Ore no Isekai Shimai ga Jichou Shinai! Volume 1, Chapter 1

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Ore no Isekai Shimai ga Jichou Shinai! Volume 1, Chapter 1

  • Rhex

After fighting the life threatening illness for what felt like forever, I had lost everything but my hearing.

Then the day came when I could no longer hear the voices of the nurses coming in several times a day, and soon I fell into the same eternal sleep as Saya.

However, I somehow had regained consciousness. I could also feel light faintly hitting my eyes which previously could only see darkness. There were also nearby people being noisy.

I……Am I alive?

I tried to make sure, my black and white vision was blurred and I could not see well. I could not hear much of anything either. I was barely able to hear the nearby voices which seemed to be female.

… … That’s right. Even if I haven’t died yet the disease will not heal. In the end I’ll just spend the time sleeping –

I also had time to think.

It’s impossible to know the exact time I lie there, but it had to be about several months.

When I gradually regained my sight and I could hear the surrounding voice clearly, I then understood the fact that I was a baby.

No, what do you say? I thought this was strange. After it became impossible for me to move, a high-calorie liquid food used to be poured into me, but recently I had been made to drink milk instead.

I thought to myself why milk? But, I am convinced if I am breastfeeding ……………… I can understand! I’ve become a baby! I was reincarnated by heaven! Is that it?

Damn! I was planning to find Saya in heaven when I die, but if I am reborn suddenly, the plan will no longer happen – still it would be wrong to say that this is a problem.

Let me calm down a bit.

First, was I really born again? It seems like I am breastfeeding from a strange woman, but….I look up at the woman again. She is around the age…maybe her late teens? She has a pretty well-ordered appearance, and is wearing maid clothes…is it? She is wearing a white and black apron dress.

There is no chance this woman is a nurse……no.

I have never heard of a nurse breast feeding a patient. In the first place this woman is several times bigger than me. If I were my original size then how many meters must this person be.

If you think about it, it is an undeniable fact that I was reborn as a baby, I can not think of any other possible reason for me becoming a baby other than being born again.

In other words, I was sure that I was born again – I thought that my imagination was wrong for a while but I could not find any reason to think otherwise.

…….Indeed, I had been born again.

Or rather? If anything had happened, it would be more dramatic to reunite with Saya in heaven. I wonder what Saya would have done if she had been reborn.

It’s like matching the winning numbers for the first prize of the lottery. Except not getting any prize money because it was actually last years lottery! I think that this is a meaningless miracle. (TL Note: I do apologize for these last few sentences tried my best to accurately translate them, but I was having a lot of difficulty)

But….it is better than if no miracle had happened.

If I was reborn, I should not have to be afraid of the disease anymore. And if I get a healthy body, when I next meet Saya I would no longer have to lie.

This way I can fulfill Saya’s last wish. I can live freely in my second life and once I’ve had enough experiences, I can become happy, die again, and at that time –

While I’m deep in thought, the woman begins to look into my face.  Then, she says something with a strange face.

She does not speak Japanese, so I am unable to understand anything she is saying….As I was lost in thought I had stopped moving, what had happened? I guess she is probably saying something.

Even so, this woman is also a mystery. I assume she is a nanny because she is wearing maid clothes, but she actually seems to be giving me milk……I really do not understand it.


Oops, the maid had been worriedly watching me. So, I move my head in a slight thank you motion.



– Uwappu! Uh? Hey maid-san (temporary)! Stop pressing my head so suddenly against your huge breast! The size of my head is so small that I will suffocate!

As I desperately began flapping my hands and feet, the maid, who finally, noticed the state of me released me in a panic.

Ha ha, I was saved. Even though it took so much effort for me to be reborn, I was almost smothered to death in this women’s chest.

I could see maid-san think to herself that she should be more careful, for some reason maid-san begins to look happy and then she hugged me.

Well, it seems I am unable to make an expression with my face to show my displeasure. It is inconvenient if I do not secure a method of communication soon.

…OK, my future plans have been decided for now.

To learn where I am located, first of all, I need to learn the language of this country – that’s right. I”ll start by learning my name and the name of the maid.

Four years have passed since I was born.

By the way, I think that years are not counted and remembered dates, but because they gave me a celebration for my 4th birthday, I think that it has been that long. There are four seasons in a year, one year seems to be twelve months, but I have not confirmed if the amount of time in one day or number of days in a year is the same as Earth.

Anyway, I was finally able to master the language of this country.
Either because of the flexibility of the baby’s brain, or because I retained memories from my previous life, I was able to absorb new information like a sponge soaking up water.

