(Unedited) Magical Tournament Vol. 7 Chatper Ten: Zuhause (Home) – End of the road, beginning of the-?

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Chatper Ten: Zuhause (Home) – End of the road, beginning of the-?

Teil Ein.

[Aleksandra’s POV]

(That voice… No… It’s impossible… No, but how is that… The [Twin Call] and… I can’t tell the beginning or the end to this…)

I thought while looking around me. I had already ordered my subordinates to help people leave the surroundings when a pirate transmission arrived through my [Twin Call].

It’s his voice- Certainly is his voice, but… He should be dead. No. He is dead. There’s no way someone would have survived through that void space. We were taught by the [Yotse] about it after all.

And so I thought but-

Accompanied by a big airship, 5 auras came into my detecting range. In that very moment, I forgot about everything. Was it an automatic reaction? The rays of light that flew away from the airship… Yet I couldn’t separate my sight from those lights- Because the 5 auras, which were so familiar, came from those lights.

[[Invernal Prison]]

Then two of those lights, which had separated from the rest, had suddenly attacked the dragon with an ice-based attack.


Then someone called out to me who was spacing out while watching the unreasonable event. It was Yozora.

“E-Eh?! Yo-”

“You heard it right?! I wasn’t wrong! He’s here! He’s back!!” She exclaimed with a loud voice whilst crying.

“Wha-What are you saying? I don-”

“Stop blabbering! I know you understand what is going on! Who has just appeared!” Added Yozora as I tried to deny her statement.

“N-No…” I said while moving my head from side to side. Of course… How would I know what happened. Suddenly his aura appears just after his voice sounds in our artifacts… This goes beyond what I can process.

I mean… 30 years have passed… With my lifespan, that is like a pair of months… But… Around all these [Personen]… These [Humans] has made my mind to go faster. That is I actually felt those 30 years pass by.

I cannot just simply jump into the conclusion that he has come back after such “long” time.

[Krestin! Are you ready?!] [Not yet! I’ve just deployed it!]

Then, as if ignoring my desire of more time to digest this sudden event, more known voices came from my [Twin Call].

Krestin… Izaak…

<< fantasy-books Property >>
[What the-?! How can it do that?!] [Do-I-Look-Like-I-Know?!!]

Just as the fight between the ones who seemed my acquaintances and the bestial dragon got to its climax, someone rushed into the action.

That was none other than Brunnhildr.

Did she hea- Of course she listened to the stream, after all she has a [Twin Call] as well as being the leader of the [Law Enforcement Corps].

Yozora, who was also distracted from her “attempt” of making me face the “facts” that are in front of me, rushed after Brunnhildr.

Should I just accept it? Should I just jump into what my heart says?

I don’t know… I really do not know…

“What do I do?”

[End of Aleksandra’s POV]

Teil Zwei.

[Brunnhildr’s POV] [Let’s go! It’s Showtime!!]


[[Invernal Prison]]

Eh? Eh? Eh? Eh? Eh?

What’s going on? I-I don’t get it…

Engel’s voice… Lene’s voice…. What has happened?

I was called by Yozora to the event place due to a commotion and this is what I find… EEEEHHH??!

I don’t even believe my own thoughts. Engel suddenly arriving and then his aura spread around all the place.

Ho-How’s that possible?! He… He…. He’s… Dead, isn’t he?! How is this possible?!

There has been countless people trying to reproduce his power, voice and even appearance… But none up to the real one… How is it that now this voice that came out of nowhere can shudder my heart?

Is it because we’re family? Is it because our bonds?

I don’t know… But every moment that passes I’m more convinced about it. That is Engel’s voice; that is Engel’s aura.

[Krestin! Are you ready?!] [Not yet! I’ve just deployed it!] [What the-?! How can it do that?!] [Do-I-Look-Like-I-Know?!!]

Just as I was there, looking at them absentmindedly, those familiar auras… Their conversation suddenly echoed in my head.

