Project Cypher, Prologue Karma Seeds

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Squelching sounds can be loudly heard as the man thrusts into the woman lying on the bed. Her exquisite jade colored eyes are dull and lifeless without an inner light. Her black hair has impossible faint tints of green intertwined. Further glimpses reveal forearms covered in hundreds of needle prick marks from constant drug use.

The woman’s entire body shakes violently from the ferocious movements of the man. The bed creaks loudly at the force of warning, the bed frame may just break under the intense pressure. With a loud grunt, the man releases his semen inside of her and pulls himself out and climbs off the bed.

The woman continues to stare blankly at the ceiling as the man pulls on his jeans and colorful Hawaiian button-up shirt. “Fu**ing slut,” the man grunted as he grabs a cigar and lights it. He leisurely breathes it in, before breathing it out. With a grunt, he opens the door and says, “She’s still a stone-cold bit** as ever, but that p**** of hers is still as tight as before. Who knew that it could be that skin-tight after being done by so many cocks.”

The men in the corridor let out crud laughs in agreement. Footsteps can be heard as the woman’s eyes flicker for a second with recognition. She had long ago stopped praying to God or even a Devil to rescue her. A flurry of memories rushes through her mind of a time when she was still alive inside. The girl, who fell in love with a boy and the girl who was cruelly betrayed. But if she had one more wish left in the entire fiber of her body it would be that of a swift death.

The sound of the door closing causes her eyes to open with an unknown strength. Two men unzip their pants ready to do her. With the last bit of energy left in her body, she bites down on her tongue. A flood of blood fills her mouth, but she does not stop until she chomps through. Blood fills her mouth choking her as blood begins to spill from her mouth.

Grey static feels the scene, a maddening sound. The scene crashes over and over in a multitude of broken down an array of colors. Giant words suddenly appear on the screen that read, “Simulation has been successfully been completed by prisoner #017.  Authorization Password Accepted. All systems are to shut down and reboot.” The screen flashes black and goes blank.

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