Life and Times of Mitch and Akki Chapter 2: Brown Meat

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Akki (narrator): You know. I’ve been thinking-

Mitch (narrator): There you go, thinking again. You and your strange ideas.

Akki (narrator): Ignore… Anyway. We are both telling the story here, so it should be third person point of view, not first!

Mitch (narrator): But… Ther’s just… I mean…

Akki (narrator): Mhmm.. Can’t think of something to say.. You know I’m right.

Mitch (narrator): Sigh… Fine. Third it is.


It was hot. The sun’s heat rolled off the earth, warping and twisting in the distance. The two, Akki and Mitch, walked along the dirt road. They had just come out of Monster Swamp when the sun dipped low, forced to go over the horizon with a whining orange sigh.

“Finally!” Mitch gasped. “The heat. No more!”

“Stop talking like an invalid. It wasn’t that bad.” Akki commented.

“Is that why you look like you’re about to drop any second now?”


“Yeah… Quiet now, aren’t we? And what’s that by the way?” Mitch pointed to the sack over Akki’s shoulders, it was bulging, and obviously not something that was with him when Mitch first rescued him.

Akki (narrator): Not a rescue. You just helped me a little bit.

Mitch (narrator): -______-

“Dinner!” Akki laughed.

Mitch gawked at Akki. But the man just grinned in return.

“You weren’t paying attention. All caught up in the heat when I grabbed and sacked it.”

“No, I just thought I was hallucinating. There’s only swamp out there!” Grrr… Mitch’s stomach growled. He held it. “I hadn’t had anything since my dry rations ran out over a day ago.” He looked at the sack and gulped. “Is it good?”

“I believe it is.”


“Don’t you trust me?”

I trust you as much as I can throw you….Which is squat!

Akki (narrator): Hey! No italics, you know I can’t read those!

Mitch (narrator): Yeesh! I get two a chapter. You get two. Deal?

Akki (narrator): Deal!

Mitch (narrator): >_> Why did you agree so easily? What do you want to say that I can’t hear?

Akki (narrator): Anyway. Continuing!

The two built a fire. The night grew cold quickly, a surprising contrast to the heat just an hour ago. So, even though they could only scrounge up some twigs and dry grass to create something small, it was still decent enough to cook with.

Akki pulled opened up the bag and pulled out a fish.

“You want to eat that?!!” Mitch yelped with an incredulous look on his face.

“What?” Akki feigned shock. “This is a delicacy in some parts of the nation.”

The fish in his hands had a large eye in the middle, and two tiny ones at the side. Its scales were rugged and brown, and had jagged teeth protruding from its bottom lip. Even until now, it almost seemed… Alive.

“Wait! That’s still kicking!”

“Yeah. It is after all a Bockagoferdinki fish!”

“A whatta whatta whatta?!” Mitch scowled. “Doesn’t matter. Not eating!”

“Fine. Go hungry then.”

Minutes later a lovely smell seeped in the air. It tickled Mitch’s nose, and drew from him a twisting leer… It was as if he almost forgot the screeching that had formerly echoed out by the dying aqua animal.

Akki (narrator): Totally couldn’t help yourself. Damn my amazing cooking skills!

“Maybe I’ll take a little bit.” Mitch finally said after a long time.

“Just a little bit.” Akki smiled again.

Mitch gulped. When it was done he tore a huge chunk, but he paused. The fluffy brown meat made him shiver, giving him second thoughts.

“Are you sure this is safe?”

“Eat. Don’t eat. It matters not to me.”

After those few words. Mitch dug in. He ripped off the flesh with his teeth and took huge bites, not even chewing (or tasting), and swallowing it whole.

Akki (narrator): Couldn’t help yourself, could you?

Mitch (narrator): I was hungry. Can’t blame a hungry man.

But then he stopped. His cheeks still bulging. Looking over, he saw Akki reach into his side pouch. The side pouch was made of leather, and was sealed tight so nothing could get in it. That meant that even when he was in the swamp, the inner contents were safe.

Akki pulled out a dry piece of black-brown thing and started chewing on it.

“This… Those are dried rations!”

“Hmm?” Akki looked sheepishly at Mitch. “Of course they are. You thought I was going to eat swamp meat?”

Akki (narrator): To be fair, I didn’t know you so well at the time. I was definitely not going to share.

Mitch (narrator): Just… Just shut up.

Thirty minutes later.

“Ahh!! Ughh. Eehh! Pfft. [censored]”

“You ok over there?”

“Shuddaaap!!…. Damn it! Why is it red?! What the hell did you do to me!!”


“Why aren’t you saying anything?!”

“You told me to shuddaap.”

“I’m gonna kill yo– aahhH! What is that? How is this coming out of me!” A whine was let out in the night.

<< fantasy-books Property >>

Mitch (narrator): Where was this a delicacy?

Akki (narrator): … ummm. Predators in the swamp?

Mitch (narrator): You didn’t even know what it was called, did you.

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

Akki (narrator): ….


The sounds of agony continued for hours.

And then morning came.

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