(Unedited) Matou Vol 8 Chapter 3: Harsh Reality – Second Part

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Part One.

[Anya Light’s POV]

“……… Fuck….”

“Language. This is the nth time you’ve said that curse you know.” Said to me the girl in the bed next to me, Adrianna. Like me, she’s resting from her injuries suffered by Krestin Spiegel, one of the Lost Gods. In my case, mine were due to Engel Falsch, their leader.

“But… I just can’t stand it! We’re supposed to be stronger than them! Why were we done in by them?!” I complained. It’s just frustrating…

“There is nothing I am able to say to calm you down… As I am in no position due to me being as frustrated as you.” Replies to me Adrianne while making a subtle, grief expression.

That was actually quite surprising, as I’ve only seen her do a gentle expression, even when doing… that thing…

“What bout you Leonora; not saying anything?” I asked to the other Elite in the room.


“I see.”

“Only stupid people are so stubborn to keep silent due to humiliation.” Added Adrianne. She has quite the enmity towards Leonora, something like a basic rejection.

(Weren’t you silent all this time too?) I retorted in my heart.


“What did they do?” Suddenly said Leonora. I think she took to heart what Adrianne said, even though it was plain hypocrisy. She was asking about how they did beat us with a single punch.


I won’t bother replying, even though I was the last one, I don’t know what they did. I was too ashamed after Leonora’s loss to even think straight.


“Even if it’s not my will to reply your question, I still do wish say a half-answer. Contrary to you two, and Papercrane, I did not let the blood rush to my head. I heightened my senses and found out something curious.” Says Adrianne while sitting in her bed.


“……. What is it?” I reply. Of course it’s a big offense to this great me, but it being true, I don’t know what to retort.


“You are not going to like my words but… They held back.”



[End of Anya’s POV]



Part Two.


“What happened?” Asked Engel to Yozora. It was nighttime and the 6 were in the office above the rooms of the kids and the common area.


“Nothing serious. It seems that one of the [New Blood] went on rampage but was successfully knocked out by Aleksandra.” Replied Yozora while facing the 5 Lost Gods from behind her desk.


“So, are ye alright now? You surprised us acting like a fragile doll n’ stuff but that aint stopping the talk we were having ye know~” Interrupted Lene while reverting to her nasty speech.


“I know; I just needed a break. I am now able continue the conversation where we left it.” Says Yozora in a calm manner.


“This may be a little long so don’t get impatient, please.” Added Yozora while starting the story 30 before now- The day known as [Lost Royalty].


[Yozora’s POV]


It all started two weeks after the [Incident].


After the hole was sealed, all of the [Yotse] disappeared. None of them was seen again. Whether their true purpose is what they claimed is still unknown, even if we accepted it at first.


Also, there is something alarming happening in the world. Because of the forceful “break” of dimensions, the world suffered unnatural calamities that killed many people and left many more missing. These catastrophes have changed the climate of certain areas in the world, as well as let loose a substantial increase in the density of the world’s [Mana].


Abiding by Ms. Cole’s orders, we, people with magic, ought to help in all the world to reconstruct it.


To calm down the populace, the higher ups- the Council of Associates of [Schwan Enterprises], led by Terrance Ace, decided to release certain footages on the internet.


These footages showed Engel and co- The [Gods of War] fighting against a group of people calling themselves [Ancient Beings]. Thought the sound was “corrupted”, it clearly showed how valiantly the Gods of War fended off these Beings and beat them. Then when they fought against the strongest of them, the footage showed their last moments as the Gods of War vanished together with their last enemy, also closing the “crack” on space. They, unexpectedly, had a record of how Engel with his powers managed to close the “crack” as a proof.


While paying a gigantic sum of money, they bought scientists to explain how that “Last Act of Valor” reduced in a 99.9% the chances of Earth being destroyed and the catastrophes were something saddening but not compared to total eradication.

Moreover, there was one other effect that worked in favor towards the government- The fact that the incident modified people’s bodies to an unnatural stage. This change was nothing more than simply- live longer.

The people got older slower and kept their youth longer, which worked to appease the public.


This, including the sacrifice of 5 people, and the half-destroyed world led to a unification of all the people.


At the time, Ms. Cole sent a proposal of “Allow civilians to use [Magic]”, which with reluctance, was approved. This saved much more lives than the lost ones, not to mention that with the god’s sacrifice it was made to look like heaven’s mercy.


