JFB's 2017 Short Story Competition!

Hey there!
Ready to show the world a snippet of your writing talent?

Or have a nice story to tell?

Well, join and share your story! Submissions from Nov.2 - Dec.1 2017

JFB is hosting it's 2017 Short Story Competition on Fantasy-Books!

Our Reasons.

As the Fantasy-Books' Platform is growing, we'd like to increase the amount of Original Content that it has.

And that is where we came up with an idea.  Holidays are here. Everyone is gearing up to drink some warm cocco and watch some movies or read a novel.

Here, we'd like to give readers some extra content to bring them along their way with some Quick and Easy Reads.

Event Rules.

We can reject applications if your novel doesn't follow the rules.


The Short Story should involve a holiday, festival, or grand event. This does not even have to be a real holiday. Just needs to be big and festive. 


  • Main Genre is Fantasy.
  • Can have any other kinds of sub-genre.
  • No Non-Fiction!

Word Count:

  • Minimum: 500 words
  • Maximum: 17,000 words
There are 3 winners.
1st place - $100
2nd Place - $50
3rd Place - $25
Editorial Judge - $10
There should be at least 10 approved novels that participate in the competition. If not, it will be voided.

Only Winners who can receive funds via PayPal will be paid

Anything more than that is practically a novel. If you have a novel, join Fantasy-Books anyway, just not as a part of the competition ;-3.

Additional (Important!):

  • Must be edited
  • No Erotica
  • No Fan-Fic


Submissions (Mandatory format!).

Accepting Submission from Nov.2-Dec.1 2017

Entries must be submitted by e-mail to [email protected]

Subject Header should be:

[Short Story Competition] | [Your Alias]

  • In the body, please include a link to the google docs with your novel (Comment Available)!
  • The Synopsis of the story
  • Title of the story
  • List of Sub-Genres

How Voting is Done.

There are 5 Judges. One will vote based on Grammar and punctuation and overall tone of voice. Another will vote based on skill in storytelling. The other three have to deal with the aspects of the genre and the characters in them. Fantasy, Character, and Subgenre execution.

A Grading Rubric will be displayed publicly for winners.

That consists of 50 % of the vote.

The other 50 % is by our readers!