My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 01

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My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 01

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me 01


Thank you for the positive feedback in the first post. Thanks to your likes and comments, this project had a great starting point, which makes me happy.

Since I’m relatively free this weekend, I will be publishing the second chapter on Sunday where I will be talking about the post timing. Just so you know, I’m posting new chapters at a fast pace because I thought that the direction of the story development is still hard to grasp. That’s why I wanted to make the plot clear as fast as possible for the readers to decide whether they will be following the series or not. Anyway, the pace will be slowed down once I publish the third chapter on Monday.

Also, this is actually a second part of the prologue, I named it chpater 01 because I think it wouldn’t make a difference.

That’s it for now. Enjoy reading!

An unfamiliar roof

After losing my consciousness for a good amount of time, I finally opened my eyes to see a white ceiling.

“At these kinds of situations, it’s always an unknown ceiling huh…”

When I tried to raise up, for the time being, I realized I was on top of a bed. This is definitely a hospital, isn’t…
I took a look over the place and noticed that there was a TV and raindrops outside the window.
This is not a different world, is it…

As I fell in thoughts, someone abruptly opened the door. Looking at that direction, I confirmed that they were my parents who seemed to be confused. Their expressions then instantly changed into a one of concern and they hastily approached me.

“Yato! Are you feeling okay? Are you in pain somewhere?!”

My mother asked me with a considerably worried face.

“Yeah, I’m fine, mom.”

When I said that, my mother became relieved as she muttered: “thank god!”.
This year, she has already reached 40, but her appearance is that of a young beautiful 20 years old lady.

“Are you really okay? How are you feeling?”

This time it was my father who inquired me.

“Yeah, I’m feeling good, dad.”
“I see, that’s great.”

Same as my mother, My father is also older than 40, however, despite his age he still quite good-looking. Anyone who would witnesses the both of them together can’t help but imagine them as a couple of young lovers. Which I found deceiving.

“I’m glad that you’re okay. I was frightened when I first heard that you were collapsing alone in the classroom.”
“That’s right. Yato, what in heaven happened in there? Where did your classmates go?”

I closed my mouth for an instant to my father’s question. This is bad, we’re already talking about that!? What to do?

“You are Kamiya Yato, I’m I correct.”

Just when I was about to speak, this time, several old men made their way inside the room. They’re police detectives, apparently.

“I am Onigawara from the metropolitan Police Department. Is it possible for you to answer some questions?”

That’s a police officer for sure.
And the questions are probably about my classmates teleporting into a different world.
But how should I answer him? There’s no way he would accept a reply like ‘they went to another world!’.
I began contemplating the circumstances.

“Please stop! Yato has just woke up! I’d like you to leave for now please!”

My mother furiously yelled at the officers.
The officers seemed to be taken aback by her shout and possibly because they considered the tension of the mood, they decided to honestly drawback.

“I understand. Well then, we shall be coming back another day.”

The several officers left the room as a group. My mother is not from the type who gets angry too often, but once she does, things become quite scary. I still remember how frightening it was when I was once seriously rebuked by her.
I remained silent as watched the officers leaving.

“By the way, what time is it now?”

I asked as I started to restlessly look around the place for a clock.

“It’s 4:00 pm. Don’t worry, it’s still the same day.”

My father was the one who answered.
Seriously? Doesn’t that mean I only slept for a light 2 hours?
I barely stopped the shock from reaching my face.

“Come to think of it, Where’s Karen?”
“Karen-chan is taking care of the house. She was really worried when she heard about your break down.”

It seems that Karen didn’t come with my parents.
And yeah, Karen is my little sister.
She’s a pretty middle school sophomore taking after my mother.
Our relation is not that good, but neither that bad. In brief, we’re just normal siblings.
For that Karen to be worried about me, Onii-chan is quite happy.

“okay, we should go now.”

Uttered my father as he checked his watch.

“Ah, is it already time? Well then, Yato, we’re going back to work now, okay?”
“Alright, have a good time.”

Property of ©; outside of it, it is stolen.

Like that, my parents left the room. Righ after they closed the door, I took a deep breath and laid down in the bed.”

That’s right, I need to check on my status.
Kamiya Yato Age: 15 Male Race: human Lv1

Physical points: 500/500
Magic points:     300/300


Appraisal- super growth- Magic creation- Sleeping strength magic

It’s really there. I thought it was just a dream.
I concentrated my sight on the new Sleeping strength magic skill.

Sleeping strength magic:

Automatically casts a type of magic a few moments before falling asleep which allows acquiring experience points. The acquired experience points accumulate in proportion to the sleeping time.

Ooh, This is a very convenient magic.
Getting stronger only by sleeping is a perfect skill for me. Without any further delay, I tried to use it by falling asleep, but suddenly, something like a chant started floating inside my head.
Should I chant this line, maybe?


At that instant, I sensed as if I was faintly shining and my body somehow felt warmer. At this conditions, I think I can sleep quickly.
As I was thinking about that, I wrapped myself inside the cushion and fell into a deep slumber.


I will leave out the part where I spent a good amount of time accepting police interviews and chased by the press corps.

Anyway, an entire year has passedーーーーーーーAnd I graduated from being a middle school student.


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