Amidst the reconstruction of the world, [Loki] made an alliance with Ms. Cole to help Earth with the condition that some people from [Bereich] would live in Earth. This issue had been led by her since a while; the proofs were the videos released by [Quarta] as well as the confirmation of multiverse theories by Engel’s father, Klaus Falsch.


Many of the secrets of the [Tournament of The Black Swan] got leaked, so with many skirmishes and polemic, the alliance was stablished.


The [Tournament] was reformed so it would stick to the new principles, avoiding people from going to another world forcibly and making honor to the [Gods of War].


Of course, the [Tournament] was halted until the world was finished reconstructing, which took 10 years. The other 2 were need to prepare the facilities to the new tournament.


People from [Bereich] started to migrate, adapt and live happily in Earth. It was hard for the people to receive these unknown beings with horns, wings, animal traits and long ears, but time and effort made its duty and now it’s a normal sight to behold.


This was also thanks to the people from [Bereich] that Engel had brought with him- Cale Dafe, Ileana Roza, Haven Davis, Alize Krystalmoff, Aleksandra Götze and me, Yozora Sakurai, the [Pixies] brought by participants as well as the many participants of the [Tournament] that had been in contact with these kind of “new existences”.


By today, society and people have been moving along with the desired pace. No discrimination is held, people from different races have proper relationships and over all, the memories of the now [Lost Gods] live in everyone’s heart, as well as enhance the hope of people to keep living.


They don’t blame anyone for the lost ones, and happily congratulate the ones who brought them the means to stand up.


Of course, this sounds as a Utopia, which isn’t totally real.


The actual source of the changes in the world- what everyone knows as [Space-Time Tremor], its true nature, rather than “a second effect of forcibly tearing the space apart at a great level and being in contact with the [Void]” is “A Space-Time Rupture that make the [Satellite-verse Bereich] attract itself to [Earth] and caused enormous disturbances.”


This is top secret information.


This attraction caused a small “clash” of Bereich with Earth before returning to its place. This clash made it so the mana density and flow increased; affecting the Earth even more than it already was affected.


The source of magic in earth it’s a tale for another day.


So- The increase in [Mana] made it so the to-be-born babies were affected genetically, becoming [Veränderten]. Special traits showed in them, which led their parents to repulse them.


“Affair”, “Accident”, “Monster”, “Deformation”, “Anomaly”, “Thing”- Is what the parents that had [Veränderten] children with “inhuman” traits called them.


Thus, this became more of a familiar violence that surged 20 years ago. It took a while to detect these cases, and it is still being clarified and being dealt with by authorities.


Until this very day, the discrimination and violence exist but it’s almost eradicated. The real problem is the “strength” the children we saved represents.


The higher ups are afraid; afraid we people of [Camellia Academy] rebel against them. So- they want to either take away the orphans to train them as military assets or kill them so nothing happens in any end.


The ones being born right now does not possess the same strength as the ones born 20 or 10 years ago. So they either want the ones we saved or not let anyone have them.


[Camellia Academy] for sake of people, became a stationary island near Japan and became a whole new called “Camellia Academy”.

“It’s a hassle to change the name now” Said Ms. Cole, as now [Camellia Academy] is not meant to be an “Academy” but an “Independent Entity”. The real academies are the 5 ones created in honor of the [Lost Gods].


The higher ups, the [United Nations] as well as Council Members of Schwan Enterprises and we, [Camellia Academy] were in equal terms for years, maintaining this subject stagnant until the [Lost Gods] came back.


With you coming back, the morale of the people rose as well as directed their attention from anything bad happening towards the [Lost Gods].


Now, the higher ups were totally afraid of the Lost Gods becoming the academy’s strength so they “obliged”, most likely taking hostage the important people of some of the god’s companions who weren’t living here in the ‘academy’, so they could bring the gods to their side. The [Maschine Leiter], Engel’s companions and the [Pixies] are living in [Bereich] so there was no problem with them. The god’s families too as they live in [Camellia Academy].


The only way out, was to show them a glimpse of the power the [Lost Gods] now hold; something unfalsifiable, enough to make them back down the strife. This would be accomplished showing the actual status of the god’s and shown by the AI [Quarta]. [Quarta] is in our side, but if she was “cracked” then what she would be showing, was something we wanted them to see. The [UN] wouldn’t know that though.


