(Unedited) Magical Tournament Vol. 7 Epilogue: Neue Erinnerungen (New Memories) – The ship has set sail… Or not?

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Epilogue: Neue Erinnerungen (New Memories) – The ship has set sail… Or not?

Teil Ein.




“Why, you ask? Tsukuyomi you bastard after acting so stupidly you dare to ask me why I did this?”


Says a female voice while tightly holding onto Tsukuyomi’s neck.


The two were currently on a cave-like, dim place.


“Since the beginning I tried to use you as someone who would avert the attention from me, but oh bastard you just decided to release my pets!” Explained the female voice as she tightened the grip on Tsukuyomi.


“Guuuh…” On the other hand, Tsukuyomi could only restlessly move, trying to free himself from the healthy looking, white hand.


“Haa…. Everyone knows you have a Byakko and a Genbu… but everyone knows I’m the only one to have a Seiryuu besides Amaterasu!!” Roared the female voice.


“B-…..But… thelsd….. Pets…” Said Tsukuyomi with a broken speech.


“I know they were just pets, but that’s exactly the issue!! A pet doesn’t move without its master’s orders! Not to mention that the existence of it doesn’t matter that much to me! I could have killed it with my own hands if I wanted it, no matter how rare it was, but that it was shown following orders from you!” Shouts once again the female voice, not hiding her anger.




“EH?! I know it was weak! It’s a mere pet!! I was going to use an [Ancient Pill] for it later!! STUPID MOTHERFUCKER!!!!”


The woman, fed up with her own anger, threw away Tsukuyomi to the wall of the dim-lit cave.


“Tch!” Clicked her tongue, the woman, as she moved her hand as if moving some strings and small crimson coloured sparks flew from them.


(Well, I guess it’s my fault he ended up so stupid…) Said the mysterious woman in her mind.


“[Dopamine Control], [Serotonin Augmentation], [Norepinephrine Regulation], [Acetylcholine Enhancement]”


Said the woman with a soft, sensual voice.




Making weird noises meld with laughter, Tsukuyomi convulsed due to the feelings of excitement and happiness that rushed through his whole body. His face contorted in a weird smile whilst his eyes were gazing at nothingness.


“It doesn’t matter whether you were the strongest of the gods, you are the weakest mentally… It was easy to take you away from Amaterasu, ehe.”


Said the woman while cutely laughing. Her anger had vanished as soon as she saw him wriggling like a lowly worm.


(Poor, poor Tsukuyomi… Your “hatred”, your “uselessness”… It’s nothing but a fake feeling… Ehe… ehehehe)


Laughs the woman in her mind as she approached Tsukuyomi and placed, gently, her hand on top of Tsukuyomi’s chest.


“With the hands of the Oni, which can steal and feed from the souls of humans, I hereby take your [Existence];  – [Ogre’s Hand]”

<< fantasy-books Property >>


She muttered as all the power inside Tsukuyomi was being absorbed by the woman.


“Thanks for the meal~” She said in a playful tone.


At this time, Tsukuyomi had already passed out and was unconsciously convulsing.


“Reeve, Myrth, can you come~?” Voices the woman as the cave-like place turned into a japanese tea room.


“”Yes, Master”” Said two people in black clothinkg who suddenly appeared. They are identical twins. They both had short, black hair and tan skin with pretty faces; the only difference is the small bulge in the chest of one of them.


“How are Tsukuyomi’s [Miko] doing?” Asks the woman, whose face whole figure is now revealed. She has fair blonde hair, red eyes and a lively yet gentle expression in her beautiful face.


“They are still unconscious.” Replies the male twin, Reeve.


(Tch; they had to drink that pill…) Cursed the woman in her mind.


“Alright. Reeve, keep them under watch. Myrth, take Tsukuyomi to his [Temple]. If anyone asks you, say he drank until he went awry.” Ordered the woman as she teleported out of her own [Temple].


“”As you order, our god”” Both Reeve and Myrth said as the two teleported away to do their assigned duties.


Teil Zwei.


“Oh my, now how do I intervene?” Said Amaterasu while hidden under broad daylight, very near from Engel and co, tried to decide how to approach them.


She had hoped to call out to them after they finally arrived to their home world, but under the sudden turn of events, she didn’t know how to approach.


She moved from her [Temple] towards his location after witnessing how Tsukuyomi had simply ran away.


“I guess I’ll just wait until all this fades a little.” She said while placing her hand in her left cheek and slightly tilted her head.


“Well, it’s not that I have all the time of the universe to help my stupid brother but I guess that coming back home is still coming back home. Not to mention that whoever is manipulating him, won’t finish him up right now… The [Tournament] is coming after all.” Said Amaterasu, who was famous, as her brother, for having a loose mouth.


Teil Drei.


Engel and co. were speechless.


Since the the screen with [Quarta]’s speech was also transmitted to them.


“30… years?” Mutters Krestin, the one brave enough to voice the problem at hand.


“[Lost Royalty]?” Added Izaak, who was driven by Krestin’s courage.


“What the fuck is going on?!” Finally, Lene was the one to snap.


