(Unedited) Magical Tournament Vol. 7 Chapter Six: Einfahrt (Entrance) – Is there actually any progress?

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Chapter Six: Einfahrt (Entrance) – Is there actually any progress?

Teil Ein.

[Otherworldly Lene’s POV]

And so they left…

I don’t even get what heck is going on. Everything just exploded and people just barged in through… A crack? And then left after a light chat.

Then these other guys entered and just got frozen, as us, and then left too after they nodded to themselves. It seems that they just glanced over us, not knowing who we were and left. If I am not wrong, they were the the “gods” of this dimension.

I don’t know if I even need to be surprised or just stay still.

“Well… Indeed… It seems that they mind blowing power is directly proportional to their strength…”

Was that… Mr Cole? I don’t know what is he talking about, but as the less stunned person here, I’ll ask about what’s to come to him.

“M-Mr Cole…”

I said.

My mind seems to be in order but my body has yet to be put in a quiet state.

“You dumbstruck? I feel ya, but that’s ho- Oh true… Nevermind.”

He said in a mutter. That’s how- what? I really want to know now.

“I assume you want to know what to do?” Asked Mr. Cole while assuming he didn’t utter the previous words.

“Ye-Yeah…” I replied.

“Well, you have the information you wanted, and an assured trip to your own dimension… The only thing you have to do now is leave and rest, until we finish this business, or until you receive your call.” Said nonchalantly Mr. Cole.

Yeah… that much I knew, but…

“But- I know you have a protest.”

Replied Mr. Cole to my uneasiness.

“I knew it… I could see it in your face. You don’t want to sit back after all this… Mess.  Everyone is fighting, helping, doing something, yet you are told to sit back.

You’re like Liam after all; You just won’t sit back when there is something to do… When there is something only you can do.”

(Wha-What?! Was it obvious on my face?!)

I thought. After all, I didn’t feel my face moving at all. Or is it, that he being Mr. Cole, knows me just as knowing the parallel of me in this dimension?

Well, no use overthinking this.

“Is as you say- I want to do something. I want to help if I can; no, even if I can’t, I want to.”

I don’t know how I was able to say those things. Was it the hype? Was it the spur of the moment? I don’t know. I just said them.

“Good; that’s good.” Muttered Mr. Cole.

“Alright; It’s good that you want to help and all, but, better first to help the ones behind you who are still in shock.” He added while lightly chuckling.


Eh? Oh! Right! He means them! I completely forgot about them. The other people that came here “with” me.

It seems my mind wasn’t all that calm after all.

[End of Otherworldly Lene’s POV]

Teil Zwei.

“Haa.. Haa”

At the same moment, Tsukuyomi’s breath was getting ragged.

(His [Mind] is diminishing and… He seems tired? What’s going on?)

Engel, who was barely avoiding all of Tsukuyomi’s long ranged attacks, noticed they were subtly becoming slower and weaker. Not only that, but also he became noticeably tired.

(Did using the cube tired my concentration? Impossible! FUCK! It seems I have to use it… Even though I was saving it for Amaterasu… It doesn’t matter anymore, it’s not that he was that good, but I’m getting too weak… I can’t afford to lose more )

Processes Tsukuyomi in his head as he decided to finally end with Engel.

“A-Alright… This time I’ll leave… But I’ll leave you a pair of presents!!”

Shouted Tsukuyomi, as he prefered to avoid more combat and just let a little souvenir to deal with Engel.

Engel did not say a thing but when he tried to chase after him, he instantly disappeared and several techniques of [Heavenly Fire] rained over Engel.


Engel did not notice before in it’s whole picture, but now he did. Whilst fighting with Tsukuyomi, he noticed a flaw on himself; on something he had relied on since a long time ago…

[Mind] is a type of energy that comes from the very existence of the wielder. Mind is everywhere, even in the people that does not know how to wield it. But for those people, [Mind] is like walking amidst smoke or the very same air.

They use it yet they don’t see it or feel it. Sometimes they are not aware it is there, like a kid. But, when this person becomes a wielder of [Mind], this “smoke” or “air” becomes something “solid”. It is the result of the conscient use of it.

But here’s the issue- even if these types of [Mind] do not obstruct the wielder, a [Mind] of the same origin does; that is, [Mind] produced by other wielder. That’s why it causes damage.

And so, when this type of mind comes from a stronger wielder, it creates an aura that not only makes you detect it with [Mind], but also repels other kinds of energy, and less strong, kinds of mind.

This aura that the emission of [Mind] creates, if strong enough, also completely blocks another kind of energy emission.