This is just… Just as they are…

This is no time to be here doing nothing!

(I need to confirm it with my own eyes, as near as I can!)

And so, without minding my position and the people around me, I just flew towards where I could find my family.

As fast as I could, I arrived to where they were. The only ones I was able to spot were the ones trying to aim to the dragon’s head- “Engel” and “Lene”.

I didn’t notice when but hundreds of winged lizards were flying around and someone was taking them down with ranged attacks. What was evenly strange is that I couldn’t feel an ounce of energy from the gigantic beast floating, the lizard or even the ranged attacks…. As if there was nothing around me…

How is that possible?

[Engel, your 3d maneuver is better so take care of it, I’ll have some idle talk over there!]

Then, through my [Twin Call] I listened to Lene’s instructions.

Just then, Engel moved away while shooting ice-based attacks towards the dragon and someone suddenly appeared behind me.


(Just when?!)

It was not even a second after they ended their conversation that Lene had appeared at my back. It even took me a while to realize she was there.

“Calm down… It seems you have lots of doubts and all, but can you please leave the proximity of the battle? There’s no guarantee you are alive after we finish. Even I have a lot of questions as I look at you… But that comes later.”

Said Lene while her eyes looked a little different…. They had a color different to the one I know. Even so, she even looks older.

By this time, there’s no doubt that she’s the Lene I knew… I know; but even so this is hard to accept for me.

For the moment, I’ll just comply and move away… I have the feeling that if I don’t move away, what she warned me about will surely come true.

Even though I have lots of questions…

[End of Brunnhildr’s POV]

Teil Drei.

[Yozora’s POV]

(What is… This?…)

Not long ago, I was trying to persuade Aleksandra who was lost in thoughts when I saw Brunnhildr flying towards the enormous dragon. I followed her as I was in an uproar, I couldn’t think straight and moreover, my head was filled only with Engel… But when I tried to get near something stuck my mind.

It was strange… My perception didn’t catch their auras more than I had already got… Not to mention that their movements seemed impossible to trace. It was as if the nearer I got the faster they became. The more I focused in trying to catch their figures, they more difficult it was to perceive them.

At this time, the dragon had not long ago released a great amount of his scales that suddenly became wyvern-like beings and stormed the place.

I wasn’t as near as Brunnhildr of the battle so they didn’t rain on me but they proactively chased Engel as the dragon did too.

They also attempted to attack the people who was leaving but a barrage of long-ranged attacks prevented them to do so.

Then, it came to my mind- The greatest oddity of them all.

“They are… Still fighting?”

Yes- The greatest oddity is that they haven’t ended the fight already.

Dragon-Slaying Weaponry, Massive Destruction Magic, Absolute Defence Barriers… With such assets it isn’t hard to slay a dragon even if it’s so massive… But why aren’t they using it? Why are they fighting with low-level magic? It’s strange enough that they move bizarrely…


I truly must be beyond careless due to Engel coming back, because without me noticing, the wyverns approached trying to eat me.


Then, before they laid a claw on me, someone appeared from above me and easily cut the wyverns.

White hair, odd-coloured eyes and a characteristic dual aura… That person is-


I say with a loose smile. I can’t see my face but I can tell it’s bright red.

“Yo-Yozora…” He said while looking at me from head to toe. I can tell he has so much to tell me that he isn’t able to let all go.

Is it female instinct? Who cares right now. All that matters is that he really is back.

Just as I, silently, moved my hand towards his cheek and he did the same-


A transmission suddenly ringed on their ears and-

[Ice Machinegun]

A barrage of ice-made bullets came from below.

It seem that we were surrounded by wyverns and the person who warned us, Lene, shot them down.

“You can be lovey-dovey later! Engel we need to keep going until Krestin is done!”

“I know! I know!!- Sorry but our reunion will have to wait ‘till later. It would be nice if you moved a away from the battle. This is really dangerous I may say.” He told me with a half smile as Lene flew above us fending off the wyverns.

