave a glance towards the parallel.

(The same yet not the same, huh…) She thought as she recalled some words from Engel.

Then Frederica took the two unconscious parallels and Ártemize carried the other two who weren’t able to fly.

Teil Drei.


Engel moaned as he recovered some of his stamina, mana and spirit. He received a communication from Frederica as he took the airship to the academy.

He was able to stand up and went to check the state of things in the prison. Unluckily, [Schwartz] was still unconscious and without him, [Blau] would remain silent all the time it was necessary.

(Hope I can get something useful from Frederica and Ártemize… Also more than an hour has passed… They may be back soon…) Thought Engel as he moved to the common area.


“Hello kids.”


Just as he arrived, the parallel gods diverted their attention from their talk towards Engel who had just arrived by teleportation. Ange felt a disturbance in the space therefore she noticed his arrival before the others. She was still posessed by Sebastian so it was obvious.

“Ange’s [Parallel]…” Voiced Liam as he looked at him from head to toe. Liam noticed zero aura was coming from him and that if he hadn’t talked, no one would have noticed him.

“Indeed. I’m Engel; nice to meet you. I can already feel and [See] which on is whose parallel, so there’s no need to presentations. I am on my way to Ms…. Mr Cole’s office so it should be fine if you also come. I’m not going to have you here all day after all.”

Said Engel without trying to involve himself too much with them. They had already see him, but it was no more than a flash, thus this was their actual first meeting.

(Getting involved too much with parallels is no good after all…)

Thought Engel as he heard a positive reply from the parallels.

He knew that being in another world had some reprcusions; Even [Bereich] was like that, but in a world with [Parallels] too much contact was no good at all for the receiving party. Whether psychological or moral reasons were involved, everything coul go from 100 to 0 in a mere moment.

This was proven in the Asterisk world. With their sole presence, an issue that should have taken at least half a decade, it took half a year to finish. Not to mention that they broke the world’s rules and taught them simple magic.

After learning [Mind], Engel realized how interlaced were the universes, His abilities could directly interact with existence itself so it was no unexpected expected; and what he discovered was that if they created too much “interference” in certain world, the existence of this would affect the nearby worlds.

A world far from their original earth was still good, as [Asterik] or [Gargantúa], but one with parallels was different. This could affect their original world due to it being too near.

Somehow [Bereich] was near earth, thus even without parallels, it was making interference with their original world- Things like people possesing [Demonic Eyes] before even being into [Bereich] was impossible; yet Albrikt Blauhimmel, one of Engel’s friends and previous party members, was born with them.

There was the excuse of she obtaining them through lottery, but what really happened is that in a place with high-mana concentration as [Bereich] they “awakened”.

Even in Camellia Academy it was possible to happen as a high-mana area.

But going back to the main issue, Engel decided to not intrude too much into the parallel’s lives.

“Let’s go then.”

He voiced as the six disappeared from their location.

Teil Vier.

“Howye doing gal?”

Asked Radat to Lene who was on the place where Engel used to practice his [Mind]. She was inside a cube that looked like made of thin purple glass.

“Doing good. Luckily you had the artifact to produce [Mana] Engel designed or we would have been stuck two years here without activating the cube.”

The [Cube] it’s a magic item created by Lene, Izaak and Engel with both [Dimensional Isolating] and [Time Management] properties. Iside such cube-shaped space, they can control time at will.

One minute can become one day, and one hour can become one minute.

<< fantasy-books Property >>

Still, it has it’s drawbacks. You can’t control time to extreme measures as 1 second = 1 year and also the cube has a great [Mana] consumption. It needs as much as a [Pseudo-Longinus].

That means 25% of their actual [Mana].

For a normal person, that would be a massive amount, but for the gods that’s just on the limit they would consider to use such a conveninent item.

“How much time do you have left?” Asked Radat to Lene who was meditating on her underwear.

“At least two days. Also my progress speed ups at night. Anything to comment on that?” Asked Lene who didn’t have the leisure to share focus from her training to look at Radat or had chit-chat with her.

“Oh! That may be due to you having a [Devil Element] [Mind]. As I thought, you have [Demon Ice Element].” Replied Radat while inside the cube.

Lene and the others have spent at least 2 months in the cube, and 4 hours outiside. Due to the lack of [Mana] the time management of the cube as not the desired.

Inside the cube, Lene has honed her physical skills and he training mode. Right now, she’s trying to figure what kind of skills she can learn by herself.

In the other’s case, Izaak has [Lava Element], Isold has [Heavenly Ground Element], Krestin posseses [Lightning Element] and Shirayuki uses [Heavenly Fire].

All of them has been honing their abilities and hightened their specialities as Engel did.

(I will have Engel explain this to me as soon as we go back!!) Shouted Lene in her head as her focus wavered for a while.

Radat then, watching Lene’s struggle, decided to leave her alone.

As she exited the cube, her mind wandered for a while and recalled certain events from years ago when their earth was almost destroyed.

“Really… That world moves slower or ours moves faster?… Well, I have never would imagine I’d see myself like that. Hope Hubby can find a way to take us back to how we were…

Good luck, myself.”

Teil Fünf:

In a white room, where no one’s attention was directed to-


A man clad in black slowly opened his eyeleids while groaning out of pain in his whole body.

“Whe-Where am I-?!!”

Suddenly his train of thoughts was blown off. He blacked out again, yet he didn’t fall from his posture.


Suddenly the guy cursed no one as he quickly stood up as if his previous pained state was a lie.

“What the hell was that?! That was [Mind]?? Why there were people using [Mind] there?… Damn… Now half of my plan is fucked up… Fuck! I still need to keep going or the plan will surely fail.”

Said the man while looking for a way out of the white room.

“Still, this motherfucker is really skilled… I fear the day Amaterasu gets to teach him [Mind]. I bet she’s going to use the [Sun and Sky Method] for him to cultivate.

Well, that is if he ever gets to live till that point- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!”

< Property of Fantasy-Books.live | outside of it, it is stolen.

And as the man laughed madly, he found the break point of the white room he was.

This break point was the door to get into the cell this man was.

“Well, let’s hope you puny and powerless body resist my divine presence, [Schwartz].”

Muttered the man as he touched the wall in front of him and made it explode with a great shockwave.

After the dust cleared, from the other side, on of [Triskelion]’s halls was visible.

“Time to make this go “Boom””

Said the man with a wicked smile as he searched for the closes presence in the airship.

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