So the main issue is- Engel’s Dimensional Control is sealed. His control of the dimensions is interfered with by [Mind] and so, he is unable to grasp his surroundings, connect his gates and move his particles.

This also applies to Lene’s Time Control and Isold’s Molecular Manipulation.

It affects in another way to Krestin and Izaak’s- That is, Krestin can’t boost her [Mind] based abilities and Izaak can’t create matter from [Mind].
And so, Engel not only is able to teleport out of a cage imbued with [Mind] or a [Mind] barrier, if he is surrounded by attacks based on [Mind] or approached by one- He is unable to teleport away.

So when Engel, while being  Tsukuyomi was running away, he could not chase him as his teleportation was sealed.

(Damn! That means even if I beat him, I wouldn’t be able to finish all this mayhem… Also what the hell did he meant with….)

As Engel avoided by minimal margin the attacks that Tsukuyomi left, he thought of ways of following him or what to do after, he noticed a great aura of [Mind] from above- There he saw a great tear in the sky, where a gigantic reptilian-like leg appeared. It was thick and eluded a familiar air of [Mind].

“That is… The one who blocked us last time…”

Voiced Engel as he looked up with his mouth agape.

[Engel! Do you see that?!]

Asked Izaak in a hurry, it seems he was the only one who needed confirmation of whatever was going on with the gigantic limb.

[Of course I do! Do I have to be the one to tsukkomi you?!]

Replied Engel with the [Wake Up Call].

[This is not time for that! What do we do?!] [I am not god! Let me think for a while dammit!! Ask Lene if you want!]

Said Engel a little frustrated as he tried to recover a little of his [Mind]. He also checked his puppets in order to see how they were doing.

[Engel! Enough time!]

After some seconds, Lene then talked to Engel in order to hurry the time they didn’t have.

[Alright! Izaak! Lene! Come’ere! Dissolve your puppets and recover [Mind]!! Isold! Krestin and Shirayuki! Keep fighting on the ground!!!] Ordered Engel as he recovered mind under a energy barrier to barely stop the asterisk around him trying to attack. Lene and Izaak also arrived next to him in an instant and went inside the barrier. Lene then created another layer to help him.

As Engel was floating on the sky, Izaak had to be helped by Lene to get there.

[Mr. Cole! I was told your gods were helping too! What are they doing exactly?] Asked ENgel as he hurriedly recovered [Mind]. There was nothing to stop the big limb to fall, as it slowly landed. It came from a great height, to an unbelievable slow pace, so at most they had 2 minutes in order to stop the limb and the continuous crack into the space.

[E-Engel?! We are helping to evacuate people! Also the other parallels are helping!]

Voiced Mr. Cole.

[If I’m not wrong, one of them had a special sword, right?] Asked Engel in a hurry.

[Ye-Yeah!] Said Mr. Cole.

[Tell her to use that sword! It’ll help!]

Cried Engel on the Network as he decided to wait a bit more to recover [Mind].

It was not that [Mind] was that fast to recover, but they had used too little of it. [Mind] is not only replenished by the body, but also absorbed from the environment too. That helps too to recover.

Also, the only thing that uses [Mind] in big quantities are the [Mind Skills] in which, the three of them had only used the puppets. Besides that amount of mind that equalled the 25% of their mind, they hadn’t used more of it.

Engel too hadn’t used a single skill in order to battle Tsukuyomi as he only evaded the long-range attacks and attempted to approach. Also, the [Mind] imbued in weaponry and armors didn’t count as it wasn’t a big loss; it was aided by the materials after all.

“It’s enough, let’s go!” Shouted Engel as he dissolved the barrier. Lene too stopped recovering and vanished her barrier.

Izaak followed suit and so they arrived before the gigantic limb.

[It looks like a falling mountain…] Voiced Engel as he analyzed the long limb. He didn’t want to know its precedence as he could not pry into it, but he could measure the mass and width with the help of his [Demonic Eye].

[I can feel lots of people below that haven’t been evacuated, what do we do?] Asked Izaak while using his [Perception] Spirit Skill.

[I’ll go and check; We know using Lene’s Time Stop won’t be useful, so test the three energies in order to see what’s more effective!]

Said Engel as he teleported to the ground.

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“What the?!”

Shouted Engel as he noticed that the energy emanating from the titanic limb was enough to delay his teleportation.

(I need to do this fast!!)

Cried Engel in his head as he hurried to save the people below the limb with 500 m of diameter.

Teil Drei.

“[Lava Shot]!!”