With his fist trembling, Engel swallowed all his worries, guesses and speculations about the current situation, which could easily drive him to a short circuit and voiced the next course of actions.


“Le-Let’s not think about this more than what is enough. First, we need to meet up with Yozora and the rest of our acquaintances, then we ask about this whole fuss.” Said Engel while looking around for Yozora.


“Tch… It bugs me you said it first, but you’re right. We need to calm down and look for the correct course of actions.” Adds Lene, honestly a bit annoyed by Engel’s speed of reaction. It didn’t matter how much he loved him, that part of him poked her annoyance and lit up her sense of competitiveness.




Just then, a black shadow tackled Engel away from the 5 men formation.


“Yo-Yozora?!” Startled, Engel said the name of the one who bashed him.


In their state of half-panic, they didn’t expect such rash actions, though they felt Yozora’s aura quickly approaching.


“Engel! Engel Engel! Engeeeel!!!”


Cried Yozora as tears came from her eyes and dug her face on Engel’s chest. He then felt some stares piercing him. As he followed his feeling, he saw Krestin and Lene staring at him. He only smiled wryly, to what the two girls did the same; They realized that she had some right to do so in front of them as she had been separated from Engel for 30 years.


Krestin and Lene nodded to Engel and then faced the other 2 auras approaching them- Aleksandra and Brunnhildr.


As if it was a sign of approval, Engel shifted his sight to Yozora in his arms and patted her head in silence.


On the other hand, Lene and Krestin were talking with Brunnhildr and Aleksandra.


“It seems there’s a lot to ask here.” Said Lene as she looked at Brunnhildr.


Yozora and Aleksandra aside, Brunnhildr didn’t look much older than a 20 year old woman.


“Indeed. Even now, I can’t believe you five are here. My instinct tell me you are real, but there are lots of tests to do. After all, it’s not the first time someone has tried to pose as you.” Revealed Brunnhildr with a helpless look on her face.


“We have a lot of time now, so we’d like to listen everything that happened in this span of time.” Adds Krestin.


“There’s something else. If I recall correctly, you all came aboard an airship. Where is it and who is the one driving it?” Added Aleksandra as she snapped out of her “running away from reality” loop.


In that very moment, Engel froze up. He hear Aleksandra’s statement and so, he thought of Shirayuki.

“I know this feeling… Engel, is there something you want to say?” Asked Yozora while visibly tightening her hug into a death lock.


They were a little far, yet with their senses, listening to Lene and co. conversation wasn’t that difficult.


Aleksandra heard Yozora’s words and directed her gaze to an Engel that tried to avert his eyes from Yozora’s stare.


“Engel?” Repeated Yozora while engel could feel the strength in her arms. Even with [Mind] he felt useless against a woman’s conviction.


“Sh-Shirayuki… Te-Tell Autumn to bring the [Triskelion].” Said Engel while making a half-smile.


Even Krestin could tell this half-smile was one of “I’m screwed.”


After a moment, the airship arrived at a great speed and stopped near them. Then, before Engel said something, two people flew out of it.


Besides the gods, there were only 5 people able to fly, even with the enchanted crystal [Angel Feather]: Lyza, Shirayuki, Autumn, Frederica and Ártemize.


The ones flying towards Engel were the latter, Frederica and Ártemize.


“Engel! What’s going o-?!”




Then, as soon as they arrived, they saw the person on Engel’s “embrace”.


They had headed towards him due to him requesting the return of the airship, as it was supposed that they would stay hidden away.


And now, they faced this predicament.


“Yo-zora…” Muttered Ártemize with a face full of emotions. On the contrary, Frederica was slightly pale; not only for the trauma of having lost against her, but because of their previous antagonism.


Yozora on her side, turned around and saw the two persons floating there. Regardless of the quasi-invisible Frederica in her eyes, she was stunned to see a living death. Not moving, or even showing emotions on her face, yet her moist eyes said everything.


What if she hadn’t have contact with Engel in his travels? This would have been her reaction.


While Yozora tried to figure what to say in her mind, there was someone as stunned as her-




Aleksandra Götze, Ártemize Götze’s little sister, both previous holders of the [Longinus Lanze].


Aleksandra, aghast, covered her opened mouth while shedding tears of joy.


Teil Vier.


[Return of the Lost Gods]
< Property of Fantasy-Books.live | outside of it, it is stolen.


That was the name given to this “resurrection”.


Officially, the [Lost Gods of War] were in an inanimate state while in the [Void] thanks to their own abilities, to a later date being thrown again into their world from said deep dark world.


After uncountable test as: Fingertip Test, Blood Test, Face Recognition, DNA Test, Iris Recognition, Biometric Tests, Voice Recognition, Rhythm Recognition, Aura Recognition, Spirit Identification, Magic Particle Test, Memory Test, Ability Test, Brain Function Test, X-Ray, Radiation, Presence Tests, Psychological Tests, Knowledge Test, etc, etc, etc.


Countless tests, as well as personal opinions, public opinions and AI judgement left clear to the world that indeed, after 30 years, the [Gods of War] had indeed came back.


Every test gave the appropriate result in order to let the public eye agree that five of the most valued individuals in whole history had come back.
This was the mark in history for new memories to come.

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