Life and Times of Mitch and Akki Chapter 1: They Call Me Akki

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It all started out on a humid, sunny day. I was traveling down a dirt road, the dust kicking up with each step. But unlike most dirt roads, this one was a bit unusual. It was the only strip of hardened earth in midst of an entire swamp! And it was centered, going directly through it.

Now As I was traveling along, I saw a red mopped headed fellow. His head was sticking out of the muddy water, the stalks of grass and the dozens of leaves all around him stark against his hair color.

I was shocked. And immediately yelped. It was at that time that the eyes of the head in the water flew open. He looked at me. And I at him. And he smiled.

“I thought I was a goner, stranger. Care to help this one out?” He asked.

Now I was certainly not going to dirty my new boots. It took forever to scrounge the coin to buy these. Plus, they were white. I was having hard enough time keeping them clean while on the dirt road alone, but from the gleam in his eyes, I knew I would regret it if I didn’t.

But… That was in the future. So I kept continued on.

“Wait! Wait! Don’t leave me, Stranger.” The young man said, his boyish grin gone.

I stopped and turned back. A sigh passed my lips. “I don’t help idiots who take mud baths in Monster Swamp!” Of course I didn’t believe this was the case. The guy must have had his reasons. All of them, probably valid. But I was not going to endanger my boots… I mean, I was not going to endanger myself in helping him back up. So, using that as an excuse, I walked fast as I tried to go far away.

“I have coin!” The fellow yelled.

I stopped. That reasoning from before, the one that told me I would regret it, vanished. It was replaced with a feeling telling me to run! But for some other reason, my foot just wouldn’t move!

“Lots of it.” The red headed fellow continued. My eye caught another slight smile spread across his lips.

I was remiss. Remiss at my weakness to the coin. But… If I had enough coin, I could buy a few pairs of nice looking boots. Even get myself a horse! This logic was perfect. So, I found a long vine and tossed it to him. His muddy hands stretched out of the water, and grabbed hold. But who would have thought… The vine was not a vine, but a snake!


Akki (narrator): And he screamed.

Mitch (narrator): I did not!

Akki (narrator): >_>

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Mitch (narrator): Now, continuing with the story.


A scream echoed throughout the air. Was it me, or was it the red headed fellow, I cannot recall.

The snake hissed, its mouth wide and open, a translucent fluid dripping down its fangs.

The redhead held the snake in his grip. He had caught it before when I had tossed it to him like a piece of rope. But now his grip tightened. He looked the snake dead in the eye and said. “Not my type!”

I nearly spit blood then.

“What on earth does that mean?” I questioned, shock on my face. This guy was probably insane!

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But the guy said nothing to that regard, instead, saying. “Hold tight!”

My hand gripped down hard, and I steadied myself. Using my legs, and leaning away, I held on. I could not pull him, it was too much weight on my arms and legs, so I held fast. The guy pulled himself up the snake, rolling it as he went along its body to keep its head locked away from him.

After a few minutes, the red headed guy managed to climb out of the muddy waters and onto the dirt road. Brown sludge dripped down his body.

Rolling up the snake, he tossed it back in the swamp, and then looked at me.

And he smiled.

“They call me Akki!”

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