Nevertheless, it was due to the environment surrounding me that caused me to take as long as a common baby to learn the language.

I seem to be isolated from the rest of the house. Maid-san, whose name is Milli, is the only person who speaks to me. Even though I saw people other than Milli, only a reserved maid who brings supplies and a father who only showed up once. With these circumstances, I had a lot of hardships to learn the language.

It seems that the reason for my isolation is in my birth.

My name is Lion Grances. Though it may sound nice being the second son of the Grances Earl, my mother is a woman who became the lover of a nobleman – in other words I am a child of my father’s mistress.

So, as a result of the legal wife Caroline’s emergence, I’m isolated at a distance – and, well,  I only learned of this information through a brief talk from my father who only came to see me once.

This is what I expect caused my isolation……Only one child will be able to succeed the Earl of Grances. If I were a woman, there would have been no problem, but as a man there is the possibility of threatening the status of the son of the legal wife.

By the way, I wonder if as an extension of this, I have no way to contact the outside world other than Milli. I do not have ambition to succeed and to become Count, but I just want to take up the opportunity to learn about this world.

I have not yet decided on a concrete plan for living freely and being happy, but I want at least a minimum amount of knowledge either way. To that end, the current environment is of no use. This environment is indeed a bad thing, it seems hard to believe that for four years I did not notice the fact that this place is somewhere other than Earth – perhaps it is a different world.

Well, when I looked up outside the window at night, I saw a blue moon and I was seriously scared! I understood that this place was not Japan, because nobody spoke Japanese, but I thought that it was somewhere on Earth.

However, there were several hints like this if I think about it now.

For example, this house is decorated with gold, and a lot of money is spent on the decorations. However, the bed is hard and the clothing is uncomfortable. At first I thought that I had been given cheap clothing because I was a child of a mistress, but my father’s clothing was using a fabric similar to my clothing.

I wondered how we had money, but cheap clothing. I could not understand it knowing that this is a different world. In other words, the low quality is not due to it being cheap, but because of the inferior technology of this world.

The time period is probably around medieval Europe? There is a possibility that the imported goods of other countries can not be obtained at all, but whichever it is, it is an environment which isn’t seen much on Earth either way.

That’s why my recent daily routine is gathering information while exploring outside of my room……

“Lion-sama, you came out of the room again, what are you looking for?”

Along with this voice, I was hugged for a while from behind. I am unable to resist so, I will be brought back to the room.

“Uu, I wanted to go look around a bit more”

“It is nice that you have a strong curiosity, but you must not go out alone.”

“I’m sorry, Milli.”

I apologize obediently. Because in the past I selfishly wanted to leave the room and blamed Milli for confining me. Which made Milli cry endlessly. Although, Milli didn’t mean any harm she apologized profusely to me “I’m sorry, I am sorry for causing inconvenience,” she was crying while hugging me.

When I think of the guilt I felt at that time … …. Uu, I just started to feel pain.


“Uu, it’s nothing,”

“Is that true? Well then, will you promise not to leave your room without permission?”


I turn silently away from Milli.

“……Do you promise me, Lion-sama?”

Ugh. It is sneaky of her to use such a lonesome look on her face. I will not be defeated, I will look back at her with the eyes of an abandoned baby!

“Mou, you can’t look at me with such eyes, I will not forgive you until you promise me.”

Is that so? At first just this could easily deceive her. Somehow, I feel like Milli is getting stronger day by day.


“…I was found out…. I won’t explore away from Milli any more.”


“Yeah, I promise, instead, Milli I’ll talk with you?”

“As much as you want, I am the maid of Lion-sama, Oh, but it’s time to take a nap soon, so is that all for now?”

“Yeah, that’s all.”

When I lie down on my bed, Milli snuggles up to lie by my side. This has become a familiar scene following lunch recently.

Milli is close enough to reflect my face in her purple eyes. I should be embarrassed by this, if I think about my mental age, but I never once thought of it in that way. Well, she is like a parent to me. It would be something similar to wiping Saya’s body while she was hospitalized but not feeling anything.

“So, what kind of story do you want to hear today?”

“Hmm ~ well… I want to hear Milli’s story today.”

“My story, huh?”

“Milli is a maid serving the house, why were you assigned to take care of me?”

I was destined to be isolated for my life before I was born. In other words, my defeat had been decided from the beginning in the power struggle of the Grances family.

Property by © Fantasy-Books.live; outside of it, it is stolen.

Nobody wants to be a caretaker of such a child. So I thought that Milli was pressed into doing it for some reason……

“I volunteered to do it”

“… Eh … is that so?”

Milli’s answer was past my expectations.