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[Quarta] is completely “unhackable” but, she would let it go once for the sake of the orphans.


All that lead to this very moment.


[End of Yozora’s POV]


“So the reason we didn’t see our companions was due to them being blackmailed into convincing us to join “their” side?” Cleared Engel just after Yozora’s explanation finished.


“That’s it. Well, there are few ones that are simply shy and won’t allow a meeting yet.” Adds Yozora with a faint nod.


“The heck? And why aren’t you helping them?!” Asked Izaak upset. Krestin, Engel and Lene didn’t ask such thing because they figured there was some situation going on that didn’t let them aid their companions and she just hadn’t said a word yet.


“We are on it. [Loki]’s personal squad- the [Illusion Valkyries] are looking for the kidnapped people’s location and are led by Ileana.” Said Yozora.


“They are the little girls Loki saved form the facility in Bereich while in the tournament.” She added, to what everyone clapped their hands in an understanding manner.


“I need to ask- Why didn’t you ask us for help, Yozora? We would have gladly help with this case, as well as rescue the kidnapped people.” Comments Krestin with a straightforward look.


“True. Ye didn’t need to steal our statuses so forcibly.” Nods Lene in approval.


“It’s… It’s because we were ashamed. We didn’t want to drag you in this problem just after your “revival”, and decided to wait more. The more we waited, the more complicated it got and so we were ashamed to even ask for help.”


“I see. It must have been hard to command all this all alone.” Says Engel to Yozora while giving a half-smile.


Lene could tell, that his smile meant “I’m here with you”. That pissed her off a little, yet she tried to not to show it in her face.



Part Three.


After agreeing to make some surprise visits on their companions after the matter was settled, Engel teleported back the other Lost Gods to their respective places and he himself went back to his new home with Yozora.


For some reason, Izaak chose to stay in the place with the kids. He said he’d feel a little better using his free time to cheer up the kids in the orphanage. Engel didn’t complain and just left him there.


While in the house, and having changed to chill-out clothes, Engel called out to Yozora.


“Yozora, I know you’re still hiding something. Is it that hard to say?” Asked Engel who was monitoring Yozora with his [Cold Reading] the whole time. It seems she was still tense after the talk, so he figured she had something hidden deep in her heart.




“I wo-“


“It’s okay. It’s okay. I don’t want to hide more things… Is just that… This is a more personal level.” Says Yozora while strongly clenching her fists.


“Remember what I said right? I knew you were coming back. I had hope because I had already seen you, in the past. I don’t know how it was possible, but I knew you were a live from that.


The thing is, I was the only one.”


Yozora’s voice became hoarser as she talked.


“Brook, Serena, Haven, Cale, Alize, Valeriya, Ishild, Brunnhildr, Patricia, Kyoka, Albrikt, Blair, Schnee, Weiss, Schwartz, Mikaela, Ileana, Eita, Maria, Zarah, Olivia, Alke, Alex, Flora, Ekaterina, Claudia, Honoka, Anstasiya, Danielle, Erika, Sophia and Leslie.


All of them suffered painfully due to your “death”. From these people, Alex, Serena, Brook, Eita, Flora, Claudia, Haven, Cale, Leslie and Alize are the only ones who decided to stay still.


What I mean is that the rest, found a new drive in their lives. They passed from you. They made their lives with other people, and you remained as a beautiful memory. Even now, I think they only fancy you as something unreachable rather than deciding to go back with you. The others, had their will renewed but, still decided to keep a single life.


In this case, Serena and Brook are in a hermit-like state so they don’t know the situation.  Alex is working to death somewhere in the academy so she knows, but definitely doesn’t want to face you just yet.


Eita is in her homeland, as well as Flora, but both unfortunately were victims of the kidnap. Haven, Cale and Alize are in Bereich, so besides being oblivious to the situation, they can’t come back even if they knew.” Explained Yozora, whom for some reason looks as if she had seen her worst enemy.


“I guess… This is not the whole problem, right?” Says Engel in a caring, quiet voice.


“Exactly. The actual problem are 9 of the previously mentioned people. Their mental state was a complete mess after your apparent death, so these people went on a rampage. Due to their level and combat abilities, these people had to be secluded in a special place.


With time, 8 of these people calmed down, accepted the “reality” and were evaluated positively, so they could go out. These were Flora, Aleksandra, Brunnhildr, Ileana, Weiss, Schwartz, Schnee and Mikaela.