Still, until now, I can barely tell which half-smile is which…

(Haa… They kept being unreasonable as always… But I’m glad… They’re back after all… He is back after all…)

I said in my mind whilst moving away from the battle.

It didn’t matter how strange the situation was, or how many time has passed since I last saw him… What matters is that he is here, right now, with me…


[End of Yozora’s POV]

Teil Vier.


(What is this?!… Is this… Is this fear?…)

Thought one of the persons on the stage. There were five, young people on stage attending a ceremony just before the dragon appeared.

These five people were the elite representants of each academy they attended. They were trained for the purpose of participating in the so called [Tournament] and by no means a “mere” oversized dragon can inflict fear in their hearts but…

Every single one of them had an inherent fear towards the titanic, oriental dragon that had just appeared.

They did not even realized their surroundings. All they had in their minds was the fear inflicted by the presence of the dragon. They even were in their knees, hoping that the eternal-like moments passed as the professionals took care of whatever that was.

(What is going on?! How can I feel fear or a mere giant lizard?!)

Shouted in her mind the girl in the middle of the five kneeled people. They are two boys and three girls.

She has white hair tied in a short ponytail, bright green eyes and a beautiful, androgynous like-face that would make 8 out of 10 people that looked at it to say “it’s love at first sight”.

The other girls weren’t far-off. There was one with long blond hair and a gentle look, as well as a boyish girl with really short hair and a mole under the left side of her lower lip.

In the boy’s case, one looks quite boorish but had a body-tan as well as some well-defined muscles as a plus. The other ones looks like an intellectual with no physical power and his face is handsome in the cool way. He also wears glasses to aid his looks of “intellectual”.

These five people felt different sensations from the dragon crossing dimensions, but each one of them was almost represented as fear.

In fact, what these five people are feeling is the overwhelming aura of the [Mind] that the dragon released.


Suddenly a yellow lightning landed next to them. It released a powerful aura and static shocks all around.

“Phew… Never thought I’ll manage to control this skill right now.” Said someone next to the kneeled people.

They didn’t notice, but it seems that the “yellow lightning” was actually this person landing next to them.

(Wha?! A person?!) Thought the guy with glasses as he tried to move his head, which proved futile.

“???- Kids are you okay?”

Asked the person- woman who had just landed. Not an inch of them seemed “okay” but still she asked. Moreover, she called them kids even though her voice, as they couldn’t see her, seemed not much older than theirs.

“Guess you can’t move, huh….” Said the woman while frowning, yet they weren’t able to see her expression.


“I think it’s okay now.” Added the woman as, surprisingly, the young boys and girls suddenly were able to move freely. Also the “fear” in their hearts had disappeared without a trace.

“Alright kids, if you don’t move you’ll get hit!” Said the woman- A woman in his late teens and probably just stepped into his 20’s. She had short, light blue hair and a soft mustard bandana that combined with her almost golden, bright-hazel eyes.


Suddenly, while the guys and girls tried to figure out who was the one talking, the gentle-looking girl cried in surprise.


“Is anything wrong Adrianna?” Asked the white haired girl to the gentle looking girl, Adrianna.

“She… She is…” While trembling and covering her mouth with both hands, the woman in front of them took a pose as if she were to throw a javelin.

“Deploy [Starscream]” Said the woman as from metallic bracelets in her ankles metal boots appeared as if it came from thin threads of light. Metal claws appeared from her wrists’ bracelets and from her shoulder pad, a 2.5 long railgun was materialized; it also included pilot-like googles.

The metal boots anchored to the stage and from the back of the shoulder-pad another anchor was connected.

“[Not yet! I’ve just deployed it!]”

Suddenly, the woman talked, which made Adrianna way more panicked.

“Wh-Who is she?” Asked the tanned guy.

“E-Everyone here should know her… Or at least sh-she resembles her that much…” Talked Adrianna. Everyone was eager to listen her answer but no one dared to hasten her words.

