(Unedited) Magical Tournament Vol.7 Chapter Two: Umweg (Detour) – Either things go alright or not right at all

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Chapter Two: Umweg (Detour) – Either things go alright or not right at all

Teil Ein.

“Alright…I have some matters to attend with Mr. Cole so I’ll be getting in. Please don’t try to peep or anything.” Said Engel with a serious tone while arriving in front of Mr. Cole’s office. Then he opened the door and got in as he separated from the [Parallels].

(Killjoy…) Thought Ange as she wanted to know more about her parallel.
Then just as Engel closed the door, he created several barriers in order to avoid any kind of peeping from any source.

“You’re back quite fast…” Voiced Mr. Cole as he worked on some documents.

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“Well, shit happens… I mean, quite the thing took place a while ago which concerns you as it involved some of your people. I’ll expect some of your intervention here.” Explained Engel as he decided to avoid the branches. He knew that Mr. (Ms.) Cole doesn’t like that kind of roundabout conversation.

“Just give me a couple of minutes then; I’ll finish this paperwork and join you in a while.” Replied Mr. Cole as he checked the last paper of the day.

“Alright. I’ll create a separate space here then. I wouldn’t like to have too much traffic up there after all.” Added Engel as he moved towards the door. He extended his dimensional perception and aura perception as a routine while creating a pocket dimension.

Just then-

“WHAT THE-??!!”

Shouted Engel out of the blue and teleported away.

“What has just-” *BOOM* “?!!”

Mr. Cole noticed Engel had teleported in a rush and pondered his reasons, when a great explosion sounded just above him.

(His airship?!) Deducted Mr. Cole as he opened the window and decided to take a look at the situation.

Teil Zwei.

(The fuck’s going on…) Thought Engel as he appeared out of thin air inside the [Triskelion]. He was in the common area and walked out of it.

Earlier, while expanding his perception, Engel felt a sudden rush of power he couldn’t distinguish and hurriedly teleported back. He knew thoroughly the difference on his comrade’s aura, so now Engel knew there was something wrong, as well as he perceived the sudden increase on power.

Whether it was for defense or offense, he could clearly tell as no other power was augmenting. It was an attack.

As his words unconsciously leaked, he teleported back.

While pinpointing the source of the power, in less than a second a explosion occurred.

“FUCK!” Engel shouted as the area next to him turned into a white fire pillar.

“[Heavenly Fire] of the [Third Quality]?!” Voiced Engel in surprise as his train of thought stopped.

In a mere second, he came back into his senses and decided to first, check if everyone inside [Triskelion] was alright.

(FUCK! It was a [Mind] attack so whether it was a normal space or a separate dimension didn’t matter! 35% of the airship is done for!)

Shouted Engel as he teleported to the kitchen, where Asher was. It seems she had been injured along Autumn, Alexa, Lyza, Trya and Carlile.

The others were just outside the explosion’s margin, or so it seems.

“Asher!” Shouted Engel as he saw her unconscious on the floor. Her arm was horribly burned, yet not to the point of no return.

“Magic will do nothing… I’ll have to freeze her [Mind] then- [Invernal Prison].”

(My [Heavenly Ice Skill] it’s not so good to heal the extent of this wounds at a fast pace yet… I have no time to treat her…)

As Engel thought that, he detected the presence of the one ravaging the [Triskelion].

He trusted nothing more happened as he arrived to the presence and left Asher frozen next to the other unconscious girls in a place far from the attacker.

As he teleported twice, Engel then found the source of the destruction- Engel’s parallel, Schwartz. Yet, in the moment he gazed at him after teleporting, he felt something amiss.

Even though he was ready to thoroughly destroy the one who attacked them, he stopped his impulses due to the eerie feeling he felt from the person in front of him.

(He shouldn’t know about the existence of mind, and if he did, taking the airship a while ago would have been a walk in the park…)

“Something wrong, Engel Falsch?” Voiced Schwartz with a mocking smile.

As he was cursing Schwartz in his mind, Engel created a preemptive attack with [Divine Element] Magic.

“Woah!!” Shouted “Schwartz” as he easily avoided the 10 light-made spears Engel shot.

“You sure are fired up dude. Better calm down a little!!” Said Schwartz as he accelerated to a godly speed and punched Engel in his guts.

“Guha!” Cried Engel as he fell on his knees. Of course, Schwartz punch was coated in [Mind].

“Hmph! You’re only this strong?” Mocked “Schwartz”.

Engel then slowly looked up to him with an enraged expression. His demonic eye suddenly started to bleed.

“Fucker! You…You…”

“Me what?! Hahahaha you stupid piece of trash! I really don’t see what Amaterasu has seen on you!?” Shouted Schwartz as he gathered more [Mind] and shot them at random.