The latest, Brunnhildr, took 2 years to be released.”


“But still, there’s one left right. That is-“


“Yes; Leslie, the most unstable of them all is still there. Her berserk-like state hasn’t diminished the least since you “died”.”


As Yozora finished talking, she let loose her shoulders and a long sigh. Who knows how much time she has kept that in her heart, resisting, working hard, never complaining and strong as an oak… How much time did she spend like that just for the sake of this day?


Time is relative, so simply saying- 30 years is unconceivable. How much time has her heart feel has passed from the day he left? 3 years? 15 years? 30 days?


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Whether it was long or short, only she knows, and Engel can only figure so.


Now, the real situation is- How many time has passed for Leslie?


While thinking about this, Engel silently hugged Yozora as she just hid her face on his chest. They spent a whole hour like that until, without saying a word, the two went to sleep.



Part Four.


It’s the very next day.


Yozora gave the coordinated to a secret place to Engel, so he could go and see for himself how Leslie’s state was.


From the very beginning, she was the most unstable of all, and probably how Yozora would’ve end up if she wasn’t sure Engel was still alive.


They had agreed that Engel would not have close contact with her at all, because who knew what exactly would happen if she suddenly see him. Would she recover? Would she get madder? Would she enter into a placebo effect of intense pain or a self-induced comma? No one knows the wonders of human mind, as well as the disaster it is, not to mention an otherworld Elf like Leslie.


Yozora had already talked with the only one useful person there, the Vice-Chief Guard, as the Chief Guard was just a slacker unable to be fired.


Engel, getting inside the building and having received the proper authorizations, was being led by the Vice-Chief towards the upmost floor.


“Restless?” Asked the Vice-Chief.


“Sort of. She’s a special person for me.” Replied Engel, finding a little awkward the guard’s ease of talk.


“Why… No; I think you were unable to.”


“It’s complicated.”


“All of us here, except the Chief, have had contact with people in a similar state of hers. Can I call her by her name?”


“Go ahead”


Soon enough, the two made a small talk while they arrived to the top floor. The elevator was slow in case some scape happened, allowing the fugitive to be slowed down.


“Ms. Elain is in a dire situation. I’m no doctor, but due to my ex-wife I know very much about this. What these people need is attention and care, as well as people who visit. I’m glad to know every 2 day may people come to visit her. I do accept her state is… Wow… Creepy. But without the intention to offend, all we ought to do is be there.”


Listening to the Vice-Chief words, Engel calmed down just before arriving to the space of the glass cell.


The Vice-Chief had sensed how Engel was completely put off by the situation, so he guessed a small talk and some tiny advice would suffice.


No matter how much time you’ve lived, there’s no way you’ll not react in that way when a person near you is in such state. After that, you could even joke about if you wanted, just as he did previously with his partner the Left Guard and the Lunch Guard, which switched with another guy known as Elevator Guard.


His status as a guard in that place didn’t let him to keep contact with the outside, so he didn’t know about the [Lost Gods] return, adding that Engel changed his hair to black whenever he wasn’t on the spotlight made it so the Vice-Chief didn’t recognize him and could talk with him so readily.


Not to mention that a guard who doesn’t have any other human contact than with the one next to him develops a frightening ability to make conversation out of thin air.


The door opened, and then Engel was inside a place made out of glass-like material. With the two guards: Left Guard and Lunch Guard safekeeping the only way to access, Engel walked straight without saying a word. That’s why-


He could see Leslie.




In his mind he said her name, thinking it had left its lips. He was mute over the appearance of one of the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.


Then he stopped.


He had talked it with Yozora so he had to be careful and not approach Leslie in any way.


She was in the corner of the room, facing the opposite side so it was totally convenient for him.


But still, he wanted to keep walking. His mind was telling him to go, his heart was telling him to move as fast as he could and his instinct said “MOTHERFUCKER HUG HER!”


He bit his lips until they bled, he tightened his fist until they were white as snow and his whole body trembled in fury, sadness and grief trying to decide whether he wanted to keep going or go back.




Just then, he heard a voice telling him to move forward.


He didn’t care to whom it belonged, whether it was his own voice, a product of his imagination or simply the beat of his own heart… He followed that voice’s orders.