“What is that reaction … Do you think I was reluctant to take care of Lion-sama?”

“I could not see it before, but I think that Milli is excellent and seems to have a big heart.”


To my remarks, which are unlike any a child should make, Milli rounds her eyes. However, she then showed a gentle smile for a brief moment.

“I know that Lion-sama feels uneasy, but I am always a friend of Lion-sama.”

“… If that is true, will you answer my question?”

“Yes, of course.”

“If I may ask, why did Milli feed me milk?”

I asked the question which had been on my mind for a while.

It’s common knowledge that I know, milk only comes out of women who bore children. I do not know if that same common sense will hold true in this world, but … I see Milli’s reaction.

Milli had a look that was full of amusement, surprise, and sorrow.

“…… Lion-sama, how do you know about that?”

“Back to my question, please answer it for me, Milli is probably my-”

“No, that is not the case.”

Is she not my mother? She had denied the question before I even finished asking.

“I just gave birth to a child.”

“Well, but then, where is that child?”

I casually mouth the question, I cursed my own shallowness. Milli’s well formed face was distorted by sorrow.

Is that so …? I wished Milli were my –

“-You’re wrong. I am indebted to your father, Robert, very much, so I thought of taking care of Lion-sama on my own. I’m not doing this to distract myself from the grief.”

Milli smiled gently, as to reassure me and give me peace of mind. She embraced me and her heart beat was transmitted to me, as if to get rid of any of my concerns.

“…….I am sorry, asking about such sad things”

“I do not mind, because it is impossible for Lion-sama to feel comfortable being trapped in such a place.”

Milli says so and takes a breath. But, continued with a gentle tone.

“At any time, I am always on the side of Lion-sama, please do not forget it.”

“Milli……Thank you”

While I feel Milli’s gentle  heart beat, I slowly close my eyes.

After I closed my eyes, Milli began singing lullabies. In a gentle tone that reassures me who is listening. I feel a sense of relief that I haven’t felt since I lost my family. It’s different from what I thought it would be like, but I feel happy spending time calmly like this. I drift off into sleep thinking this.

“I will stay by your side until the day Lion-sama is married.”

Milli, who had stopped the lullaby, dropped a bomb.

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I hope some people can get enjoyment out of this. Five hours or so for two chapters. No clue if that’s good or bad. Hopefully I can speed things up and improve the quality as I get used to this.


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Yeah I was up until about 6 am proofreading. May need to tone it down a bit.


I saw you were up till 6am proofreading, so I wanted to make the offer to be your proofreader. I work long hours overnight so I have plenty of free time. It would be my first time being a proofreader though


Sure, I’m willing to try that out. I’m completely new to translating so I have no real expectations for you either. More than anything I’d just like a second set of eyes on each chapter before releasing it.

Send me an email at: [email protected]

I’ll probably just try sending you the most recent chapter a day or two before I plan on releasing it.


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A few people have mentioned someone else started translating this recently. I just had a few Web novels in my favorites and decided to translate this one. I kind of prefer doing this alone for now. Hope the other translator/group is okay with me doing this. Also, with his name, I debated whether or not it should be Leon, Lion, or Lyon. It was Rion in Japanese so I just kept it as Lion.


Well, there’s no restrictions for one to translate novels, it’s a gray market after all. However, I have never seen this problem on novel updates. Usually, the one created the post starts off and if there are no updates within 2 months then another translator can continue. Well, u know its the unspoken treaty kind of thing translators do. I’m just a leecher I shouldn’t put myself into this. I hope this gets solved.


Well if that is the case I can post what I have and let the other translator continue. It all depends on what he/she wants I guess.

Harutaka Shou

I recommend you open a post in the Novel Update’s forum(Translator’s Corner or Novel Discussion) and ask about this situation. Good Luck. Thanks for the chapter 😛

Rhexr, I work with translators during my free time and help them edit their translations. From what I have seen most of them would communicate with the other group before taking over a project(I assume u didnt since u said “if the other translator/group is okay with me doing this.”) We are in a great community, where everyone is friendly in comparison to other ones out there. I definitely think u should discuss this matter with the other side beforehand. It is a way to respect th other, no one wants to get NTR’ed out of nowhere……I just feel bad… Read more »

Thanks for your comment. And no I don’t really consider this negative. Everything you bring up is a valid point. I’ll probably hold off posting anymore chapters until I get into contact with StrayCats.
As I’ve mentioned I’m brand new to this and didn’t know to even ask other groups. I probably should have done a bit more research before starting this. But, hey it was like 1 am and kind of spur of the moment when I decided to start.


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