“Why… are…. you doing this?! Why are you awake?!”

Shouted Engel with rage in his eyes and trying to stand up.

“Shut up!! – Well, I’ve already decided to kill you here after destroying this airship so whatever! I’ll tell you at least this…

I hate you!

Not because you’ve done something to me, or because I know who you actually are- I hate you because you’re a hindrance to my plans! My REVENGE! You, the one chosen by Amaterasu, I’ll kill you until your soul is destroyed eternally!”

Declared “Schwartz” as if losing his mind.

“Yo-You’re talking too much, I see *Cough!*”

As Engel retorted his attitude, he coughed a mouthful of blood.

“I don’t care- You’ll be dead in a while and it also works to mock you, as you don’t know a thing of what’s going on!” Said Schwartz loudly as he made a disgusting grin.

(Now that I think about it, everyone does say I have a loose mouth…) Secretly thought Schwartz as his smile vanished and he created more fireballs around him.

“It’s time to get fired up!!” Shouted Schwartz as the fireballs increased in size and heat.

“I won’t allow that! – [Absolute Zero Field]!” Shouted Engel as he suddenly stood up as Schwartz shot the fireballs in all directions so they would explode.


Surprised by Engel’s movements, Schwartz was taken aback. Then all the temperature in the room dropped and all the fireballs around and in most of the pocket dimensions around got totally frozen. There were ones that their power was just too much and still exploded and others that were out of Engel’s skill range.

[Absolute Zero Field] is one of Engel’s trump cards- Something barely able to stop [Quality Three Fire]. An Area of Effect skill that freezes all around him.

It completely drained him almost all of his [Mind] just to concentrate all of it around him and to stop most of the fireballs Schwartz created.

“Wha-WHAT?! That’s… That’s [Mind]! How is it possible?!”

Possessing a shield of [Heavenly Fire] around his body, Schwartz was able to avoid most of the damage, but his [Mind] was also drained to a certain extent.

“MOTHERFUCKER! What the f-?! HOW IS IT THAT YOU KNOW MIND?!” Shouted Schwartz in rage.

“Do you care actually? I’m not a loose mouth like you.” Said Engel as he mocked him.

“Bitch!” Said Schwartz as a white flame enveloped his fist.

(Good thing I faked being in pain.. Even water magic helped me to make fake blood… At least I can clearly conceal my [Mind]…)

Just then, as Engel was trying to speed up a little his [Mind] recovery rate, the flaming fist was approaching his face.

(Damn- Taking this will hurt a lot-) Said Engel as he gritted his molars to receive the punch and gather the little mind he had left to protect his head, then-

“ENGEL!” Shouted someone and out of the blue a great shockwave hit Schwartz and he was sent flying out of the airship by one of the holes he made with his fireballs.


(Fuck! This body reached its limit already!!? Useless bitch!)

Just as it hit, his consciousness blacked out.

“Á-Ártemize huh… Thanks for that.”

Said Engel as he leaned in the frozen wall behind him.

(Hi-His presence disappeared… I can’t think of anything now so I’ll meditate all the info later… First-)

“Don’t talk- You’ve got too little mind now. Let’s go to rest. Frederica is making the airship float because it was almost falling over the buildings below.”

“Alright- Let’s go outside. I need to remake the airship… I’ll be using all my magic and spirit so I’ll be using some potions to keep myself on…”

Mumbled Engel as Ártemize lent him her shoulder.

(Good thing he actually called us… If not that punch…)

As they got out, Engel activated the Circuits in his back and started to repair the airship.

Teil Drei.

In fact, Engel had called Frederica as he was faking being hit by Tsukuyomi. He told them to hurry and drop anything they were doing.

With two unconscious parallels and two others trying to figure what was going on, they decided to let them on a roof and help Engel.

As the airship exploded and almost fell over the academy, Frederica stopped it with her magic and Ártemize who detected the sudden raise in [Mind] decided to look for Engel inside the airship.

At this moment on a nearby roof- Timid Engel woke up from his slumber. As he surveyed his surroundings he noticed Lene, the popular, had already woken up-

“Wha- Le-Lene?” Voided the timid Engel.

Yet, Lene didn’t look at him at all- She was gazing somewhere in the sky.

As he followed her sight- There he found and angel trying to lift an airship with a kind of invisible force. He was stunned, just as Lene. He couldn’t believe what was going on at all; Just as the last moments he recalled before blacking out. He remembers some kind of angels attacking them.

He did not even know if whatever was happening to him was real or not, but after passing out and waking up, he noticed that indeed this was no dream. That he was actually with his school’s #1 beauty and he had been summoned to another world by a god in trouble.