Engel out of the blue ran with all his might and break the door, throwing away the guards in the narrow place while creating a wind gust.


The Vice-Chief behind him only smiled wryly as he had just his orders of “making sure he doesn’t have any kind of contact with the patient” and “stop him if he even tries”.


He was the one to incite him after all.



Part Five.


[Leslie’s POV]


A sound of a door forcibly opening… Ha-haha-hahahahahahaha~


What do I care? What do I care? What do I care?


If he’s not here then anything is here. Whether the door opens quietly or the door opens forcibly or that the drink is too hot, who cares?! He’s not here he’s not here he’s not here he’s not here.


“He’s not here”


I call him and call him and call him AND CALL HIM AND CALL HIM and he never comes NEVER COMES never comes.


What do I do? What do I do? He doesn’t come he doesn’t come I call him I call him


Engel Engel Engel Engel Engel Engel Engel where are you where is he?? He doesn’t come I call him I call him




“I call him”


Why isn’t he here?! Why why why why why Engel Engel Engel where are you? He doesn’t come it hurts


It hurts It hurts It hurts It hurts I call him where is he It hurts when he’s not here it hurts when he appears in my dreams it hurts when he talks to me it hurts when he’s not here it hurts when he’s not here it hurts when he doesn’t talk it hurts when he doesn’t’… when he doesn’t…




“It hurts It hurts”



“Why why why why why Engel why?”


Why did you leave why did you leave no no no NO he hasn’t left me he hasn’t left me he’s here he’s here he isn’t dead he isn’t dead at all


Where is he where is he? He would always come when I called him he would always be there when I called him why is he not here it hurts it hurts why why why why I call him I call him but he doesn’t come he isn’t here why why why why it hurts it hurts


Engel Engel where are you? Where Where Where Where Where Where




Where are you WHERE ARE YOU?!


Engel Engel Engel it hurts!


My memories of you hurt, when you were nice to me it hurts when you are nice to me it hurts when you come when I say so it hurts when you don’t come at all IT HURTS!!


Why why why why why why aren’t you here?! Why why why why!?


He was the only one to accept me he is the only one to accept me it hurts it hurts it hurts whenever he talked nice to me it hurts why isn’t he here he accepted me as I am it hurts it hurts I call him I call him why why????????????????????????????????????


I love you he loves me back it doesn’t hurt it hurts it doesn’t hurt it hurts it doesn’t hurt it hurts why why you love me why did you leave me no he hasn’t left me he is here he isn’t here he is here why why why I call you but you aren’t here he doesn’t come I call him he is not here why why why why it hurts it hurts it hurts why isn’t he here I love him he loves me it doesn’t hurt it hurts his memories hurt my memories hurt I call him he’s not here he’s nor here why why why why???!!?!!?!


If he’s not here anything else is here if he’s not here then everything doesn’t matter the door the noise the food the guard Yozora Brunnhildr Valeriya Brook Brook Brook Yozora Alize Cale Cale Yozora why why why why doesn’t he come Haven Brook Yozora Yozora Yozora Yozora why isn’t he here is he alive is he dead why why why it hurts why why


It doesn’t matter is he here he isn’t here why I call him the steps the steps the steps… the odor…. The odor? The….. A-Aura?




The… Theee….


“The voice.”


The voice The voice The voice The… His. His His His His His HIS HIS HIS HIS his his his His His his HIS HIS his His……


His steps.


His odor.


His aura.


His voice.


It’s him It’s him It’s him


“…. I’m sorry… I’m just so sorry…”


His voice, his warmth, his embrace….


It doesn’t hurt.


It doesn’t hurt It doesn’t hurt It doesn’t hurt…. It doesn’t…. Why?


It doesn’t… hurt?


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Eh? Eh?





E-E-E-E-E-E-E-“E-Engel????!!!!! Wha-Wha-What’s going on here?”


Really wha-what’s going on here?!


E-Engel? Why is he here? No- Where are we?! What I’m doing here?! And what’s this odor?! Mine? But-


Ohhh…. Engel’s odor….


“E-Engel?! Wh-Why are you embracing me so sudden?! Where are we? What is going on?! Bu-But please answer while keeping thi-this posture please.. Ehe, ehehe, ehehehehehehe… Oh sorry”


My divinity! I-I forgot! I don’t have to smile like that in front of him! What are you doing?!


Leslie you idiot!


[End of Leslie’s POV]

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