(Who is she?) Everyone thought as they racked their brains in order to figure who the strikingly beautiful woman in front of them was.

Then, Adrianna talked.

“[Holy Blade Maiden], Krestin Spiegel.”

Just as she said those words, Krestin’s title and name, everyone made shocked expressions. The white haired girl and the tanned guy were as shocked as Adrianna, whilst the others were still a little dubious to her words.

“A-Are you sure? This isn’t the time to be doing weird jokes you know?!” Said the guy with glasses.

“She is not the type to make such jokes… but-”

“I can listen your conversation you know!” Said the woman, Krestin as she filled the railgun in her shoulder with an electric-based spell.

“You can talk all you want about me later, but for now just move back!!” Cried Krestin as the electricity around increased several-fold.

While they were chatting among themselves, it seems Krestin had already charged the railgun with munition.

The group of youngsters reacted to the great amount of energy and moved 5 m back and-

“Strike!!!” Shouted Krestin while the railgun in her shoulder shot the ammo in it. As it was shot, it left a interference-like sound behind and a massive shockwave that even knocked back the group of teenagers next to Krestin.

They had all passed out.

“I told them to move back- As if 5 meter were enough to withstand such attack.” Said Krestin in a low voice as she put away her equipment. She just moved away for a bit her sight and then gathered all her concentration on the gigantic dragon above her; To the place where she had shot her attack.

The attack landed almost immediately and destroyed half of the dragon’s head.


Suddenly an beige-coloured trail of light passes through what was left of the dragon’s “neck” and chopped off it’s head.

Teil Fünf.

Just at the moment all these events unfolded, Engel and co. noticed their [Wake Up Call] made some interference with other devices, but didn’t put much thought into it as they wanted to deal with the giant dragon in front of them.

Engel had sent Krestin to prepare her “Hidden Weapon” made by Izaak as the aforementioned used his bow to fend off the dragon with the help of Engel and Lene. Isold would be in wait as she had to assist any of those who needed aid.

It all transcurred in the span of mere minutes, since Yozora’s realization until Isold’s final attack.

Probably, not even 5 minutes passed. Even to the public evacuating, everything seemed like a prearranged act for VIP guests.

Luckily, [Quarta] had issued advertisements of a private show as a cover with Yozora’s suggestion.

Amidst the battle, no one noticed but cheers rained the place from the people who were leaving but also watching the “event”.

After the dragon died, Engel hurriedly stored the corpse on his [Item Box].

< Property of Fantasy-Books.live | outside of it, it is stolen.

Just as he stored the corpse and hurriedly closed the dimensional crack-

A barrage of cheers came from the surroundings. Of course, all of these came from the witnesses of the “event”.

Engel and co. smiled wryly because they couldn’t figure why the cheers. They had all gathered around Engel who had recovered the corpse of the beast.


[Our deepest apologies, dear guests. This was a rather abrupt “event”, but we want to convey the real circumstances of this act.]

The screens all over the place, that were interfered with by [Quarta] had their promotional text overwritten by an emergency notice.

[In fact, the previous text in all the visible screens was a false statement. What has really happened, is that just like 30 years ago, a being from the [Void] came attacking once again after breaking the [Dimensional Films].]

Just as these words were added, most of the adults in the scene turned blue out of fear and started to complain towards whoever they wanted.

[But fret not- Because this unfortunate event didn’t unfold more than the level of a small threat due to some unexpected guests]

At this time, most of the adults kept their mouths shut as the results of what the screen said were completely witnessed- Right now, what weighed more than the fear of the “event” was the curiosity towards these “Guests” that suppressed such great even to a level of small scale.

[From the depths of the [Void] and overwhelming as always- No; more peerless than anyone… Welcome once again the [Lost Royalty], the [Lost Gods Of War]!!]

Announced the [Quarta] through the screens as she created additional screens showing a full picture of Engel and co. floating on the air.

Every person on the place who got a gist of the news, was with the mouth agape while not fully understanding what was going on at all.

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