It was too much of a shock- And now things were going to such a fast pace that he hadn’t even thought in anything else than what he was watching right now.

“You woke up huh-” Said the otherworldly Lene, the one who bumped into them.

(He looks like him in the photos…) She thought while inspecting the timid Engel.

“Eh? O-Oh Yeah…”

The timid Engel in that moment was not only startled by her, but the infinite possibilities crossing his mind about this “clon” of Lene was blocking his reaction speed and sense of talk.

“Don’t get too scared- We… I don’t bite. I already have the face of your partner so it eases the presentations right?” Said Lene trying to make conversation while not being awkward.

(It doesn’t ease them at all!!) Thought timid Engel in his heart but didn’t dare to say it.

“Lemme ask- Do you know about parallel worlds and such right?” Asked Lene.

“Ye-Yes!” Replied timid Engel while straightening up his back. Somehow, he tried to process what she said to him.

“Of course you know- You’re now in one, and- Let’s say I’m someone from a parallel world a tad-bit different than yours; I’m Lene and I’m only one of the countless “Lene” in the vast multiverse… Nice to meet’cha”

Said the otherworldly Lene with a gentle smile. Engel limited himself to nod at her words as he tried to process everything in his head. half a minute (or more) after, he loosened up a little… Or more than that.

As while he processed all that, she, after voicing the incredible thing that happened to them, was completely stunned. It made it “real” that she actually managed to cross dimensions.

Back in their world, Ms. Cole had received some intel that made dimension crossing a reality. After creating certain machine thanks to [Quarta] and certain blueprints, they sent Lene and Engel as they had a high magic resistance and an INT of 80 and 70.

Yet, that looked as an excuse due to the message that was given to them before the experiment.

(We are not only in another world but also found people alike to us here… I don’t know if to feel frightened or amused…)

Thought Lene as she recovered her attention to the surroundings. Of course she doesn’t know the timid Engel before her is someone from another parallel world.

Suddenly she felt a great presence in the direction of the airship. Just there- She saw how someone aided by an angel released a sudden burst of magic and started to repair the fallen airship.

The one who was lifting it let it go and dived to the ground.

“What… The-??!”

Suddenly muttered the otherworldly Engel. He was enticed by how the angel was lifting the airship a while ago but now he was more than surprised at the magic that was being used now. The popular Lene was well was charmed by the unknown.

(Ever since that moment I was talked by the god… Everything just keeps coming and going nonstop! This thrill and excitement… I’ve never felt like this before!!)

Shouted in her mind the popular Lene.

In her life, everything was served. She had born with a diamond spoon in her mouth and nothing seemed interesting enough anymore. Even if she had learned martial arts or musical arts… Nothing was out of the norm.

It could be said to be a “first world problem”, but for her it was frustrating.

That’s why, right now she feels like she’s in the best of her life. Coming to know the unknown and having an adventure when you don’t know what will happen. She just so happen to love the unexpected.

“And so, what’s going on there? Any ideas?”

Asked the otherworldly Lene to the timid Engel as the popular Lene was fixated in the airship.

“I-Ideas? N-No… Af-After all… After all I…”

Just as he was going to say- “I’m not from this world”, the timid Engel stopped.

After slowly analyzing what she told him, he came up with a weird yet obvious question-

“You’re not from this world?”

Asked the timid Engel as he suddenly replaced his hesitant words with a serious and frank approach.

“Of course not silly! I told you I’m from a parallel world. That means, that because-…. Wait…”

Lene casually answered timid’s question but a new doubt popped out in her head.

(He doesn’t know what’s going on, as well as that question… Maybe…)

“Kid, you’re not from this world either right.”

She declared with a serious tone.

((Just what’s going on here…))

The two of them thought as the airship in the distance was repaired.

Suddenly, a shadow appeared above them.



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The otherworldly Lene and the timid Engel were the only ones who noticed the arrival of the shadow.

“Sorry but I’ll take you with me again.”

Said the shadow, who actually was one of the angels that helped them before. At this moment, the popular Lene and the enticed Engel looked towards the angel and suddenly their surroundings changed altogether.

Teil Vier.

“Well then, I already let Tsukiyomi roam free for a while… I think I should give a small visit to my [Participants] soon…”

Wondered certain chief god in her room as she gazed at the ceiling from her bed.

“But maybe… Well, it’s not that I don’t know the worth of this piece of mine, so I’ll see how he deals with Tsukuyomi.” Said the chief god, Amaterasu, as she laughed mischievously.

“Really… Will you follow the destiny of the countless you… Or will you finally be saved? Fufu… How amusing.”

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