[Nope- It leaves a scratch but it’s not enough! [Mana] is too weak! Let’s try with [Spirit]!]

Shouted Lene through the network as she noticed with her [Angelic Eyes].

[Also I don’t have long-distance offensive skills, so try with your [Magia] Bow!]

Added Lene as she amassed a little of [Mind] to activate a skill.

[Damn! I’ll ask Engel later for some offensive ones!] Said Izaak as he charged an arrow on the bow with pure [Spirit] energy and released it.

It arrived in a second, as they were quite far away, but it seemed that there was not much damage either.

[What do you see?] Asked Izaak.

[I don’t know, my eyes are not for [Spirit], but I can tell it did make some damage!] [Me too! Let’s try approaching it!]

Added Izaak to Lene’s remark as he kept bombarding the limb and Lene tried quickly to make contact to the limb and use her [Mind].

Then she felt something above her and looked- There, the crack was getting bigger.

[I get we have to damage it to see what hurts it, but how do we kill this shit? I mean, last time, Krestin was the one to actually make a big fat cannon with Engel and Isold!] Said Izaak while indiscriminately bombarding the scaled limb.

[I think that we hafta let it get inside the dimension to likely behead ir or something, but I don’t know what’s on Engel’s mind!] She added as, the nearest she could go, she stopped.

“[Ice Condensation!] [Ice Machinegun]!!”

With the aide of the first skill, Lene boosted the performance of the second one. Then-


A thunder-like sound was heard.

(That was his… Roar?)

Thought Lene as she felt how the air felt heavier and the limb had significant damage from her attack.

(Of course, [Mind] works.. But what now? We just wait for it to come out?)

Asked Lene to herself as she then received a communication.

[Everyone is safe!]

Then Engel appeared next to her.

[It took more [Mana] than I thought, but everything seems just fine…] Added Engel as it seemed his mana was down quite a bit.

[What do we do now?] Asked then Lene as she prepared more [Mind] [Cut it… Let’s cut the leg.] Said Engel as he approached the gigantic limb.

“Wha-What?!” Voiced Lene as she followed suit.

[Izaak! Make the biggest shot with [Mind] you can use and have it on hold!!] Shouted Engel through the network as he flew towards the limb.

Izaak vanished his magia and took his special bow.

[Lene! Help me do an [Ice Prison]!] Requested Engel as he started to amass [Mind]. Lene then prepared her already accumulated [Mind] to help him instead of the attack she was going to do.

Engel started to gather more than 70% of his [Mind] in order to use this skill, it was because the titanic limb had a height of 1.5 km. He had already analyzed the height.

The problem was that no matter how much [Mind] he had, he would not be able to cover the whole limb, but, he could to another thing- He could freeze it.

He ignored the fact that it was a cold-blooded lizard and so he used [Ice Condensation] so he could make stronger and thicker ice, as well as making it colder. He also asked Lene’s help for that.

Instead of covering the limb, he made a ring around it.

The ring was 20 meter tall and 5 meter thick. Half of it was soft skyblue and the other was ashen blue.

[Izaak! NOW!] Voiced Engel and so, Izaak gathered the last bit of [Mana] he needed.

“[Flame Shot]!!”

And so, a pure red flame flew towards the ice ring at sonic speed. It could be said it flew at Mach 5, due to Izaak’s focus on speed.



Then the air vibrated once again due to the beast’s roar.

The explosion caused by the arrow covered an area of 50 meter and then the ring started to crack.

With thin lines running through it, the ring was destroyed- And so the limb fell.

[Izaak! Go and try lift it!] Said Engel through the network as he tried to gather [Mind].

[What the fuck?! Why?] Asked Izaak in panic.

[Because you can’t take it to the storage without touching it! It’s due to the [Mind]!!] Added Engel.

[Got it; Got it!] Reluctantly said Izaak as he, aided by Lene, flew towards the limb and tried to catch it.

“And now what?” Asked Lene with her own voice as she was next to Engel.

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“Remember why we weren’t able to use correctly our [Lanzen]?” Asked Engel to Lene in a rhetoric tone.

“Because… We were not skillful and powerful enough?” Asked Lene as if oblivious to his tone.

“Kinda… But actually, it was because we didn’t know of [Mind], didn’t we?”

Said Engel with a half smile in his face, which Lene recognized. It was his “I know something you don’t” smile.

Up to date, she was the only one to guess Engel’s half smiles.

Then, after she moved the gears of her brain at full throttle, she understood what he meant, and smiled too as a blinding white light was formed on Engel’s right hand.

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